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  1. Sanders won and thats good. But looking at the next 4 or 5 candidates one has to wonder how we search a country of 350 millipn people and the best we can come up with is Amy Klobuchar or little Pete? God bless them, but its hard to see either in a leadership position.

  2. 4:59:00 Old Chuck has it all wrong again… He thinks Trump is nervous about Pete ohhh my god i feel bad for bernie supporters. These neo liberals like chuck are so delusional.

  3. Biden is the most overrated under performer I have ever seen .. the guy literally has the nomination handed to him for literally doing absolutely nothing , yet he was the selected savior, and he is just a complete dumpster fire . The rats (the media ) are literally jumping off his ship after slurping him for nearly a year . If the guy isn’t talking about kids rubbing his hairy legs , he’s putting his foot in his mouth constantly talking about black and brown people as if they’re a separate faction of America while separating whites . The guys an imbecile

  4. The Democrats have to let go of these Santa claus miracles and move to the middle to work with the capitalists and the struggling citizens of USA or else the election in November will work in the favour of Donald Trump. 😥

  5. #FireChuckTodd another win for Bernie. You freaking frauds. How do you think no one sees this BS? We see this BS!!!

  6. Put on the garments of righteousness and truth
    2) Study the WORD
    3) Depend on the LORD and on not others
    4) Confess your sins daily & repent (turn from your sin)
    5) Seek peace and holiness
    6) Focus on JESUS and not the world
    7) Watch what you say (control your tongue)
    8) Walk in love
    9) Pour out JESUS on others
    10) Keep oil in your lamp & don't get complacent
    11) HE comes for a READY Bride

  7. America Needs Andrew Yang And "The Yang Gang."

    Those of us who support Bernie Sanders for President can rejoice tonight because he won the New Hampshire primary. He now has a clear path to the nomination.

    It was also a bitter sweet political moment because it marked the end of Andrew Yang's presidential campaign. Yang brought us a message that was unique among all Presidential candidates. His analysis of the American condition added much to our political conversation.

    Andrew has the unique ability to visualize economic solutions from a new and uncharted perspective. His proposal for a "Freedom Dividend" (a Universal Basic Income) of $1,000 per month for every American is practical and would be easy to administer because it will be self financed by a progressive tax on the things we buy. It's much more equitable than selectively subsidizing the least among us.

    In our opinion, it's an idea who's time has come. It's an idea that won't go away and neither should Andrew Yang because he has so much to offer with his clarity of thought and innovative solutions.

    America owes Andrew Yang and The Yang Gang a big debt of gratitude for everything their campaign has added to our national conversation.

    Yang has organized a great team that can accomplish much in the future. I hope "the gang" will continue to build upon this strong foundation.

    Then, at some time in the future, there will be a President Andrew Yang !!!

  8. How come it so hard to count votes, 2020 man on mars almost but can’t count votes, they should be able to count real time, they want corruption in this process.

  9. Typical NBC. They still try and claim Bernie Sanders has done badly despite winning both states. If Bernie had taken 80% of the vote, NBC would be focusing on the 20%. I can see it now – BERNIE SLUMPS TO FIRST PLACE AS 20% SAY NO.

  10. This is so frackin' rigged! I mean, Bloomberg didn't even get a percent? RIGGED. Bloomberg won 90% of the vote, sheeple. WAKE UP!

    This comment paid for by Mike Bloomberg™

  11. It does not enhance a news organization's reputation for accuracy when they advertise a web site as "live" and then present a series of recorded programs. Do they just mean that the performers were alive at the time the recording was made?

  12. Everyone says Bernie is not mentioned. Bernie has been around for years now, he is not exciting for news. He says the same things, everyone knows he was front runner but they do not believe he can be a nominee who wins. America will not choose 80 years old socialist when the economy is booming. He also does not want to compromise on things that matter for people like their health. Young people do not care that much about it but for older people their health is everything and losing the plan that makes them feel safe is everything for them.

