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Let’s get it all done.
She is already on her way. Paste back the bricks that fell off. -Hello.
-Hello. -Beautiful, isn’t it?
-Why did you smoke in here? We were nervous. But the works are finished,
as you asked… on the 20th. I asked you to finish the works
before the 20th! -Do you feel the difference?
-We’ve already explained! There were problems with the suppliers. We were waiting for the wallpaper
from France. The agreement stipulates the terms
of works. -You were lucky to have it done in time!
-Don’t you dare shout at me! We have lots of orders at the moment. We could finish your flat next month! Oh, really? Don’t make me laugh!
I’d sue your company. -What is it?
-Where? -This and this.
-What is it? This is vintage. Here is the last invoice.
It would be great if you paid the check. I’ll pay you… in three days. -But…
-According to the agreement. Dear… listen to me attentively! You have 15 minutes to clean everything here and leave. -Do you get me?
-Yes. It was pleasant to work with you. -Hello, Tanya!
-Hi! -Hi!
-Can you talk? -Talk!
-How are you? Finishing the repairs? -Is the flat beautiful?
-It is. Good girl! Repair works suck.
But it is behind you now. Do you remember that we’re meeting
with the girls today? I’ve forgotten. I can’t come. German and Kotya come from the sea today.
I shall meet them. What about your master-class
on successful life? Maybe you’ll still come? Next time. I’m sorry. Have fun without me!
Tell my love to Zhanna. -All right.
-OK? Kotya! -Mum! Mum!
-Kotenka! I missed you so much! -Hi.
-Hi. -You are looking great.
-Thank you. -How are you? Have you learnt to swim?
-Tell her about it! Almost. I can swim in a shallow pool. Why in a shallow pool?
Of course you can swim! Kotya? Who is that? This is my new girlfriend. What news do you have, Milanochka?
How is the flat? The flat is great!
They barely managed to finish it in time. Beyond recognition! What news is there at work?
What about the loan? The loan is in its making. We’ll have the last meeting with the bank
in three days, and that will be all. -Hello?
-German, have you come? Yes mum, we arrived. We are fine. -Is Kotenka suntanned?
-Kotya? He is burned and covered with blisters.
It’s a joke. Of course he is! Talk to him. Granny, I brought you a shell!
It’s beautiful! -Give the phone to dad!
-Talk to her, dad! -German.
-Hello? I want to take Kotya to the cottage. Take him to the summer cottage. -Lana is for it.
-She won’t, will she? -No, no, she won’t.
-I want to see you too. We’ll be home in 40 minutes. Come to us! Great! Let Kotya stay at home! In a stuffy flat? In the hot city?
What for? Won’t you be satisfied with me? Didn’t you miss me? Tell me what you were doing without me. I had an affair with a foreman
to speed up the repairs. -Did you?
-I did. You should be watched closely. What else? We found a building for the clinic.
I think you’ll like it. It needs serious repairs.
But we’re used to that. Yes. Moreover, the foreman is all ours. When do you find time for all of that,
my good girl? It’s awful! The seams between the bricks
are not well-filled well. -The corners are uneven.
-Don’t be capricious! Look at the design! The furniture and textiles are so nice! The wallpaper came from Spain.
It’s great, isn’t it? Stop it! Everything is just perfect! I’ll go and look at the building.
I can’t wait. Without me? I’ll call Dyma. Does he know the place? Of course he does. Then I’m going. Don’t be bored! Bye! Kotenka, I love you! Come faster! I’m waiting for you! Kotya? Kotya, do you hear me? -Yes.
-I made your favorite sandwiches. Put this game away, please! Well, sonny! Tell me about what you and dad were doing. -We were swimming.
-I see. Mum, may I not go to the summer cottage? But your favorite lake is there! And Zoya, your dear girlfriend. I have another girlfriend now – Dashka.
I’ve already told you. Yes. Did you make friends at the sea? I even kissed with her. Did you? Did you like it? I liked Dashka but I didn’t like to kiss. But then I thought –
if dad is kissing a lady, it must be cool. Who is that lady our dad was kissing? She is Dashka’s mum.
