3,500 More U.S. Troops Headed To Middle East As Part Of Immediate Response | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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  1. Trump: I brought our soldiers home because why are we helping the Kurds? Our soldiers need to come home.

    A little while later…

    Trump: sends them to middle east.

  2. Just in from Tiran: Our fellow members CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post and NY Times along with Obama, Kerry, Schumer, Pelosi and Shiff and Nadler are all invited to Qasem Soleimani funeral as we celebrate his life and America's death.

  3. This is what happens when you put a 5x draft dodging coward in charge of the military. Clueless and beyond careless.

  4. Guess Trump is confused and thinks the 82nd's home is in the middle east, not North Carolina here in the USA.

  5. Only the beginning….does anyone know wtf they're doing , we know Trump is clueless , so who's in charge of this train wreck ?

  6. Read the headline while listening to John Fogerty's "Fortunate Son". Tells you how we treat our men and women to serve the M-I complex.

  7. Trump said he and little rocket man fell in love guess north Korea will fight for trump the Traitor against the World

  8. He was a bad guy he killed a lot of Americans but we don't want to upset people by taking out the bad guys – Liberal View

  9. BRING THEM HOME! BRING THEM HOME! whut? SEND THEM BACK! SEND THEM BACK! Thank you Baby Donnie for keeping yet another PROMISE BROKEN by the impeached sack of orange excrement…

  10. Trumps words: Take the troops home.
    Trumps actions: Sends more troops.
    Trumps sycophants: Promises kept! He is a god!
    Rest of the world: 🤦‍♂️

  11. this is a war that the United States will have to fight on its own after what tRump did to the Kurds. I would not be surprised to see a lot of other countries in the region join in the fight AGAINST the United States.

    This is just another step in tRump's plan to destroy this nation. He has hated this country since the day that the Federal Govt. took him to court for his racist behavior in renting apartments. His hatred grew when he was taken to court a second time on the same charges. He has blamed the govt. for each and every one of his six bankruptcies because he would have been successful without those laws and regulations that got in his way. His anger grew even more when govt. threats caused his casinos to stop laundering money for the Russian mob. Every attempt on his part to make money has been stopped by the Federal govt.

    Now, he is living off of a multi-billion dollar loan from the same bank that laundered Russian mob money until it got caught. He is a puppet who works for the highest bidder and this country be damned.

  12. I knew something was going on when two weeks ago there were at least 100 soldiers in the greyhound station going to their bases.

  13. Trump unleashing forces is for purposes of greed and vanity and a severe allergy to Obama policies, while not perfect, were not going to drag country into escalating conflict..now soldiers lives are in Trump's greedy little hands.

  14. I hope trump is going to get himself geared up and lead the troops in any war. So much for bringing our guys home

  15. We already attacked Iran there will be no going back now. Saddle up for Ww3! These Christian supporters of Trumps need to read Revelations in the bible. Trump has put himself on Gods lvl. He has the four horsemen in seats of power. And he just started Ww3 in the mid east. Trump should be meeting their definition of Anti-Christ. And I pretty sure it doesnt end well for any of us in tht story.

  16. People are saying this is an attempt by Trump to get re-elected. In what other countries, in the world, is this a saying?? Other than America???

    This ought to be The Reason(!) Not To!!!

  17. LOL as a retired Army Officer I had to laugh at these journalists…American military personnel have been sent already, and more than 3500!!! Wake up people…this is a planned distraction by Trump. And more National Guard men and women are constantly being shuttled to the Middle East…quietly

  18. Democrats had a tantrum when Trump pulled some troops out of Syria , now they’re having tantrums Trump is sending more troops to the region to show Iran he means business , because force is the only thing Iran understands

  19. Wow, the recruitment centers are all backed up with Maga Tardes. No way they're all on YouTube trolling LOL

  20. Hey Trump supporters. Here's something for your moronic brains to simp yourselves on. Since Trump has attempted to start a war. Do you see Hillary as a war monger OR Trump? If Trump is a brave, alpha male, fitted to bravely lead us into war(which he said and ran on an anti war platform). Would you vote for Clinton NOW considering Trumps got us into a war scenario. Do you still consider HER a war monger? Advise NOW!!

