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comprehensive incisive nationwide apply good afternoon I’m Tyrone Reed and I’m
Nico Lewis in nationwide news that is our High Court judge justice ravine
Harris has ruled that embattled murder accused police constable College Chucky
Brown as a case to answer nationwide news understands that that the criminal
charges which have been laid on the reputed Klansmen leader Tasha Miller are
in connection with the 2008 murder of the then managing director of the
state-owned Ju TC Douglass chambers meanwhile defense attorney Bert’s Anwar
says on November 9 he’ll be applying for bail for Tamila finance minister dr.
Nigel Clark says ninety percent of the debt Jamaica owes to the government of
China through the Asian countries Exim Bank will be repaid in the next decade
employers Federation boss David 1 says the country may be forced to intensified
search of the Seas for labor to fill a shortage of technical expertise meanwhile president of the Jamaica civil
service Association a new grant is expressing concerns about the number of
temporary jobs on the market breaking the employment cycle so that they don’t
become abrogated to things like pensions and so on in the news from the rest of
the world israeli PM benjamin netanyahu welcomes decision by brazil’s president
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Store this Friday afternoon it’s Friday November 2 2018 the nationwide teasers were brought to
you by a nationwide now to the details high court judge justice viven Harris
has ruled that embattled murder cues the police constable College Chucky Brown
has a case to answer justice Cyrus this afternoon rejected a new key submission
filed by constable Browns lawyer Norman Godfrey the no case submission was
opposed by Lee prosecutor Queen’s Counsel Caroline hey Brown’s lawyers are
expected to begin present in his defense on Monday at 10:00 in the morning mrs. a
is prosecuting the case on behalf of the Independent Commission of investigations
in become Constable Brown is accused of murder conspiracy to commit murder and
wounding with intent the charges are in connection with the killing of three men
between 2009 and 2012 prosecutors wrapped up their case yesterday during
the opening phase of the trial the seven-member jury heard explosive audio
said to be constable Brown in 2013 confessing to being a part of a team of
police personnel in Canton that killed a criminal suspects unlawfully on the
instruction of then senior members of the police High Command a prosecution
witness also told the court that constable Brown told him that two drug
dons are among his bosses Brown’s lawyer yesterday denied that allegation but the
witness stood by his claim nationwide news understands that the criminal
charges which have been laid on the reputed Klansmen leader Tasha Miller are
in connection with the 2008 murder of the then managing director of the
state-owned Jamaica urban transit company J UTC Douglass
chambers Miller was charged yesterday with accessory before and after the fact
of murder an accessory is a person who has knowledge that a crime is being or
will be committed a person may become an accessory by facilitating the commission
of the crime and by giving assistance to the trigger men despite possibly not
being present on the scene Miller is to appear in court on November 9 he remains
in custody Miller was charged yesterday by police
investigators from the counterterrorism and organized crime investigation branch
see talk in 2016 another reputed member of the
clansmen gang and millas alleged a former crony andre brian was freed by a
seven-member jury of the murder of mr. chambers
but brian was taken back into custody earlier this year by c talked and
charged with breaching the country’s anti-gang laws Brian who’s otherwise
known as black men remains in custody the police say Brian’s breakaway faction
of the Klansmen gang has been involved in a deadly war with the loyalists of
tesha Miller Douglas chambers was murdered in front of the Michael Manley
Drive branch of the Ju TC at twickenham Park in Spanish town in 2008 he was shot
in the head multiple times by two gunmen the killers escaped into nearby bushes
police theorize that mr. chambers was killed because he failed to pay over
extortion fees to the Klansmen gang in the meantime attorney applying for mr. Samuels is also denying that Josh
Miller is a reputed gangster new scars have my gratitude leader of
again may just tell you that he mentally refute that that’s nothing to play in
any court leader then again so the clansmen time that pacification but some
has eternal for the man who police say is the leader of the Spanish Donbass
clansmen Kang speaking last evening a nationwide radio in other news now
Finance Minister dr. Nigel Clark says ninety percent of the data Jamaica owes
to the government of China through the Asian countries Exim Bank will be repaid
in the next decade speaking at a forum yesterday the finance minister said
Jamaica’s debt to China represents just under four percent of the country’s two
trillion dollar debt he says the loans Jamaica have received Jamaica has
received from China have some of the lowest interest rates in the country dr. Nigel Clark finance minister he was
speaking at the Latin finances third Caribbean finance and investment forum
at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston yesterday on Tuesday president
of money masters limited Claudette crooks raised concerns that the
government of Jamaica is relying too heavily on loans from the Chinese to
fund major infrastructure projects but speaking at the official handing over
ceremony for the Jamaica China goodwill infant schools one and two infant Andrew
on Wednesday Prime Minister Andrew Holness moved to
display to this to dispel those concern calling them fear-mongering he says the
government attempts to secure the best rates when taking loans from any country
and Prime Minister Holness says Jamaica’s sovereignty is not for sale
president of the Jamaica Employees Federation jf David Wan says the country
may be forced intensified search overseas for label to fail a shortage of
technical expertise locally he was reacting to data from the Statistical
Institute of Jamaica Staunton showing that the unemployment rate is at a
historic low of 8.4 percent mr. Juan says it’s positive news he attributes
the development to increasing employment in the business process outsourcing BPO
sector are booming the construction industry and improvements in tourism
there is a severe shortage of skilled the fear that we may need to soon import
some of these skilled persons is there yes in the hospitality sector are in
high demand we have too many universities putting on people with
general business degrees that if you go and do that to an image and marketing degrees in employment with English David one
president of the Jamaica Employees Federation speaking this afternoon with
nationwide news in the meantime president of the Jamaica
Civil Service Association jcic O’Neal brunt is expressing concerns about the
types of jobs being filled the Civil Service Association boss says there are
too many temporary jobs on the market as you welcome increased engagement of
persons and employed activity we do have some concerns in relation to the type
and quality of jobs that are being created in our space because this is
thinking that the quality of job often times do not reflect what was permanent
a lot of them are temporary in nature they are oftentimes four shots into the
contract employment for a short period of time mr. Brown says employers are
deliberately engaging workers for short stints to avoid the costs associated
with employee benefits he says labor market reforms need to be
fast attract in order to protect the workers for three months to send them
off for two weeks and I really urge them for another three months and sealing the
breaking them time in cycle so that they don’t become OB blades it’s to things
like pensions and so on so we do have some serious concerns that about market
reform now we started has not caught up with the push of employment in certain
sectors and that we need to do something quickly to ensure that we continue to
protect this American worker as we move to us and and stretch ourselves to
achieve economic growth Peniel grant president of the Jamaica Phyllis
his association speaking this afternoon with the nationwide news you’re
listening to nationwide at five more news after these

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