She is very beautiful. She says that our dad
is the best in the world. But I know it myself. Right? You’ve finished the works!
The colors are too dull! Hi, granny! Hello, my boy! You’re suntanned and you grew up a lot! Granny, I’ll bring you a shell now! The bricks! They are very dull, don’t you think so? And I would have chosen lighter wallpaper. With flowers, for example. Milana, pack Kotya’s things. We’re leaving right now. Do you hear me? Do you feel unwell? It’s because you diet all the time! Here you go, granny! It’s very beautiful! Go to pack! I don’t want to go to the summer cottage
with you! -Didn’t you miss you?
-I did! -So?
-But I don’t want to go! -Go, go, go!
-I don’t want to go, I don’t want to! Why are you setting the child against me? I only wish him well! And you… Look! The manipulations rooms will be here…
and here. The windows are large,
so there will be much light. The operating room will be here. Plus, the building has connections
to all communications. Milana saw it and said that this building
was the best offer that we had. Dyma, do you know
what the word “location” means? I need a parking lot
and a decent district! What do we have here? Our clinic is for the wealthy clients. You must understand it for yourself. But I’ve already given an oral consent! -And Milana said…
-I don’t care for what Milana said! Who is the director?
We shall go on with the search! -I changed my mind.
-Did you? I’ll come to you right now.
Are you at our old place? Yes. Stop drinking! Haven’t you drunk enough?
You’re driving! Thank you! GERMAN -Why did you decide to get drunk?
-Yes? Why not? Did German do something? Why do you think so? -I just asked.
-She said it without thinking. -Yes, indeed!
-I wasn’t thinking, right! I want to know. Why did you think so? We saw him with one woman… Yes. Forgive us!
We just didn’t want to upset you. That’s why we didn’t tell you about that,
yes. What did you want? He is a handsome man. It is only natural
that women stick to him. Thank you… Tanecka… You calmed me down. You supported me well. -Let me tell you your fortune!
-Do it! OK. Here you go. No, wait! I’m not a chiromantic!
I only use the Tarot cards. Let’s do it! This might be interesting. Move the cards with your left hand. What is that? I don’t know. Why are you keeping silence,
fortuneteller? This layout is very weird.
Let’s do it once more! No! These are my cards! This is my fate. Tell me about it! Some ordeals are waiting for you. Lies and intrigues… Do you see these two cards? This is something crazy! -Do your cards say anything good?
-Yes, they do. -There is some woman here. But not you.
-Is she a blonde or a brunette? Damn it! I don’t want to tell fortunes. -Let’s drink.
-Let’s do it! -Order some more, girls!
-Lana! I’ll have a walk. I already miss you. -So soon?
-Yes, so soon. -When will we meet now?
-Not soon, I suppose. Are you crazy? Honey, listen to me! I hear you, Gera. I’ll call you later. Lana is back. Bye! Where have you been? I was calling you. Yes… I see. My client called. You know that the patients
are very capricious after a surgery. She was asking for my advice. Did you call her “honey” at 2 o’clock
in the morning… to speed her recovery up? Is it your know-how
in the sphere of plastic surgery? Lanochka. Why this scene? You’re so wet. You’re wandering God knows where! You won’t answer the phone. The flat is in chaos. The bags aren’t unpacked. And you’re drunk. Gera, stop it! You have an affair with another woman! -May be with a few women.
-Are you crazy? You were having an affair…
in your son’s presence! You were kissing some whore! Kotya will make a good spy.
This doesn’t prove anything. Do you realize that you insulted yourself
and not me with that? And Kotya, your son… Don’t involve the son!
It was nothing more than a kiss. -Don’t lie to me!
-Do you want a scandal? Do you want to have a scandal
like in a movie? -OK! Let’s break some dishes!
-Stop it! I beg you! I heard everything. Understand everything. I’m not a fool! All right. I had an affair. So what? She doesn’t mean anything to me. What about the rest? What about your women here? Don’t start! Let me explain this to you
from the medical point of view. -Please do!
