πŸ’” What I Did When I Had A Month Left To Live?

Hi, I’m Jennifer, I’m 16. Have you ever had to deal with a medical mistake? A fatal diagnosis changed a lot for me, alhough I thought I knew myself pretty well. Watch this video till the end if you want to know how drastically things can change because of a simple paper. A few months ago tests showed that there’s a tumor in my body. The doctors diagnosed me with a pancreas cancer. I couldn’t even imaging hearing such a diagnosis. My life had just began. This seemed like a stupid joke. The hardest thing was to tell my parents. It was harrowing. Even dad started to cry. My parents hugged me and said that together we would cope with this. And I kept sitting dumbfounded and with a deranged smile. I’ve never really been sick. I do a lot of swimming and look after my health. While everyone around me kept oohing and ahing, I continued doing my thing. For a while I even went to sport practices. But then the coach let me go, saying I needed my strength. But I wanted to move even more! That was a bitter pill to swallow. Swimming was everything to me, it took the bigger part my my spare time. I didn’t really have friends outside the pool. A few days without practice went terribly. If you ever did sports, you’ll understand. Without a regime you’re used to, the body starts missing it like something important has been cut off. I really wanted to go back. I was now alone with my diagnosis and didn’t know what to do. That was the moment I realized life wouldn’t be the same. Have you ever experienced this? Not knowing how to stop myself from thinking about the future I didn’t have any longer, I started to get to know the part of my life I’d never known before. I started to get to know girls in class. They were really sweet. They invited me to join them in a cafe after classes. We chatted about stuff. They shared things about boys they liked. We discussed makeup and clothes and it was actually fun! I’d never known I was missing it. And just sitting in a cafe! Incredible. Usually I rushed to the pool after class, but now I was in no hurry. Only to get to do all I planned to for the next 70 years or so… I didn’t know where to start. I was in some kind of an alternative reality. I think this was when I heard my clock ticking really clearly. I realized, my time was slipping away and I didn’t want to lose it. There was a group of kids at school who always picked on me, lead by a zitty, scrawny guy. He called me a butch and said I looked like a dude. I usually just ignored them. But that time I decided to fight back. I went to that guy and poured a big glass of soda over his head. THought he’s hit me, but he screamed and ran to the restroom to wash up. Why was I scared of him all that time? They didn’t dare to mess with me again. Besides, I was no longer alone, but usually with my new friends. Together with them I went ice scating for the first time and made my first snowman. I didn’t have time for such trifles before. I used to have no time for life before. Once we all went to a movies. A movie with our favorite actor was out. The movie thieater was empty and we didn’t have to behave. At one moment we started a popcorn fight. We got so carried away, the entire auditorium was covered in popcorn. When the lights went on and we saw our battle ground, we decided to take off not to get in trouble. The janitor shook her finger at us on the way out and it was so funny, that we laughed and promised to behave next time. On my way back through the mall I saw a beautiful dress in a shop window. I stopped and… broke down in tears. My friends asked me what I was wrong. I said that I wouldn’t get to grow up and wear something like this because of my fatal diagnosis and that tomorrow I had to go to the hospital to get mi final test results. They were shocked by the news. I hadn’t expected I’d want to share with them. I was scared they’d turn away. Suddenly, one of my friends grabbed me by the hand and took me inside the store. She waid we wanted to try on the dress. I put it on. It was a little big, but I looked great. The girls loved it to. We were all on the verge of tears, but they kept cheering me up. Suddenly the girls grabbed my hands and we ran out of the store. They yelled that I was beautiful and the world needed to see me in the dress. We ran through the mall with the shop’s security guards chasing us and the girls yelling, “look, how beautiful she is!” and pointing at me. Those must have been the happiest and craziest moments of my life. Of course, we were caught, parrents were called, parrents were angry. But we said we totally didn’t plan on stealing the dress. Just got carried away trying it on. Next day I was in thehospital with my parents and we were waiting for the final test results that were supposed to confirm the diagnosis. We couldn’t even talk. I was shaking inside. Those few days helped me realize that I absolutely wasn’t ready to die. I wanted to live, I wanted to marry, have kids, travel the world. The doctor with a serious face kept talking and talking. Then I made out that he was actually apologizing. I focused on his words. It turned out my diagnosis was a mistake, and the test results were different, and the situation was very weird, there must have been a glitchin the system and they’re sorry and… I didn’t even listen to the end, I just broke down, crying in relief. A glitch? Well, who cares, I was just happy I was okay. I went on hugging my parents, the doctor. I was just so happy that I’d live. And in a few days my parents bought me that dress! Mom tailored it to fit me and I wear it sometimes. You know, when all is well, we tend to miss so many things! Just the ability to breath, walk, go to school… that’s happiness. I thought this was just stupid talk when I took those things for granted. But now I know that It’s great to just be a live! Please like this video if you want youtube to show it to more people. Subscribe to our channel and hit that bell to be notified when we post new stuff! Have a great day!

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