7 Apps Currently Missing on the Oculus Go

I love this Oculus Go headset but I
feel like there’s a few things missing. Let me take you inside and show you
what I think is missing. Let’s go! So when it comes to the Oculus Go
and I think about my mobile device, there’s some apps on here that I
feel like should also be in here and here are few of those. The first app that the Oculus
Go is missing is YouTube. We’re watching YouTube on our TV,
we’re watching YouTube on our phones and YouTube already has 360 contents so
I don’t understand why it’s not on Oculus. Now, I’ve got to assume that there’s some kind
of conflict between Facebook and YouTube and there’s some reason why YouTube doesn’t
want to put their 360 content inside of Oculus or Facebook doesn’t want to allow YouTube
to put content there, but it’s missing And this platform is the ideal platform for that content. So there needs to be connection
made there to best utilize this platform. So the first application that’s missing is YouTube. The second application that’s missing is Fortnite. Now, I’m not a Fortnite guy
I’m really not even a gamer but there’s some great games in here and I think
there’s some missing games to this platform. Now I know it lacks power and I
know there’s juice but the fact is we can play it on our mobile devices
and there are other platforms that we’re able to play Fortnite and other
games. It just seems natural to me that VR is the best place for an experience like Fortnite. So I’m shocked that Fortnite is not yet inside the
Oculus Go. I’ve got to assume that it’s coming. The third app that I would expect to be in here and I
think could have a really cool experience is Amazon. Amazon! You know, Amazon we naturally
love to do Amazon on our phones but you think about the way you could
virtually shop within a 360 environment, how you could look at different things
and maybe even try on different things in a unique and creative way. I got to imagine that
Amazon’s got to be moving into the Oculus Go soon. I’m surprised it’s not already there. I’ve got to believe it’s coming! The 4th app that I feel like is missing is Spotify. Spotify! Don’t we like listening to music via Spotify? and I think there are experience is
where you can do other things, maybe have music in the background and
have dual apps playing at the same time. It seems that Spotify where other music apps
should be integrating into this platform as well and so while it might not be a 360 experience, I think
it can integrate with some of our 360 experiences and we need to have these apps within this device. The fifth app that I believe should
be in the Oculus Go device is ESPN. Now, there’s already a few sports experiences
in the platform but I believe the sports for me might be the most significant application
that I’m going to use in the future. I watched a little bit of the World
Cup in there and Fox has a great app but I don’t know where ESPN is
when it comes to this device. I think sports is gonna be a really exciting
opportunity experience for the future of virtual reality and I don’t know why ESPN wasn’t in there day one but it’s missing and hopefully it’s
coming soon. The sixth app that I think is missing
from the Oculus Go is Google Earth. Google Earth! Now, I’ve got to think
there’s some kind of competition or tension between Google and Facebook
when it comes to virtual reality because Google Earth feels like
it was made for the Oculus Go and Oculus virtual reality headset and so Google Earth
where there’s already so much of this 360 content where we can have these virtual
experiences or Google Streetview going down the street and
looking around in 360. It’s all sitting there. I don’t know why
It’s not yet integrated into the Oculus Go. It seems like a natural medium for that content
in a natural app application for this device. The connection needs to be made there! And the seventh and I think is maybe a little
bit of shocker for some but it’s Zoom! Zoom Video Conferencing. And I use
Zoom a ton for video conferencing and I’ve done some meetings already in the Oculus
Go using avatars and I think it’s really interesting. and so I think there should be an opportunity
where you can go into a Zoom meeting using an avatar and so some
people might physically be there, some people might be there in an avatar.
I know that’s probably gonna take some time but I would love for Zoom to integrate
into this device where I could use it for meetings even when I’m not there
with a camera but I am able to be present and see and experience and engage
in a video conference in virtual reality. I think there’s a big opportunity there
and I think it’s being missed today. I am so excited about this technology
and what’s gonna be possible with my eyes in this headset and I
can’t wait to see what people create. I think there are so many missed
opportunities today and I think this hardware is creating software opportunities
and so applications need to be created for this platform to further
what’s possible in virtual reality. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.
I’m excited about where it is today but I’m even more excited about where it’s going. Thanks for watching this episode of
the vlog! I love to hear your thoughts what apps do you think might be missing
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  1. The real reason why YouTube VR isn't on Oculus Go (Despite there being a fully working GearVR version) is because even the GearVR version of the app requires the Google Play Services, which are completely absent from the Oculus Go's build of Android to save on performance.

    The only phones that can sorta handle Fortnite decently have higher specs than the Oculus Go and don't have to render in VR with ASTW on top of that. I also believe Epic wouldn't wanna bother working on a release like that when it'd need a gamepad and the vast majority of the Go's userbase doesn't have a gamepad. They put it on phones because they have touchscreens for control.

    The virtual store idea with Amazon would be cool, but the lack of 3D models for pretty much everything would make this really hard to accomplish.

    Spotify/other music apps I fully agree, I would love to have music in the background of my games.

    ESPN (and a lot of other mainstream media for that matter) don't seem to believe the VR bandwagon and I don't expect them to join anytime soon. Especialyl since some of them are run by old schnocks who have 0 idea what a VR is, or where to even start getting it implemented into their business strategy.

    Google Earth VR might not look like it, but it's actually pretty demanding graphically. I do believe they could make a Google Earth Lite for mobile VR, but again, I also think controls are a big hurdle. It also has nothing to do with competition between Google and Oculus/Facebook, since the desktop version of Earth VR is on the Oculus Store.

    About Zoom, like you mentionned, other apps that can allow you to do online VR meetings have started popping up, wouldn't be surprised if it eventually comes up.

    IMO, What's missing is Minecraft on the store, they had it for GearVR, it still gets updated for GearVR, I have it sideloaded and fully working on my Oculus Go, but the sideloading process for Minecraft VR is an absolute joke, even more complicated than sideloading any other app. But I believe Carmack said he wanted Minecraft to come to Oculus Go.

    Also, in the same vein as YouTube, I'd love a dedicated Twitch and Mixer app. and for watching YouTube 2D content without the hassle of the laggy browser, sideload SmartYouTubeTV (it's on Github), and load it in Oculus TV, I use it a lot and it does the job for the most part.

    Great video.

  2. so what is the difference if you can just go to the browser and then go to youtube from there and watch 360 videos? Thats what I do.

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