-Men are polygamists. This is our nature. What do you want to hear now?
Do you want me to repent? Do you want me to say that
it won’t happen again? OK, it won’t. I promise you, honey! I was such a fool!
And don’t call me “honey”! I loved you so much!
I loved you, I helped you, and you! I could be translating books
and traveling around the world! And I was working for your clinic! Agreements and suppliers… I did it so that you, the genius could create
without thinking of earthly problems! Did I ask you about that? You didn’t, did you? Go away, then! Leave! I’m tired! Do you get me? Do you get me? This is my clinic! This is my flat!
This is my son! How dare you! Hands off! Go away! I can’t bear looking at you! Leave! A hysteric! Lana! Get off! Get off! Lana… Lady! Let me give you a lift! Get in! Don’t be afraid! Get in! Get in! Where are you going? Are you cold? Let’s warm up! Stop it! I can pay. Shall we go to my place? What? We’re going, then. Come to your senses! Come to your senses! Damn it! Lana, can’t you hear? Answer the phone! Lana! Hello? Who is it? German, good morning.
This is Tatyana. Call Lana, please. Call her at her mobile.
She must have already gone to work. What time is it? It’s ten. I’ve already called her,
but she won’t answer. How can I help you? Milana was not herself yesterday. Her car is here. Weird! Did she go to work on foot? Lana! She is nowhere to be seen.
Wait, my mobile is ringing. May be it’s her. Hello?
-German Petrovitch? This is not her.
Look, I’m sorry, but I’m busy. German, wait! Are you being late? Don’t you know
that the boss is never late? He may only be delayed! I’ll come in an hour.
Can’t you ask Lana about it? -She is not here.
-Isn’t she? Weird… Did you get lost? Are you lost, honey? Give your bag to me! Give us your bag, dear girl! Get off! Get off! Good morning, German Petrovich! Good morning.
Is everything all right here? -Yes.
-German Petrovitch! How was your trip? -Great. Are you fine?
-Everything is under control. Let’s go to work, then! -Thanks.
-Hello. Hello, German Petrovitch!
I got a call from the bank about the loan. I don’t have the info.
I promised you’ll call back. I don’t have the info too. -Where might Lana be?
-German Petrovitch. As for the building…
I have another variant. It’s in the center, as you wanted. But the price is very high.
Will you look at it? Of course I will! I’ll look at it as soon
as Lana comes back. OK. Calm down, Kliff! Well, well, well. I see. Are you Svetlana? -Lana…
-What? There she is! She has come! One of our patients – Prokhorenko –
demands to be examined by you. When will you see her? This is a woman
I was operating on in spring. I remember.
A circular face lift. What is wrong? No. She just wants
to change her nose a bit, but only by you. She is our regular client. OK. I’ll see her tomorrow at noon. -Ellochka, hi.
-Hi. This is me. She awoke. I want to see you very much. She just came, and we have our hands full! -Let’s meet at the “Jonathan”.
-I don’t know… Try to come. I’ll be waiting for you. -What a princess!
-Did you bring it? I brought everything! Why do I have to care for some cook? Katya? I’m leaving. If Lana turns up
tell her that I’m in the bank. She got scared of the dog.
What a tender soul! Who may such a nice creature scare? -Sit, my dear!
-Stop it! Look at her! She is a drunk! Arkadiy had a great taste! How do you feel? Can you talk? Yes. -Svetlana?
-Academician, I told you that it’s her! Keep silence! -Lana…
-Lana? What an imagination for a cook! Were you robbed in the train?
Where are your things and papers? Who are you? I’m Arkadiy’s father.
Unfortunately you’re late. Couldn’t she come earlier? She seems to be losing conscience again. -Call the doctor!
-What? -Hi.
