2018 Annual Wrap Up – News Trends & Stories, Part II

They're bringing all this capital back
to North America and all these operations and all these high IQ
immigrants and as they do that, if they're going to manage inflation they
need to make sure that anything that's not part of their operations is not
competing with them for resources because they're thinking okay, coming
back to North America I gotta buy resources I gotta buy labor, what can I
do to keep those prices as low as possible while I'm buying it's fine
if they skyrocket after I finish but before I finish I don't want any
competition. Yes, the other way to look at this, too, that I think is worth
mentioning is that if we go back to Dolan's idea of a breakaway
civilization that I think this hidden finance system is coupled to, what this
essentially means is that this breakaway group is becoming much more visible
it's coming out in into the public field and taking it over and that should
give everybody a little bit of pause because we've discussed this
before where's all this money going well I've used the illustration of an
electrical circuit you've got so much juice or power or money
going into the circuit and it's being bled off somewhere and it's that somewhere that's the crucial point here this is real money
this is not an accounting gimmick so where's it going well it's this this hidden system it's the secret books it's this breakaway group that you're
seeing coming out into the open that's that's crucial for people to understand
this means that something big is about to change
in terms of Technology narrative culture you name it everything,
everything. Well let's go back and say it again: the federal government just
announced that it's going to operate as a fascist government
yeah now it's out in the open there's no denying it but that got no attention no well just look at it this way, Catherine,
how many people would understand that that this is what's happened? unless
you've been following and tracking certain themes and memes in the
alternative media you wouldn't you wouldn't. I'll tell you who understands
this: Global Investors. there's not a sovereign wealth fund in
the world or a central bank in the world that is not tracking this. oh yeah they
have to. they have to. they know. let me add one thing let's go back and remember Sergey Glazyev
and what he said in his op-ed piece during the middle of the emerging crisis
in the Ukraine back I think it was 2015 and he came out and he said that our
problem isn't with the Nazis in Kiev our problem is with the Nazis in Washington
and he meant it. right, I agree. and you know the other thing we have
to remember is Tatjana Koricanac before 9/11 in Pravda published that piece
where she said the United States would be attacked on its own soil but it would
be attacked by a group of people with assets in excess of 300 trillion dollars
so the Russians are very well aware of what's going on
here and it's fascist. right I keep
going back to the great line from Leonard Cohen first we take Manhattan
then we take Berlin.

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  1. The world has been Fascist since 1666, so what else is new?
    See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWMxHBuuP6U&t=142s

  2. It's like Superman 2 when Richard Pryor developed software to siphon all the fractions of cents into one big account.😁

  3. It's not acceptable to make that kind of statement and not say what happened, who did it and what the implications are. Looking like disinfo to me.

  4. Eustace Mullins
    – The magic money machine
    – The curse of Cannan
    – The Global Financial Situation

  5. I will tell you something that perhaps only a handful of people within this room will understand, see this channel refer to the central planners as the Nazis control and dictate World policies, they were in search of a gateway that leads to immortality hence sanctuary. I'm here to tell you that it exists and this is beyond the shadow of any doubt, the Supernatural is the natural and the natural is quite the unnatural state. There is indeed a portal that leads to immortality but it is not a mechanical object oh, this is where they went wrong in their search, this Gateway or portal exists once the human spirit has met certain criteria a Gateway or portal opens on an individual basis for those well done the work. It is ironic that the style of central planning used by planners are taking them further and further away and not closer to this Gateway. This portal is activated by at least one characteristic that I am aware of and that is forgiveness an empathy and when is that can be measured for True Value. Yet the central planning techniques used today guarantees the amputation of these important components of human Spirit necessary to access this Gateway. Our social engineering guarantees that's what I've said to you will be interpreted as outlandish and absolutely crazy, I fully understand this. Ultimately everyone from the peak of the pyramid to its foundation must develop the six primary components of human Spirit necessary to activate this photo to sanctuary. This can be achieved by granting the people economic freedoms and returning to a sound monetary system for the entire world. These six primary components of human Spirit are sound mind, self worth and maturity and and turn from their the ability to Foster and nurture love empathy and forgiveness can only be achieved through the means by which I have already explained and the no other way. Taking any other course or continuing on this 2000 year updated so-called Human Resource Management strategy will ensure no one the top of the pyramid with Foundation have the ability to access sanctuary. Economic freedom and Son money is the only way to achieve the closest resemblance to a realistic utopian society. Understand that's an order to rule the world in the way in which it is one must amputate the six primary components of human spirit consequently the so-called Human Resources must do the same. We can break this cycle now the window of opportunity is narrowing Oh, we must embrace the win-win solution if we are to avoid the horror and Terror that awaits us all in the near future

  6. Wrong gender to listen to, this gender is by genetically designed forced to create a Rosy picture of life whether the possibility of that Rosy picture to transpire or not is feasible this is what they have to push. It's not their fault it's in there gender and genetic makeup oh, they better serve to beautify the community bring the community together at all costs even if they have to compromise very important freedoms and liberties, in other words the female will always always compromise their Liberties and freedoms for safety oh, it's not the character flaw it's just this is the way they operate by Nature, so consequently you're going to get information from her that is not realistic and does not reflect the future and a x will go into areas of complete Madness I'm way over reaching speculation such as this off planets silly talk and aliens cuckoo stuff, which again it's not doesn't come from being crazy it comes from reaching the maximum allowable stress level and then resorting to forms of escapism formulating systems are ideologies excuses for remedies and all sorts of things that accommodates those that I've overbearing power of manipulation version and for the initiation of force, and that is a recipe for disaster for the village that's why we don't send women the fight hostile Invaders, despite the superhero depictions and movies today with a woman superhero gamma is for this reason that communities and larger regions we're able to protect the Integrity of their communities through the Brute intelligent Force I came from the mail population. But if you want to listen to Rosie unicornland estrogen-based fairy tales you continue to listen to this lady, but I'm going to have to say sorry lady go sell crazy someplace else I'm all stocked up here

  7. https://www.henrymakow.com/2019/01/bourdain-leonard-cohen.html

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbFvdzC8y6g&feature=em-uploademail

  9. I wonder if Joseph Farrell has ever seen "A Most Wanted Man?" The only Hollywood depiction of Germany as it relates to German Banks and terrorism. I think he would at least find humor in the depiction, even as it is intended to be taken seriously.

    link https://www.youtube.com/user/itmtrading

  11. I am surprised you did not mention the obvious proof tha t the U.S. Is fascist by mentioning the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) , and why no politician seems to be able to explain why the Unrestricted Toal Net Assets listed therein, are not used to supplement any debt in a budget.

  12. Yes but the question always remains (((WHO))) are (((THEY))) … Jews ? Jesuits ? Lucifarians ? Technocrats / Industrialist ? Mafias ? 4TH Reich ? All of the above ? … It can all be a little hard to swallow coming from 1%,ers like yrselves who are now suddenly so concerned for the Filthy Unwashed Masses like us ??? ( Sarcasm Intended )

  13. That was the most polite way imaginable to bring a grenade into my house, gingerly set it on my entry hall table, pull the pin, curtsy, turn and leave.

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