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press the bell liken to never miss a video from test book.com hello friends good evening to all of you gasps a applo magnum Beria firstly thanks for the wonderful feedback given by you we will definitely be including each and every point of yours in our next session both sorry but soon abou lucky sir put static a point to be hung up in a current every slide may add an inch again to Mac which important boycott a bigger room got the throne of a show Marilyn bahu septa Tony be point aqua mahaprabhu Naboo sorry pointer could not carry her notes bonanni have or hung side by side question my question are you wearing it all Giada Bettina turtle hamara Oscar first cushion the fourth regional conference of AII be AII be scanned for Asian infrastructure investment bank a IAB was organized in which of the following City Bhattacharya Hickey a i-i've Iike George III some melon here though India kick Kesha her may I you JP agyantha to a questionnaire a piece of my pouch option him Messi t-ara who and sir P or hemara answer head Bangu du Bangu Roja Marisa he answer hey mat lab exam question katha ki-43 z'l conference of a IAB yet kiss share may India K organized wattle answer via amara Bangaluru example question come acetic acid UFO question cable septa a key a i-i've Iike of a regional conference Bengaluru men were econ same number car regional conference table a question ridiculous give forth number a regional conference tomorrow shin who mishap tired like in Maracaibo laughs a key hump which important point keyboard occurring it took any job much Abby embarked on a Rai I be gay bar I mean he escaped or kya important point exam Kelly as Rudy him piranha Investment Bank a just like Bella push cable supplier he Asian infrastructure investment bank establishment year key I have to update oh yeah Harper 16 January 2016 the so legend very Doria Sulak osk formation who Arthur second point kayak Escobar pesky I hear Cuban idea but yeah half of the hook purpose key a gulika ahead crediting MATLAB would harden achillea though Asian infrastructure investment bank hard HK infrastructural development Kelly it was country : date ahead Tigger pieces are point Tesla point you have static Jake appointee he Asian infrastructure investment bank ahead quarter caja Peter the well iske ends on a beach in China the Asian infrastructure investment bank ahead quarter hey Beijing may obey Gingka China may member countries to up the ouya / 64 member countries and 20 prospective members have other objects a Maccabean bantha heavy aii became member countries kidney him to AB 64 he bullying him 64 main countries to high sky member sachika official language where English yet my important points in am like in Gosk presidential appointee of the girl last were important health so Asian infrastructure investment bank a president's Konami hae-jin lickin gin lickin in Konami so yet take which important point Asian infrastructure investment bank here at tamale Jenga learn Kaliyuga what amigable Dupree next question second question Joe hey Mary open a personal experience my Bulldog he about important question him well if you pull your portion of slide per degree its question SEC title a question exam my bunch at the pallium slide value question ki baat karta chicas digne recently apfo apfo employ Provident Fund organization recently EPF for introduced view pension passbook service for the pensioners it will be launched through which of the following application but labuda hey happy Holi May EPF own a key ahem Japan shall lay their own Kelley a view pension passbook key service launch key hair view pension passbook mclubbe Joby aapke pension up kamila I hear ya FK pension amount pays you interest a lot for ahem yes of a pic pic online pension passbooks is accepting here it will be launched through which of the following application matlab kiss application kit through a peer view pension passbook service breaks at the end what a piece a me patch option up with a could I have an option beam here PT M here M cover share among hey now visa to map and I see the answer piano or iske and Sara among woman application government of Indiana launch key I have a bear among application above name a while may like they had to give sorry Burger Time just like APNIC are tell pension Eugenia Government of India Kilauea so utter pension eugenic age it's an ABAP a transaction AVO up online among applications if watch conceptive aapke kitna PF cattle ahead Mahe up with my pension bill a year yes sorry teaser human applications say a pudica nikomia he know the Omani applications they can say hung up in a pension your passbook well I system a vom Cassidy accepting him so is Keely up code detour Berkshire up code date of birth Shia or PP u number chai it did of Berkshire or PPO numbers on you so again up capacity I don't know she is a hair too up scope up Ellie Omega application Cooley or WA Harper a cop Shania view pension passbook app maja / date of birth or PPO number idling gay or up case I repented transaction