14th July, my thoughts this week on Merkel, Moral inversion, Sweden and Domestic Issues

14th July, my thoughts this week on Merkel, Moral inversion, Sweden and Domestic Issues

well you listen to County Richard found kuden of clergy today is Sunday the 14th of July I'm happy Bastille Day to the French air initially what was once Europe's largest migration reception center in Sicily mineral officially closed last Tuesday in the presence of mateal Savini who said that it was a promise kept the reception centers final inhabitants were removed and sent to another low order locations the reception center a former US complex for US military held 4,100 migrants at its peak in 2014 earlier this year the director of the center said quote left-wing do-gooder activists have helped lead thousands of deaths to deaths in the Mediterranean and from 2014 to 2017 we have recorded 15 tales and debts and with Savini tightening Italy's borders helping reduce the deaths at sea the director turned his criticism to the migrant transport NGOs saying quote open borders have created slums scattered throughout the country and out of – quote in our country there are 600,000 people who have lost her right through reception they are like zombies in our country many have opposed salvini stance with some left-wing mayors saying they would ignore him but polls have revealed that over 63 percent of all Italians back Savini the problem is still with the interference of the NGOs a term that seems to give them the jessman see but are nothing more than criminal cartels into your international smuggling business and the unfortunate thing is that there are people working or volunteering with these NGOs who really believe that they are doing good work they are the placard wavers whom the public see to create sympathy for migrants and always seemed to attract a certain type of bespectacled goblin type creature a special demographic whose sole purpose is to push mass migration into the West and remained oblivious to the demographic shift migrant crime and overburdening taxpayer supporting an ever increasing social welfare system in Germany Angela Merkel has seen has been seen shaking for the third time in less than a month yet again during the German national anthem this time in Berlin with a meeting with the Finnish Prime Minister how many times has this happened in private and her physical degeneration has coincided with her political degeneration just as the ADF is surging in eastern Germany and turning it into its stronghold and are set to win the most seats for that region well ahead of Merkel's CDU party de media have decided to say that she is showing great bravery just like Juncker and his battle with sciatica which he seems to treat with bottles of brandy can you imagine the media of response if this was happening to trump or ban or Savini they would be they would have a feeding frenzy like sharks circling a wounded seal and still in Berlin a German Court has convicted as rejected Iraqi asylum seeker of raping and murdering a 14 year old girl and on Wednesday sentenced him to life in prison Ali Bashar who was jailed after four months trial where he was found guilty of assault rape and murder of Susanna failed Minh in May two tales in 18 and I covered a story in one of my previous videos bashar 22 and his family abruptly left a home for asylum seekers and fled to iraq where he was arrested by Kurdish authorities in northern Iraq at the request of the German police in June last year he had arrived in Germany in 2015 and in that three year period had chalked up a long police record including as a suspected being involved in the rape of an 11 year old girl and also in Germany in mรผlheim an 18 year old girl was gang-raped by a group of five get this beach we elf between 11 between 12 to 14 year old migrants on Friday in a prolonged ordeal involving considerable violence that left the victim unconscious in bushes and whilst and found by dog walkers who notified the authorities and she was rushed to hospital where she is still in intensive care before Merkel shakes herself to death she shall be brought to court and have a new Nuremberg trial for crimes against humanity more from a canary in this cold my in Sweden a man living in Sweden was found guilty of physically abusing his wife and children the unde enta fide man who lives in the south-west province of Dallas land was sentenced to six months in prison after being convicted of five separate counts of assault which included shoving paper into the mount of his two-year-old daughter he denied culpability claiming that intense hunger due to fasting during Ramadan had made it so that he could no longer control his own actions the defense of Ramadan rage was also used by another Muslim in France as part of the case where he shook his five-month-old baby to death last year within the first three weeks of Ramadan this year there were 20 countries that saw over 100 jihadi attacks that killed 531 people and injured another 556 were all these jihadi suffering from hunger pangs as well and in Poland the Warsaw district court has rejected a demand by Sweden to extradite a man a Russian national who took his tree Tartars back from Muslim family and sought asylum in Poland the story began in Sweden when the live of family in 2017 suffered at tragedy when the murder of three children was taken the hospital suffering from a mental breakdown whereupon the tree daughter's aged 4 6 and 12 were taken into foster care and sent to a Muslim family from Lebanon over 240 miles away from the family home and even though the girl girls spoke no Arabic and were forced to wear head scarves and eat food that he didn't like in April of this year the father fled Sweden to go to Russia on a flight through Poland and upon attempting to board the plane with his tree children in Warsaw Sweden accused him of kidnap their father applied for refugee status which was granted with this with the george saying quote with their actions Swedish authorities directly violated the rights of the children depriving them of orderly love and criticized the Swedish Authority for placing the children in their care of a family quote that was culturally mentally