5 Strange Natural Phenomena That Happened On Earth

want to see more cool videos on our channel we do so press this Bell and enable to send notifications while there are unexplained happenings that we consider to be a miracle or just simply a science blunder there are many things that were unusual yes but eventually explainable in recent years various natural disasters have appeared more and more often all over the world there are cataclysmic events that should make us begin to seriously think about the future of our planet here are five strange natural phenomena that happened on earth number five hailstorm a surprisingly violent hailstorm accompanied by heavy rain hit the city of quarry entus and its surroundings On February 8th 2018 the hail started around 4:30 in the afternoon in cordoba argentina at first it was tiny and fun but then it changed hailstones larger than tennis balls began to fall from the sky eventually growing to mammoth size local residents assumed that the hail was large but when it fell it partially split can you imagine such a thing such a storm can not only leave a dent in the roof of a car but also cripple it to say the least it is noteworthy that this happens more and more often all over the world even in countries where this has never happened for example on February 24th in the city of Medina Saudi Arabia a storm passed through with pouring rain and hill stones the size of a quail egg Mexico was hit by a freak early-morning storm that saw hail pile up to nearly 5 feet leaving cars and roads buried underneath even some trucks and lorries were stranded by the sudden I see storm oh my god dude roads were blocked and extensive damage was reported as the heavy rain and large hail struck around 1:00 a.m. on Sunday local time according to authorities in the worst affected areas hail was pushed into homes as residents battled to dig out their property and vehicles army and emergency services personnel were drafted in to work through the night to clear the roads according to the Mexican media number four bird pocalypse the massive murmuration took place in Austin Texas in the United States and even closed the lane of the highway the birds can initially be seen perched on railings but as the traffic passes by they suddenly take flight the flock spreads and fills the skies creating incredible silhouettes against the Sun one eyewitness who filmed the amazing sight said I was in the car with my friend driving along the highway in traffic when suddenly huge flocks of birds started flying and landing on the edge of the highway cars had to move out of the lane because there were so many it was really cool but kind of scary after just three weeks the birds behaved strangely in the Mexican town of Chihuahua they completely lost their landmarks tossed and fell crashing against the asphalt scientists cannot explain the behavior of the birds in both cases so what would cause hundreds of birds to fall from this sky some people are saying aliens others are saying maybe it was lightning or they were poisoned but in this circumstance none of those are the case number three ice tsunami beachfront property makes for some pretty damn amazing views whether it's in the summer as the waves crash in or in the winter when everything is iced over except of course when the ice crawls up out of the water and goes on a murderous rampage against your house and family ok maybe the ice isn't actively seeking destruction and mayhem when it comes on land in a phenomenon known as an ice tsunami ice shoves occur when strong winds or currents force the ice from the water surface to go on land these events are also called ice tsunamis because of the way they come on land but ice shoves are closer to icebergs than tsunamis and how they work the force from the ice shove can be powerful enough to knock over trees houses and ducks that stand in its way earlier this year an ice shove occurred on the coast of Lake Winnebago and Jim Morgenstern caught the event on film in addition to piling up in the backyard shown in this video ice also crept into the road blocking the flow of traffic this rather unusual phenomenon has also occurred on the coast town of Fort Erie in the Canadian province of Ontario the ice tsunami which according to eyewitnesses in some places reached a height of 40 feet it was so powerful that it carried trees and street lights in its path a similar pattern was observed in other areas along the lake including the Hoover Beach in Hamburg near Buffalo where piles of ice rose to a height of 30 feet Jack Schultz one of the locals told the Buffalo News newspaper for the first time in my entire life I saw such a natural phenomenon so close to my own home the ice sheets grew layer by layer sweeping away everything in its path witnesses also compared the sound of the tsunami with the crash of a passing train or automobile number two giant cracks is planet earth about to change dramatically it seems that his life on earth takes a dramatic turn for the worse the planet itself is undergoing dramatic changes of its own lalla the times of Noah giant cracks are appearing in the earth more and more is the earth yet again dividing from sinkholes to huge fissures there is an increased report of this around the globe many are aware of the huge crack in Ethiopia that occurred without earthquake and seems to signal the birth of a new ocean but the Ethiopian crack is not the only very large crack in recent times another has appeared in Peru near Lake Titicaca it is over 100 metres wide in places and 15 kilometers long Bolivia is seen cracking appear in Iceland an entire Lake is disappearing into a huge crack in the earth these cracks are not always due to earthquakes cracks in the earth are appearing even in the USA in Claude Texas a rather large one appeared that is 50 feet deep and drained out a large pond geologists say this crack is a joint in the earth that has weakened its hold the earth is separating they are a sign that something very significant is going on inside the earth itself they are becoming along with sinkholes increasingly more common a rather curious crack appeared in Michigan in October 2010 just after Barack Obama told Israel they had to stop building in Jerusalem this crack in the earth is over 600 feet long and five feet deep in places but is now enlarging and getting bigger heat is said to emanate from within it some areas around it thrust up over 15 feet in a matter of seconds trees have been pushed sideways people living nearby heard a boom and then found the rift number one mysterious craters in 2014 massive holes began appearing in parts of Siberia one giant crater in the Yamal Peninsula spanned more than 100 feet wide gaining international attention and prompting theories about how it could have formed in the following year dozens more of these mystery holes were spotted nearby since then scientists have been able to determine that the mystery hole wasn't an impact from a meteorite the most likely explanation so far is the Siberian permafrost exploding recent reports out of the Arctic Circle suggest that methane pockets are erupting and causing huge craters but scientists aren't so sure that these features are necessarily the result of detonations or that they are even new a Siberian Times article suggests that 7,000 underground gas bubbles are set to explode on the peninsula's of Yamal and guide an as a result of melting permafrost the article differentiates these small gas bubbles from enormous craters in the tundra landscape but asserts that the huge craters are the result of subsurface methane gas exploding as global warming heats up earth that is far from certain scientists told LiveScience in fact the craters may be thousands of years old the local inhabitants told scientists that they have seen bright flashes of light not so far away from the strange craters most researchers believe that these flashes of light are the result of an explosion of underground gas and it is because of them that these mysterious holes were formed in the ground this version was supported by well-known archaeologists who study Siberia and the Arctic however many of their colleagues refused this opinion since they believe that unstable methane which can explode from time to time is located in the depths of the earth at a depth of over 650 feet in those holes that formed on the Yamal Peninsula are not so deep by the way scientists call the deepest lake on the planet by call a bomb that exploded at any time this assumption arose from the fact that during the exploration of bottom of Lake Baikal cracks were found in the crust and it is likely that the very unstable methane from which is believed to have caused the strange craters to appear has appeared in the lake thank you so much for watching and if you enjoy the video please let me know by clicking the like button do share write a comment and don't forget to subscribe so that you can catch up my next video you

