– It’s your birthday. Happy birthday,
Jaedyn!- Thank you! – I love you.
– Nashvator, do not eat that beetle. Oh yeah! Yes! High five, babe! We nailed it! A box! You guys both got foxes?
Is that for any reason or what? Oh my God! Oh my goodness! No! A two. A one, two, three. Good morning Slyfox Club.
Alright, so we’re just getting up. And today is a very special day.
Today is Jaedyn’s birthday. Me and Hannah snuck down this morning and
we set up a wall of presents for Jaedyn. We’re pretty excited because
it’s double digit. She turns 10 today. So it’s a big deal. She’s so important
to us. She’s so special to us. We’re just so excited
to spend this day with her. We’re so excited that you guys
are spending this day with her. Let’s go catch up with Jaedyn
and let’s get opening some presents. Ten years ago today, I was
giving birth to this beautiful girl. – I think it should be a day for me.
I should celebrate it. – No. Are you sure? Oh my gosh!
You got me presents? – No.
– Are you sure? Are you sure? – Those aren’t for me?
– No. Can I open them now? – It’s your birthday. Happy birthday,
Jaedyn. I love you. – Thank you. Nash, do not eat that beetle. Oh my gosh! Eww! Dude, that’s so gross!
Let me see. I can’t see. So your sister, on her birthday,
brought you… She got me a mealworm. – What did she bring you?
– A mealworm too. – What?
– Can I open these now? She brought you, what? Let me see those.
I can’t really see them. Everybody can’t really see. Oh my gosh! That’s disgusting, dude. – And a mealworm. Look at that!
– A mealworm. I thought it was your birthday?
And you brought him worms and beetles. Yeah, because yesterday was school day. – Wow, dude. What’s their names?
– Batman and Bat Taco. – They race?
– Yeah, Batman does. Hey! No eating Batman or Bat Taco.
What are you eating? What is he eating? Nothing. Good morning birthday girl.
Whoa! You’re tearing right in? Actually Caspian did it first. – Yeah, he helped me.
– He’s helping you. You guys are so sweet that you help
each other get presents. It’s a new one. – It’s the new race horse.
– Yey! Thank you. Cas, get it there… Are you helping your sister? Oh yeah! I really wanted this.
Barbie dogs. Nice. Let me see.
Oh yeah! Want me to like set them out so
we can see everything you got then? – I want to see …
– Oh my gosh! Look at it! It’s Malt candy. – What?
– That’s… I really wanted this. Yes! – Thank you.
– Why don’t you eat my cookies? – They look like Rocklets.
– It smells good. Jaedyn! – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – Do you want? Come help me.
– Okay, now grab that one. – I have a feeling this is a Barbie.
– Good job, Cas. Oh, cool! It’s a baby outfit. – It’s for the pool
– Thank you. You’re welcome. – Oh yeah! It’s a Schleich horse set.
– That’s so cool. Look, Cas.
Can you bring my present for me? You can put all the presents there. Oh, did that hit you? – Oh, I really wanted this.
– Yes! Yes! High five, babe. We nailed it. Oh, a box! Thank you! Look, it’s a French Bulldog. – Nailed it! Nailed it!
– Nailed it! – Yes! Yes! Yes!
– Yes! Yes! Yes! Nailed it!
Future parents and you nailed it. – Oh, yeah, my necklaces. Thanks, mom.
– Did you really want this one? I’m looking at it right now. There’s three BFF ones
and you can pick three people. You know, it’s just going to be me,
right? I want to be one of them. – I’ll just put my hands out now.
– No dad. No? I’m not a BFF? I gave her a present that I would need. Oh, cool. Pins for my jacket.
Oh, I love these. – Yes! Nailed it!
– I love them too. Nailed it! It says Mom. The M is for Mom. I love you.
To the daughter. To the moon and back. Let me see. Let me see. Aww! – I want it…
– It’s Mentos. No, it’s not Mentos. – Hair glitter.
– Hair glitter. Caspian. – It’s pink?
– No. – Red?
– Yes. – Yellow?
– It’s actually green. Another one for me and you.