and religiously an alien culture which could adversity have affected the health of the children it seemed Sweden has a organization that operates like Khosla as well France a Syrian migrant has been arrested in the town of San Pierre Dumont on Thursday for the rape and murder of a 24 year old mother of one this body was found near a small pedestrian tunnel after she left a nightclub to return home she had been raped and strangled and had been beaten on the head and neck two other men are also suspects in this and back to the moral inversion which continues a dr. David mock rates in England in the UK of 56 a health and disability Assessor employed by the Department for Work and Pensions in Birmingham has been dismissed from his job after refusing in a teary Test interview to use the transgender person's preferred gender pronoun dr. Marc read and experienced emergency department medic told a tribunal shortly after his appointment he was asked by his line manager quote if you had a six-foot man with a beard who says he wants to be addressed as she would you do that the evangelical Christian gave his answer that he would not as it was against his religion he was then told that his answer would mean that he would over likely be dismissed to lose his job or unless he changed his convictions the father of four was dismissed one month later dr. McReady said that quote what I object to his being forced to do violence to language and after recognition of transgenderism as normal was allusion and that was not a result of scientific evidence but political pressure I wonder if the doctor was a Muslim would there have been would he have been asked the same question it looks like being sane is now a soccer ball offense this is nothing short of tyranny it will infiltrate all our public services workplaces and if our schools is to get a chance to do creating the next generation of degenerates to do the bidding of the global corporations devoid of moral compass it reminds me of a quote from Bertrand Russell the social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of schoolchildren to whom they will try different methods of production producing an unshakable conviction that Snell was black and now for some domestic issues it has been announced that temporary is to resettle 230 refugees from 12 families over the next 18 months allegedly from Syria with telus a town of 8,000 people which already has hosted 12 families this was announced at a council meeting as part of Ireland's refugee protection program and they will be granted refugee status prior to arrival therefore entitling them to housing social welfare medical card and the right to work information to remain in the country with the shin fan counselor saying that integration works well the Muslims have heard Sarkozy Merkel before she decided to welcome every body to Germany with the average Germany with the average age of 50 compared to Africa where the average age is 19 and Cameron who all within a six-month period said multi-coated is a complete failure and the champagne councilor were down to say – an Iraqi lad scored a point in Croke Park Sadat's ground then another councillor added that he did we didn't want to see their houses attacked could it possibly be that local populace aren't as overjoyed about their community being replaced as these excitable councillors are they not aware that Syria now has a tourist industry and that you're in 2018 900,000 Syrians have returned home to help rebuild their country as all patriotic people should do even President Assad has offered a pardon to any of the army deserted to return home without penalty and would be very interesting oh how many of these Syrian refugees will suddenly be able to return to Syria on holidays on taxpayers expense I also noticed that Lisa Murphy is trying to get back over here and – I noticed that in the area between Nigeria Niger and Chad Boko Haram were trying to set up an Islamic state so maybe instead of coming out back to Ireland maybe she'd be more suited somewhere around there I'd say they'd be delighted to have her back I know it was Gemma this week did another aunt not a very nice interview with that priest from grace ons and I believe now they have they've decided that they're not going to get the children to where the boys to wear trousers and let's hope they can remove the condoms from the sixth class bathrooms as well and David Stanton was on the news last Sunday talking about Ireland's international obligations to irregular migrants I'm sick of every or te broadcast included something about migrants asylum seekers direct provision racism it's all it's about time that people got over the famine and stop feeling guilty for surviving it we never bombed any country to the Stone Age and if we are going to have an immigration program it must include medical screening Garrard a vetting and a background check for any criminal convictions and the deportation for those who don't meet the criteria and those guilty of serious criminal offenses in this country even the Department of Justice by their own figures believe that over 80% of all asylum seekers are bogus and of the 1,400 giving deportation notices last year only 140 people actually left especially to those countries that don't cooperate funding should be withdrawn into deportation process this week also saw the doll bar being disrupted by a rash well I regard Higgins as the biggest rat followed but not mighty shark fraud occur especially in the wake of his allegiances remarks that we and Ireland are obliged to widen our perspective of home to include all the peoples of the earth is there no end to the amount of political pimping that these two will do for the global to see shame and you all well Derek opal comes with Jeremy all I notice I have a couple of new subscribers this week so thanks for joining I look forward to reading your comments good night and good luck

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  1. Thanks count, great stuff as usual, this madness has to end soon, one way or other, o e thing about aulfellas in this country, a lot of them have some sort of military experience. Glad your channel is growing, keep it up.