of kiss omnia Jang a plea a question cafe important him or is question say our kidney question one sec Tina boham next slide Bolivia or erm second point Jovan equations ax e PF o / was sick one con say important ocean orb insectivore slide medical so pally it be a focal form the EPA for a full form employee Provident Fund organization full form qiyamat Quran pyramid Quran establishment al metella founding year you can I have fold March 1952 tried points kiosk ahead mutter caja pee is cadet quarter hair in New Delhi headquarter in New Delhi fourth point here is K CEO Yan examine question once at the Hecky EPF okay who is CEO of EPF o to Afghan sake okay BP join EPF o EPF okay CEO porn Henkin aankia have vp join care system lung cancer – eggy my Japan could melt ahead pension milta hai celery Athiya – um cush way out there I'm happy when I think I'm joyful oh yeah they had to do I appear for July Akane Marilyn our ticket escape at the way you happily cobweb PPO many ups a bullet a key other upcoming application get through up now pension passbook nick nahi so up which I a PPO number two AB the way of escape will form her pension payment order pension payments orders up K examine abbreviation cafeteria continuous Burton arrived to host talkie abbreviation me PP awful form of sepanjang dough pension payment order is Kenichi many upcoming application careful form the idea hockey abu saloon girl enough abbreviation miss about common evil eye the woman application careful form a unified mobile application of New Age governance of New Age governance unified mobile application of New Age governance exam aquestion yebin's a time he application cook it in languages may launch GRE ahem how many languages in among application to up the foyer per 13 languages MATLAB total para allá de l'homme Government of India and a oming application called launch key I have a question yes of taiyaki Omega application car cookies ear may launch key area thumb from the hopper here released or norm by 2017 mclubbe number though just after combing application good launch key again ahem a check back on February month may I see Sal every month may do by email valchek government summit to a theme or world government summit may be oming application Co awardee a yachtie Houska point when she off-site birthday ok developer mulch government summit you can see some 86 or a hopper with a do by mail or do by email oming application co-evolved miller Kiska degree may best em government service award category may to his sorry point your hair up Kelly guru Angad Lena agar aapko Omega application Okwe portal establish melt ahead to seductive Knigge because up k general of an exception may II as a questions continuous but they are enhanced again so yes ha Medusa portion hamari biting me up my next question next question is based on a banking and finance question cable Nicolas a the Reserve Bank asked all listed companies to provide information on foreign portfolio investors investment to deposit trees before question cometh foreign portfolio Kermit Laputa heck we with a she company relationally Kumari India came market may pestle a nothing here but passive okgo hopeful another QC company kashyyk arrhythmia Casey company go with her idea yeah Humaira Deshmukh government securities purchase currently dope collection of investment come Kabul thing portfolio ticker hamari Indian company could passage to you they come karna kill you so phobic everything here Baja key company supplies out happy raise curtain to foreign investment Hamada Bhishma who nabooru da chica no the Reserve Bank of India Ebola hey her company say Herveaux company to listed a matlab shear market may miss konami yo up may pass is open Ashiya basting episode happen the Reserve Bank of India and ASA real estate company sable ahem he up Co estar except Ally Pally J Tony be deposit razor information they mean he he foreign key person a foreign key company Nick it's an oppressor up K company Malaya my appeal deposit rescale pls k very much for us so much there what is the meaning of deposit Reno hamari – May doTERRA key deposit ring him a KN s deal or a k c d SL NS d LC d SL methyl form balloon duffel form to insulin article national securities depository limited central deposit trace security limited yet those deposit ringing to depository chemically pure short wishlist and again again up up nap esse bank makes your mother feel i said what i like in case keep a spare our bank opossum so other a PC company cashier carry to tow company of kosher gas certificate data hey look at me a certificate up Cahokia online movie i have yes certificate I thought oh hey I put the cutaway licking it because Rick risky possible Abu tire so NSD LCD SLK oh yes sorry government securities co company Casey okay certificate Co electronic for me up me past hold giving Africa the Reserve Bank open Ebola he her listed company coupon drew my SEPA Halle Berry pondrá missive the hell appellate Jetta knob he foreign car investments hua hey whose key information and his DL course CBS L could Dana Paragon