That’s a present for me and you. – It’s not for you.
– What? I think this is another Schleich set. Yes! Batman and Taco Batman. Open it. – Is that cool? Do you have that set?
– Yes. It has ponies. No, I don’t. I’ve been wanting this. Who got it? – It’s a pony.
– No, Cas, it’s a boxer. Thank you. Happy birthday, sissy! Whoa! This is huge. – That’s what I’m talking about, Jaed.
– Thank you. You’re welcome. Frenchie. You got a Frenchie too? Nashvator Jr. – Oh yeah! Look at, Cas.
Another pony and a puppy. – Yes! That’s for our Tennessee roots, Jaedyn.
The country. – Puppies and ponies.
– Yup. – And dolls and Barbie.
– Yeah, it’s exactly right. What that should be? I don’t know what this one is. What is it? Where’s the knife? Thank you. – Is it the 7? – Why don’t we set this up, Jaed, as soon
as you can open the rest? – Okay. – How about that? Sorry, buddy.
– Okay. Happy birthday, sissy! We are here at Pancake House
with the whole family. We’ve got Tino and Fay back there. We got Piper. We got Fay again, two times. And the birthday girl. – How do you feel being 10 years old?
– Good. Jaed got a cell phone for her birthday. So we got the whole family
back there, in that table. We got chocolate chip pancakes and
two sides of bacon for the birthday girl. Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you! – Happy birthday, Jaed!
– Bacon ice cream. – Bacon ice cream. Did you meet some new friends? So you guys know
that Jaedyn loves animals. And one of the things
that she wanted to do today was come here and play with the animals because she likes taking
them out of the cages so they’re not stuck in these
little glass containers all the time. – Alright. So we are back at the house.
And Jaedyn is having a… – Sleepover. Oh my goodness! Maybe Red Robin.
That’s what we talked about. This is the girls’ table
and you all have root beer. So we made it to Red Robin.
I’ve got the girls’ table behind me. We’re taking them to Painted Earth
after they are all loaded up on bottomless root beer floats. I think that we’re gonna
send them to Nana Fran’s house. Have fun with that. Aww, cute! I’ll do this one. – Okay. Do you guys know how this works?
– Yeah. – No. You don’t? Oh, I want that fox. Well, okay.
We’re going to discuss what you guys want. Happy birthday! Look, Jaed. I love you so much,
I never wanna live you. Oh, you’re going to put that on that
cup for me? What did you get, Jaed? A fox? That’s cute. You make it all Geo?
It’s like a Geo Fox. Okay, what did you get? I got a jewelry holder
because I have tons of jewelry. – Cute!
– Necessity. Oh my gosh! I like your beard. So we’re at Painted Earth now and the kids
all picked out what they’re going to do and what they’re going to paint.
Emily’s is pretty hilarious. You guys both got foxes?
Is that for any reason or what? – No.
– Are they… no foxes? – No. I’m making a wolf.
– Because I don’t see any orange. So we are back from ice cream
and from painting. You could barely see my face
but the girls are having a party. Who’s jumping in the pool? Oh! Oh no! No! Oh my God! Oh my goodness! No! I’m a loner. Oh my gosh! Look! Don’t do it. It’s too cold. Love Sue Smart. – Is your body like coping up?
– Yeah, it’s so cold. – Pins and needles. Is that Sammy?
– They keep jumping in. Oh my Jaedyn, no. Oh my… You guys are crazy. So this is how we are going to
end our night – Jaedyn’s birthday. We are done. That’s a wrap.
Nash, happy birthday to Jaedyn. – Happy birthday!
– Happy birthday! He would probably sound
like Blue’s Clues or something. Anyway, thank you guys
so much for coming along on Jaedyn’s birthday special
with us today. As you can see, it is still going on. It will probably go on
a little bit late tonight. – Well, they had lots of ice cream so it’s
going to be… – I imagine it will be loud and late tonight.
Give it a thumbs up. – Leave her birthday love in the comments
below. – Leave her lots and lots of love. Do something kind for someone and tell them that they’re important
because you’re important and you’re loved. And we will catch you guys tomorrow.

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