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  1. Everything happened by Almighty Allah's will. He is the Most Powerful. No coincidence, no accident. Better believe and be a believer. Subhanallah. 😀😀

  2. Just curious why there’s footage of controlled detonations from Iraq and/or Afghanistan used to show the methane gas eruptions.

  3. So the holes in the ground in siberia were caused by underground gas pockets, what about everywhere else? And the permafrost is melting but only where there is permafrost. Yet Africa, had a huge rift open up with no permafrost and no gas. Scientists really think we swallow that garbage their using to explain everything away?!

  4. Ok. So there is a massive difference geologically between the geomorphology of sinkholes vs a crack. And there are urban and natural sinkholes which are formed from the same physics, but the catalyst is different. Cracks also have many reasons why they occur. The increase in any phenomena, is directly related to the changes in weather patterns associated w climate change.

  5. Are you expecting ANYONE to believe that the wave at 4:53 and the crack at 5:50 were actual occurrences? And, how would anything spoken by obama cause a crack?

  6. are you seriously blaming Obama for a natural phenomenon? Because on that same day (Oct. 4, 2010) Jewish settlers in the West Bank set a Muslim Al-Anbiaa mosque in Beit Fajjar on fire, so you could blame the Jews, or how about Visa and Mastercard agreed to settle an anti trust law suit that day, so we could blame credit card companies. How about we blame China and Japan, since the Chinese Premier and Japanese Prime Minister had a meeting that day. You bring up "Science" and then casually throw in Obama. Your MAGA hat is showing.