income at lucky the depository code in America a question through a tricky hair video coupe Oscar k bar bus imagina clear hoja chigger the ocean number third both important hair or Mayapore additional information BBS per up NS Rilke or CD SL cuff will form a chisel on calina what am are you biting me at my next question next question is based on a sports question guy a barber table no Indian schüttler kadamba Shrikant formally took charge as the dipti collector of this city but let me jump RP shuttler hackathon michigan unit kiss she her may as the Dipti collector you post her was some Holly here a my response option I Maddie Graham well it's cursor he answer Hegel to discuss I answer a Guntur or good to be the Amish Rican cognitive please behave a mother cannot occur though I'm going to keep our karma Academy Schakowsky baccarat here or Kadamba she can they sub say recently concise force you into other common little games examine cushiony a bunch of time he commonwealth games make in ambi she can cook on some idle mila consummate lamella to EMA logic on the middle silver metal yajna silver metal Tokido Michigan keepeth holy heck in a Michigan John Hagee going to get an evil he will do mean it as a diptych electors you post have Amelie have made a question of secure kiki the michigan going to jealousy earth into jelly Dajjal away go kiss state say attack estate me after a question we've answered on the go to jail are you have oh hey Andhra Pradesh man what Andhra Pradesh state cassia static apportionment suck they have o have next line me Denis male next slide your Marriott should be a screen / vo– Andhra Pradesh K bar you may have been abortion jeolban septa Agee Andhra Pradesh key capital K ahead capital umbrella thei largest city and the British may book on certiorari Vishakapatnam total district 13 governor is semicolon hey on the publish came in sorry point me sub say important point check governor the governor yard technology cons akan her ESL nurse Inman yes l nursing bond up Logan a single movie the KeyArena together in a single Club Ajay Devgan kaha / hey Andhra Pradesh mayor Singham nursing mom to Estrella Kalina so Andhra Pradesh cake governor conehead ESL nurse women Chief Minister Cornyn and Antonia blowy and Chandrababu Naidu kiss my DC hey Tory d PE op le happy were here Lok Sabha constituency kidney had 25s twitch static a point say Andhra Pradesh K on the British kick governor Chief Minister yeah he do eight-point subsidy other important within a chigger to governor ki bathroom kutsuki a single yogurt now chief minister home come aluminide losing him I'll be putting it up the next question next question is based on appointment question can a director who has been appointed as the acting chief justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court other upload newspaper party whom be enhancing the newspaper make available alta key cone Monica Quan Monica so well ibiki ahead government pace after D hai Kaun Banega aapke saamne patch optional question de una subida a ya package option a order and sir mokuba da da da and sir hey ake a method to answer a ok metal metal of second option is question say or question cabin satire key a key Mattel's oh hey whoa as Acting Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court may appoint to a head – yeah its costs exceed Kirk a hair yeah kiss carried almond k bottom cap pointment who I have so yeah Harper they Co options open I have achieved our vehicle inna – magic – GG oh hey Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court may achieve vs. looking in key retirement get passport post ecology coffee controversies already so a key methyl COO of a point where they agree ahead o Shah JEE just to see ebony Hey okay mr. Saha Punjab and Haryana High coach you have okay share my hair yeah my question is static come on sometime – yeah : are you Chandi girl my hair Chandi girl yeah girl Lena so partial question tomorrow appointment / vo– hammaker Leah hey am i avoiding it up the next question babe next question is also based on a sports question guy yeah a sports car B questionnaire or a appointment Cathy question health question gather Bo who has been named as the international event ambassador for TCS Yeti says via Tata Consultancy Services for TCS vult 10k 2018 marathon ask al-kafi a Facebook / yoga pants are you squatting here oh yeah ask us both on our TCS void 10k 2018 marathon so TCS well the 10k 2000 marathons your hair yay kaha peruca pali hey John lo hee ho gab Bengaluru may you say ask Elena Yahoo got Bengaluru may take a question here banaji key international event ambassador Kanban ahead TCS world 10k 2018 Mara thangka ok sunny patch option the canal or the possible option here Mary Pierce yeah Corina Mary Pierce Coburn idea hey event ambassador for TCS 2018 can cable – Mara Sanka yacht carolina yep coffee ask Ellen use my hair to aapke eczema question will supply Mary Pierce furnish again the question number six complete who the heck are you avoiding a question number seven brain next question is based on awards