-Hi. I missed you very much. Will you drink something? No. Tea? Coffee? Fruits? No, thank you. I’m in a hurry. But I asked you! I came, didn’t I? Thank you for that. You see, Gera… I can’t be the hostess of my time now. You shall understand. The summer is over. So what? My husband is an influential man. And you have a wife. I saw her. She is nice, by the way. What does it have to do with us? Weren’t we happy together? Yes, we were. An affair during the vacations
is a good thing. It’s very bright, it ends quickly… and it only leaves pleasant memories. But… But..? I wouldn’t like to drive you away
from my life completely… How interesting! Go on. It’s always useful to know a fashionable
and experienced plastic surgeon. You won’t need my services. I’m sorry but I have to go. This is all that I wanted to tell you. Don’t see me off. May be… we’ll meet again some day. Is anybody here? Whiskey, please. Damn it! Lana, damn it! How long will it go on? Please call back later. I can’t hear it! When will I be able
to reach the subscriber? Lana, damn it!
Are you showing me your character? Good morning, German Petrovitch!
Shall we refuse? We’ve already missed all the deadlines.
They can’t wait any more. Agree on a meeting tomorrow. -And one more thing…
-Yes? Do me a favor. Find this woman’s phone number. Sure. Did you call the bank? Lana has all the papers!
I have no information! If they ask me a question
I won’t be able to answer. Delay the meeting till tomorrow!
That’s all! Go to work! Lana, Lana… Hello, mum. Hi. -Hi.
-How are you? Very well. -Is Lana with you?
-No. Has something happened, sonny? No, everything is fine.
I’ll call you back later. Bye! -Did you find the number?
-I did. Thank you. Call the bank! Dyma! -Tatyana? Hello.
-Hello. -This is German.
-I recognized you. Isn’t Lana at your place? No. Isn’t she at home? -Do you know where she might be?
-I have no idea. -What about that… Zhanna’s place?
-Zhanka is at work. -Call me if you find out something.
-Sure. I’ll call her. Lana, Lana… You’re not a baby, after all! Hello. Hello. Can you make it
a bit narrower and shorter? What do you mean? My nose, German Petrovitch. Yes, sure. Your hands… are so masculine… and warm. You look unwell, German Petrovitch. Are you drinking? I washed my hands with medicinal spirit. -The nerves!
-Yes, sure. Will we be doing your nose or not? We will. Where is your wife, German Petrovitch? It’s so nice to chat with her. She is incredible! Her gentle name Milana suits her well. Is she on a business trip? She is so busy! Yes she is. Go to the X-ray cabinet. We’ll sign all the necessary papers later
and choose a date for your surgery. Can you do it yourself? I don’t trust anybody else. All right. Don’t worry. May I bring my girlfriend to you? She has the same simple wishes –
to make something shorter or longer, narrower or wider. Bring your girlfriend, your neighbor…
and don’t forget about your husband. My husband? What do we need him for? I’m sorry. It was a joke. It was a bad joke. Really bad! I beg your pardon. -Hello?
-German, this is Tatyana. -Yes?
-Have Lana come back? -She hasn’t come back to me.
-I worry so much! -I worry too.
-May I come? -All right. Come. I’m at work.
-I’m on my way. Sit down. I’m all ears. German,
this talk might be unpleasant to you. Tell me the truth.
Did you quarrel with Lana? This is none of your business. It means that you did. Something should be done.
She is nowhere to be seen. Will you turn to the police? I don’t know. I’ll wait for a few more days. The police… Do you think that I don’t worry? She is my wife, by the way! What if… I turn to the police, they start looking for her,
and then she turns up as if nothing had happened?
How will I look? But we can’t just refrain
from any actions! Yes.
But our family is well-known in the city. People will start talking… About what? A forsaken husband
wants to get his wife back! Did you get a fax from the USA? They are inviting me to the symposium
on plastic surgery. This is all that I understood.
Don’t touch anything at my table, please. Stop it! Do you want me to translate it? Can you? Of course I can! Lana and I
studied foreign languages together. You should submit a thesis in English, the list of your scientific works… Do you have scientific works? They’ll be happy to see you together
with your wife… and so on. I see. Thesis, the speech… Lana used to prepare all that. Why did you quarrel? I’ve… never seen her so nervous. There must have been a reason for that. Did you come here to ask that?