  2. Thanks Count – this is my weekly news bulletin! Merkel has a lot to answer for alright. Yes – I think you're right about Lisa – bokoharem would look after her well. Just one rat in the Dail! I'd say it's over run with them.

  3. Some more great information and details thank u count as usual a great video my friend ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‘

  4. And people wonder why we want them out of our country ? ๐Ÿ™ˆ. We put down dogs if they bite someone. A first offence !

  5. At the end of the day a transgender pisses whipping out his LANGER in a standing position and wipes his arse backwards, that's not very lady like, IS IT?
    Lisa the Irish concubine should be left in the HAREM,
    should be banged up by the isis lover boys until there's nothing hanging between the legs.
    Disgusting and vile whore, expecting an audience in Ireland upon it's return.
    She should be accomodated in Clonskeagh mosque and Islamic cultural centre, where she will feel she's in a Caliphate, as living amongst native Irish is considered HARAM.
    Hussain halawa and Umar Al Qadri can have a go with that manky slut.
    That reggin lover, Darby O'gill should be deported to live amongst 3rd world savages.
    Given any opportunity he's always highlighting the plight of illegal and bogus, free loading 3rd world vermins.
    This twat was elected by the stupid and gullible electorates, who deserve what comes their way.
    It's more like invasion!
    Every day these so called human garbages are arriving for a good time in Ireland for the rest of their life (indefinitely)
    There's a bill board MSG in Lagos /Nigeria, COME TO IRELAND.
    The population of Nigeria is 201,076,535 million (its the least figure submitted on the 14 of July 2019).
    U tubers check it out yourself.
    Click on to population of Nigeria 2019.
    In Ireland the arrival of these free loaders is spreading like WIDFIRE,
    before we realise, it'll be too late to put out the fire.
    Ireland will be burnt to ASHES.
    There's no SALVATION.

    Al quadri

  6. Thanks for the news Count, I was working in Blessington St Dublin for a few weeks…Number 69 is a DePaul hostel there is a African guy on the door who says who can come in and who can't…he drives a white top of the range Q7 Audi with north of Ireland plates…he must be one of those engineers! ffs

  7. The real news , on tv3 ( virgin media 1) dismorning the news to us that to avoid dementia in old age eat healty don't smoke and get exercise, lol ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ what chance has any one got to get to old age sure even veg and fruit gives you cancer thanks to roundup thats still being used , real news thanks again kevin

  8. Thanks count for all the time and research to put this together. RTE propaganda network constantly putting out feel good refugee story's every day tv and raido as for micheal d He's a disgrace he thinks just because he speaks Irish that makes him patriotic he's shown his true colours .

  9. Good info Count. Yeah I seen a video with merkel shaking while the German anthem was playing. Didn't take her Valium maybe? I also remember seeing her getting handed a German flag before & more or less threw it back at the person that handed it to her with a look of disgust on her face. She really hates Germany. She love's the crumbling empire known as the EUSSR. It's only a matter of time before the failed euro project collapses. But by then it'll be too late if people don't wake up & cop onto it. Anyway always enjoy your news bud ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ€

  10. Good video Count ๐Ÿ‘ keep up the good work…. Those NGO child trafficking pigs should be fucked into prison for life….. Hopefully Merkel goes screaming for what she did to Europe… Those "migratnts" they said where 12 are probably in their late 40's…..

  11. Greta thunberg said sweden
    Is a mecca for climate change activists and some one said no it is just mecca.
    Thanks count

  12. Great weather count Angela Merkel
    Is Dying her legacy is a rape epidemic in Germany Michael D Higgins hosts
    Fakeugees at the aras and said
    Irish people emigrated all over the world and now Ireland needs to import
    The world. He met with George soros Too. And said nations need to be Dismantled when he was in Dail eireann he was in favour of anchor
    Babies. Thirty of these Anchor Babies
    Tried to Burn a Dublin niteclub to the
    Ground. And are waging war on the
    Streets of DUBLIN Attacking innocent
    Irish people. This is what Higgins
    Is in favour of Anarchy and terrorism.

  13. I found this channel with quality content I'm sure they would appreciate any support

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