and winner cushion guy repair who has been selected for the onb literacy avoid instituted by the onv cultural academy mutlar onv sanskritic academy guara is topit oh and this Nicholas Carr Kaylie escutcheon Kyoya hey Yanni a vodka nom hey onv ahead Nick Boris Korea English may onv literacy award Chiquito Year award hey oculina namaskara harem options Rick Ness a option yaja perky ahem so yeah Harper hemay job Pisa option de cría M T Vasudevan iron M T Vasudevan iron in the core select key idea here for oh and we literacy Ahmad Shah is question say or guess appointment septa here boham next slide / Deccan Inara so your question of the Nakata whose question say our guess I guess appoint one said they have OHIM is slide Medicare and just a pile of question OMB literacy avoid your hair get aboard kiss kedaranatha here for your hepatic oh oh and we cultural Academy can watch again dual abortion onv literacy about your hair is key prize money getting here 3 lakh rupees of skiing today crayon game third point Third Point or additional about a cement the onb award for young promising writer yeah a vodka similar to yeah about Milla have a new job a car for to Co a new job a cathode to go kiss Kelly a actually you know reporting a collection banana ISKCON am katha um Rangoon Allah among vanilla so is poetry collection Kelly anuja a cathode to Camilla hey young promising writer of order chicken I ever they here yeah aboard kiss media to Year award er kalakeya chief minister who is chief minister to oppan kangnam jaunty young gay people P with Jenica nam hey Santa Maria Ave question me rocky governor of Kerala conehead governor of Kerala twin Kanaga hair piece ah da Shivam P Sadashiva yeah 2013-14 may hamare indie arcade 48 Chief Justice of India V – okay hey mister piece – Imam so yet which is 20 K points here Jo – question pay up will happen but I said no clearly Jigga Hammami wedding it up the next question so next question Parramatta hey agar apni Meera first weekly current affairs show the how to smell a question and a pooch attached again the question guy the new difference planning committee man it was so no question bachata he a committee Benari a for difference management ask anima canoe difference planning committee is committee ki a Dikshit reconquering a question and Asakusa the same way question the new defense planning committee met for the first time under the chairmanship of yo Nicky new defense planning committee committing me or is the heli meeting pika chairman könnte ich ocean Vanara aapke saamne patch option F or saying sorry mr. Ajit Doval so Ajit Doval Nick Hawk eásá defense planning committee keep Valley meeting we hear or smell as a chairman get it or berapa meeting Cohen rly Itachi cam a question gap key hamare national security adviser and a second F American trick a national security adviser corner we havea mr. Ajit – magic chicken – you be a blonde girl Oogie am i avoiding up the next question ready action next question for Sigma application Kiba thorium Maeda personally year focus jota acute enemy night portal name scheme your name yeah application a a map was the roberto option at the previous year k paper download copy the Haga essay question exam balls another question guy which state launched muhammad a mobile application which provide weather related information to farmers ticket yoneyama Igbo to Pataki do you application here give nether key information farmers geudaega question yeah key kiss state nice cool launch gif or a piece of Apache option decry or patch option Machpelah option in maharashtra Mahasabha cosas en syrie – rascal boss sorry vodka raha or – Ronnie a guess application villain squared e ahead Joe Cassano cope and redeem K for Casper humidity temperature thundering lighting in sub key information farmers code eager to become a master common name work a son of a ballet he information email yogi take a plea question be important am are you fighting it the next question brain question number 10 is based on our indexes many Habibullah hedge a be my offline class later ya'know reports or indexes coffee important an examinee question Anna here and a hat again question gear what is the India's ranking what is the India's ranking according to a tee Kiran a foreign direct investment confidence index 2018 MATLAB 80 killed in a cave with Russia protection Ramesh with / switch gank attire petechia ranking ham chicken year ranking kiss miss perky happy Atticus country may get foreign key investor have okay Tina confidence making ha is this member saillovango you hassium who better return milling up so who sees up say in countries key ranking of the air ticket so yeah Harper patch option I'm a dick rehab or in Pancho option me to do so optional Agera low bakusai insurrance mclubbe key ATK foreign direct investment confidence index me India Co eager and VLAN chameleon or in India go is but team pace Carlos we were have you both he important questionnaire so is Scalia many up Co additional information the in Aquila x slide all benign here to a marine next light yari so