  13. Bernie wins in Iowa by 6000 votes and they call it a Buttiegeg win with an extra delegate, but when he wins in new hampshire by 4000 votes they call it a tie with delagates

  14. Buttigieg is a failed Mayer in his own town with many issues against the non-white population. He loves billionaires and they only consist barely of 40 votes since his Iowa campaign. He is true manipulative hypocrite and centrist working for the establishment full heartedly! He has no policy and discusses no issues, only hot air. Bernie is consistent since the last 40 years, appeals to the young, the old, the poor, multi cultures and working class, and of course focuses on issues with a resounding clear message. Bloomberg is also full of crap as his past will get to him in his mistreatment of his city citizens through money. Others will lose when each time they attack Sanders such as Warren and the media.

  15. And people call Trump crazy for calling these news media outlets fake. You liberals are admitting that he is right from what I see in the comments below

  16. We have to watch Chuck Todd again. Good grief. Get any other announcer you have instead of him. He must be negatively impacting your ratings. Give him a different job.

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  18. All too much STUPID for me to take in in a short space of time from these "Anti-Bernie" Goofs.

    Time to do something more Uplifting like watching Old Bugs Bunny Cartoons!


  19. The Hill, kristal ball dismantels the media, https://youtu.be/Ra_uS0mg8Wc
    The dis-information factory, https://youtu.be/ReipZi42CWo
    TYT, Media confused, who won NH primary? https://youtu.be/3B4GohIgKrc
    Damage Report, MSNBC attacks Bernie supporters. https://youtu.be/PAnMZpSkqq4
    Media knows they lie to their viewership.

  20. Who needs to accuse the media of bias I mean this is Pathetic. Though whats worse is Bernie isn't accusing the DNC of rigging the caucus I mean he doesn't even need to point it out.

    Its just shown that the mainstream media are blatantly acting like "Well of course we have to rig it not like we can let Bernie win". They've literally said "what do we to deal with his supporters if they demand the nomination just cause he had the most delegates and won all the caucuses ".

    Its really Really Bad like cringe worthy from chris mathews crying to Joy Reid saying we need bloomberg to save the DNC primaries cause he's a republican and omits he's a racist of course. Oh and Chuck Todd calling the ''Jewish'' Candidate (Bernie) supporters Nazis. This is when their policies Progressiveism (like FDR) is the Historical antithesis of Fascism.

    Its really Gross who needs to make accusations with statements like that with a cringe factor of over 9000. You could Not make a Parody on propaganda as bad as CNN and MSNBC is today. Its Is Journalistic Suicide that they will Never Recover From; this is going in the History Books and it Won't Be Kind

  21. Ratio this we cannot let Democracy Die time to break the Bots. If they want to commit journalistic Suicide for corporate Propaganda add more Cyanide. We will not have an Oligarchy FIRE Chuck Todd this is the End of corporate Media they're slitting their own throat

  22. History Repeats as The New FDR Won golly gee what was that a traitor to his Class? I Welcome Your Hatred. We've seen this Movie Before so Spoiler FDR Won 3 times over with everyone calling him a socialist and Robber Baron monopolies using all their resources to stop him. His policies became the most popular and lead to the strongest economy in the world and he defeated Fascism with his Progressive Values so look forward to feeling the Bern

  23. Well–here's how the INCUMBENT President candidates stacked up in NH in the last primaries: 0bama-49,080 votes; Bush-43,962 votes; Clinton-76,797–TRUMP–120,476!!!!!!!

  24. Fake News Media on Democrat. Time to kick them all out. They are anti Trump , Anti Sanders , and Anti ALL except the Clinton !

  25. The Democrats should win if they come out and vote but it is likely the result will depend on the extent Trump is able to tamper with the vote counting process.

  26. Tuck Chod, you sir are an ignoramus, heard it from a friend. 😜
    Attack our candidate with baseless lies and false narratives and we will retort you bunch of 🐍 and 🐀 loving lapdogs to oligarchs.

  27. what kind of show is that? Lots of time I am watching the anchor’s hand with a pan, the other person is holding a mug, another is checking her mobile phone…?

  28. These people never got wrong. They are always right. Trust them.
    I do remember when they said Trump had no chance to win and now you see, it is true.
    Hillary Clinton is in the White House.

    Sooo, Bernie, had no chance

  29. I don’t get it. Last time the DNC just decided who it would be and ignored the voters. Since no one got in trouble they’ll just do it again.


  31. Todd? What about all of the yellow journalism. Edop pieces by the news media. It has been around since the '69s. Anything to up their ratings. Lie and cheat anything goes because you are not held accountable anymore.

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