  21. Sorry Trumpists, Wall got canceled for all troops will be fighting for your Goddess Trumpa during the next decade ! Just when you thought trump could not get any more stupid ?

  22. Here we have Trump, sending the sons of the nation to be slaughter, just to create a distraction and avoid impeachment … Wake up America, you are better than this

  23. trump is america's lawless career criminal emperor god,there is ZERO chance trump will allow himself to be removed from office,trump's war with iran will bring casualties in the tens of millions&iran will capture the mid east&the isreali state will be no more forever,trump suspends the constitution&2020 presidential election&barr enforces martial law,like hitler trump will devastate the world&his own country

  24. The man they killed deserved it and no one will rest uneasy about it. However it was too much of a risk the Middle East collectively is a powder cake of a mess this could be the spark to the fire. The political mess and the proxy wars that Iran has could bring about a global conflict on a scale we have never seen. We may not us nuclear weapons but there's plenty of disruption to be caused.

  25. Wtf america bombed the middle east and they dont expect the people to fight back
    What a greaaat way to start 2020

  26. We thank the United States for the killing of the terrorist Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis. Thank you very much, Mr. President. We appreciate your interest in the Iraqi issue.

  27. Poor US soldiers going to dyes for greedy US politicians, witch have a family business with Middle East oil. This war is about to be more and more rich.

  28. "Our troops are coming home. Oh, hold on a minute, I just started WW3, send them to Baghdad, I hear that there is some trouble brewing there"

  29. Unlike the Soleimini assassination, I wonder if the Iraqi president has been told of the invasion of more U.S. troops to Iraq. Increased troop numbers will merely inflame the population and lead to more potential targets.

  30. Dems need to be talking about trumps son twitt about the strike before it even happen dumb blank dems never can keep it simple

  31. The U S of A has been messing around in the Middle East for more than a century! TIME'S UP MOFO's!!!! My question to the U.S. Military: Do you wanna die in the desert sand for the corrupt, debased, soon-to-be-impeached sucker a.k.a. Orangutan-on-Steroids in the White House boy / girl?

  32. In Germany the whole Bundestag has to come together in the Reichstag and vote before the chancelor can send troops anywhere or declare war. I think the presidency in the US comes with way too much power for one person.

  33. I'll be the first to say I don't want to go to war again. I've already been through two already.
    But, I don't see how abandoning vital areas such as the middle east would will benefit the west as a whole.
    Everyone is harping about it is just for oil. To be blunt that is exactly the reason. Think about it. Oil heats out homes, drives our industry, powers our civilizations and feeds our people. Until we can completely wean ourselves from it we will need to fight for it.
    If we give it up to Iranian control do you really think they would deal with us in good faith? Not likely. More likely they will send everything to China and cut off the West or price gouge for every penny.
    We will go to war that is a given now but when it ends we will need people to come up with ways to prevent crooked politicians and and businesses from making the everyday people cover for their mistakes.
    So quit complaining and get to work on actually doing better and forcing change through voting, science and dropping all this nationalistic BS so we can become a functional republic again.

  34. Trump ready to start a war, in order to distract from his impeachable crimes…this imbecile is veeery dangerous…

  35. So what's the end game? Is America and Iran supposed to go to war and Russia and China be left to build themselves up as the prominent and superior power over America what is the endgame with this president who believes Russia's intel over America's Intel Agencies.

  36. Why don't we deploy this Bone Spurs President along with the 3,500 more troops to the Middle East? He has now put every America in peril with his reckless behavior simply for his self-preservation over impeachment.

  37. War is good. Death is good. Less humans – less problems.
    I know what you will say to me. I can read your mind.

  38. Watched atleast 300 WW2 Docs, Im so ready for a WW3. but this time i hope WOMEN also get drafted into battle. EQUALITY RIGHT LADIES?

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