is index play or kitna question once that they have Romania Playa Harper sugar the and open appoint guy according to this index India abhi be pure evil Tiki second uber T week on me bunny way here of there was second-highest emerging market on the index sticker ugochi bother like in second point K India fell out of the top 10 for the first time since 2015 Matlock Doha pondrá say uptick India top 10 Meza elegant is bar India conducts on a trigger next point care the index was stopped by us Mary Hamish Abu lucky index map with dew point learn Giroux Ghana India feel Angkor topic on a topic on a u.s. second pickle in a Canada or thread pick up on a German ichika or India ranked garaje last year India key lengthy eight like in India code three place carbs on wa heck right now India 11th number play hair so year index Kaffee importance here or be additional information when I post like my daddy here who's learned girly Jacob I'm are you fighting way up in next question next question or Joe America last question hey be aboard or winner pays them or may up say a quadriga Tahu key object State Bank of India clerical house key exam dingy but is say example questions are opening a Amy Ramada hectic or am a online sub stable no no question Karen who has been awarded the best Best Actor Award at the 65th National Film Award 2018 ceremony mutlar National Film Award those are 18 Kelly a best actor about Camilla Halligan hand in a question here people septa hockey is your National Film Award distribute again you can say number Kawartha mclubbe secession thought the question medical years 6050 session top le i learned a little in attica 265th Achanta National Film Award kheh it's my Best Actor Award kiss Emily Humaira semi-batch option ra or impartial option may ash original oopsie Radice in tradition Camilla have best actor Kamal Lake in many obscure Beulah's hockey Hum Aapke additional information be doing a dojo next slide Amari are a very ahem who's next slide my up Co or be information on the NHRA the national film award K or beacon say important point ho stuck they have o up we Harper the current Oh Pella point many Coppola sake National Film Awards you hate corn sauce sessions are those 65th session thoughts again or he abhorred kaha because she heard me distribute key again to began the oven mitt deli meat chicken or deli began forming a distributed killing a second point Best Actress Award K similar to I am Ella hi actors Sridevi Co looking but I do Kiba dachi hamari Mitch may RG about leaning criticism it laying here or in a kiss movie Caleb Allah so in Himalaya Hindi film mama Kelly – yeah Aetna best actress award Milla has Sridevi G Co kiss movie clearly in this film um Kelly air ticket next point so do questions am i right here at this angel hair in Himalaya Best Actor Award kif's movie clearly a key point here math correct – Bengali actor if this ain't got the best actor award for movie Nagar curtain so never get the movie Kelly in a Best Actor iike award meal ahead okay but the next question O'Mara best feature film or what when – Asami from film village Rockstar Assam KIAC movie t village rock star they say is vodka best feature film kavod Milla here ticket Arya birthday here actor Vinod Khanna was awarded the Dada Saheb Phalke Award licking even keep him look T okay hurry about Lena Clea busy with me here we not come knock Oh Dada cephalic about the area here well last point Best Actor Award k similar to ml ahead G Aramco for Hanukkah movie America movie malayalam movie here – yes a hamare sorry point National Film Award came so Mohammed Shah Volta whom he asked Afridi back home earlier but a valuable have to agar aapko couch or additional changes carbon a hair you have in a pull at IKEA point add car they – or a hamara John of an official over Clapham a plan of castration hamari valuable here I'm Joe beer first career was of up Kayla karahi lucky up selector or up up knee up coupe plowed field can happen if family good powerful grant again to the store Jumeirah alligator coop – simple or caramel to him time to occupy bachata you see time for a milling up my questions kiss on cheek efference or agar aapko hamara video h Alana to say like career share Karim what am i a channel goes subscribe cream thank you

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  1. Today I subscribe Ur Chanel …and saw monetary vdo …I like so much ….now preparing for SBI clerk …..so it is very useful …I will see each and every vdo …it's very fruitful for bank ….thanks again sir

  2. Hi Sir, Thanks for the videos, they are superb. But can you provide any source from where to learn general science questions as they form a major part of GK Section.

  3. Sir lots of thnks. Sir I m frm West bengal arts background. So I can't understand indian economy. If you and ur team will be able to discuss abt indian economy on main topic like indian foreign policy, B.O.P., FOREX, FERA, FEMA, etc. Resrve bank rate , repo rate, reserve repo rate. that's will be vry hlpfull .

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