I beg your pardon. Yes, Dyma? Yes, we can’t wait any more. We’re going to see the building.
Yes, Dyma! Was he talking about the new clinic? Lana told me about it. May I go with you? I have lots of spare time.
If you need some help or translations I’m at your service,
no problem! This is just what we need. We have a parking lot here. Good location.
And the building itself is great too. If we do everything right we may let
the right wing to the laboratory. Yes. Not bad. -How much does it cost?
-I’ve already told you. -Sure. What about a discount?
-This is another issue. If you like it
we’ll start direct negotiations. Start the negotiations! It’s a pity that Milana failed to see it. Her word always means a lot to you. This place is so dirty, and it stinks! May be you should wait downstairs. All right, Dyma.
Meet the sellers and start bargaining. -We won’t be waiting…
-Sure. But if you want I could… Won’t we wait for Milana? No, we won’t. OK. I’ll arrange the meeting for today. If you like it you should take it.
There is no good in waiting. Who are you? Who are you? I’m Matveyevna. Thank God that you’ve awoken! So many things happened
while I was in the city. You’re so… She is nice. -Is it her last photo?
-Yes. The photos were taken a month ago. We took our pictures before my vacations. Is it the first time… that your wife left home? It is. Do you live here? Yes. I live next door. Are you hungry? Thanks God! Nobody is eating here.
All my efforts are in vain. Syma is on a diet. Academician only has tea. My Nikitka has left for the city long ago. -Is he your grandson?
-You may say so. -Matveyevna?
-Yes? -What about me?
-What about you? Do I live here? Yes. You’ve been living here
for no less than three days now. Where did I live before that? Does she have relatives? Only my son and I. The enemies? What enemies are you talking about? A lover? Don’t talk nonsense! No leads, then. I don’t remember. Do you remember… your husband Arkadiy? My husband? Your husband. Arkadiy. What relations were you in with your wife? What relations may a husband and
a wife have after 10 years of marriage? Our relations were normal. I see. What do you see, Major? Look for her
and don’t ask silly questions! And one more thing. I’d like this information
to be kept from public. All right.
Nobody will get to know anything from us. What sorrow! Let us go to the room.
I’ll find some clothes for you. Then we’ll have breakfast in the garden. We’ll talk there. Go! You’re so thin… If you need the money
to speed the search up, tell me, don’t be shy! No, we don’t need that… for now. We’ll contact you if there is a need. He is my best eater. He eats everything! The cottage cheese cakes… Good morning. Good morning. Hello. Hello. Do you want a salted vegetable? I don’t know. No, thank you. Who are you? Arkadiy? No. I’m Venyamin. My sympathies. Help yourself! Venik, why are you sitting here?
It’s not a canteen! You look well, wife. Hello. Have you come to your senses? My old dress becomes you. Good morning. I can’t see anything good in it. It is just like any other morning. It’s very dull here. Help yourself! Who are you playing today? You’re dumb! I’m playing nobody. We, people of art…
live through changing images. We’re nourished by illusions. Oh, God! Matveyevna! When will you come home? Never. -Syma!
-Yes? You better stop it. The mourning is over. We’re going home. Pack your things! Shall I help you? -Did you decide to drive you away?
-Stop it! -Syma…
-You’ve found a new relative. She won’t get a single kopek! Pack your bloody things! We’re going home! I won’t go!
What do I see there? You, drunk? Or your exquisite workshop
that repairs tires? Don’t quarrel… Don’t approach me! Did you hear?
I don’t want to see you! Oh, God! You won’t get money any more!
Live for yourself! You scared me so much! Clifford, quiet! Brace yourself for a divorce! Syma… Calm down, calm down! Tell us, relative… how did you end up in Central Asia? It’s very interesting. Where? There! To the place
where you hooked my brother up! Did you want to have a good life? His father is an academician.
Young but with prospects. I don’t remember. Don’t you? Recall, recall!
This is not a sanatorium for you! Syma! Stop it! You know what? Go back to your hole! Has she visited his grave once? Well… Did somebody die?

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