10 free ways to get smarter almost like Einstein – How become clever and Use your brain 100 %

Hi! I am Alex Lukyanov. And now I will tell you about the 10 ways
of how to get smarter and start to use your intelligence much more effectively. 1. Use your second brain hemisphere. There are the two hemispheres in your brain. We get used to eat, to write, to brush teeth
with only one hand. Only one hemisphere is responsible for that
hand. Second hand is less active, and so it sleeps
and doesn’t work. Start to use your other hand to do the same
tasks as the first. So you will “switch on” the second hemisphere
and begin to think better and faster. The most important fact: you will start the
synergy effect. You will be able to solve the problems that
previously you were not. 2. Take a simple task and find 20 ways of solving
— for example, to assemble a “Rubik’s cube” or to take out the rubbish… The main thing: don’t limit yourself! For example, you can throw it out the window,
burn on the balcony or ask a neighbor for money to do it. Of course, it is nonsense – you will never
do it. The main idea of this task is to creative
a lot of different variants without limits. You must not assess the reality of acts and
check yourself! The more you check yourself, the more stupid
you become. Gradually increase the level of task′s difficulty,
appeal to real life’s examples. Crosswords are not suitable: they don’t reveal
your abilities for creating. They only force to remember what you already
know and limit your knowledge. Be creative to the maximum — come up with
different variants, even they will be fantastic and not real. Imagine that you are one of super heroes or
cool characters — and think how they would solve these problems. 3. Choose any invented variant and practice it. Your brain gets smarter when it develops the
neural connections. Best of all, they are developed through practical
actions. Train and train! Choose any variant and implement it. The main thing: all acts must be new for you. So you didn’t do or did, but not often. Doing practical activities you’re becoming
clever and better. 4. New food and tastes. There are a lot of cuisines and dishes in
the world. The more different your food, the more smells
and flavors you will taste, the more neural connections will develop in your brain. It means that the brain will work better. You don’t have to do it every day, but try
to do something new once a week. 5. Reading + introduction of that information
which you are just learned. The role of reading for brain is like a dumbbell
for biceps. The introduction of new information is DOPING. Let’s read and act! 6. Begin to teach other people. Can you to do one thing 20 years, but you
will be a real master only when you will have students. Only by teaching others, you begin to see
that you’ve never seen before. Go beyond the boundaries of your perceptions
and break down them! Your brain develops only in such situations. 7. Change all your habits. You must write them on paper and start to
change yourself. Did you get used to ride to work by one route? Create a new road. Did you get used on Saturday to sit at home
and relax? Go somewhere. Our habits are stuck. Stuck is degradation. When you’re doing something as the machine
— your brain doesn’t develop. Sometimes shake yourself and do something
in other way. 8. Overcome the perception of impossibilities. Do such thing that seems so terrible for you. Jump with a parachute or from 10 meters into
water, ride from a steep hill in the Water-park. Overcome the perception of impossibilities. Their extension will make your brain more
intelligent and creative. 9. Develop your imagination. Your brain can recreate the images that you
saw and come up with a new one. Imagination is a very powerful thing for self-development. The vision of your purpose is the way to achieve
a success. Often close your eyes and imagine anything
you want! If you practice you will be able to recreate
images like in Hollywood movies. 10. REST. Perhaps the rest is the most important thing. We are not robots and can’t concentrate, keep
attention for a long time. Moreover, the less you rest, the less intelligent
you become. Remember: if you don’t sleep 3 days you will
not be able to solve simple examples of addition. So try to disconnect from current affairs
1 day a week, and make once a month mini vacation for 3 days. During the day, do mini-breaks for 5-10 minutes
every hour. If possible — sleep in the afternoon for
30 minutes. If it is not possible, just sit somewhere
in silence where no one and nothing bothers you. This time is enough to spend the afternoon
as efficiently as the morning. That’s all. If you want to get ready-made instructions
how and what to do for getting success in your life – click on the annotation in the
lower left corner.

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