7 Real Life Heroes Caught On Camera

seven heroes caught on camera in this video we take a look at seven humble heroes who are caught on camera included are a brave bus driver friendly strangers and a host of heartwarming stories which may help to restore faith in humanity when an elderly man was trapped inside of his flaming home in October of 2014 he thought he was unlikely to escape as things escalated and the flames led to an explosion concern continued to grow 73 year-old fresno resident Robert Wells was unable to escape of his own accord he was attached to the oxygen tank which aids his breathing and struggled with mobility had he been left to his own devices he likely would have died in footage caught on the cell phone of a passerby the stakes were beginning to increase in this video a man wearing blue jeans and an LA Dodgers cap enters the frame calmly walking toward the flames he disappears for a little while before emerging from the fiery furnace carrying Robert Wells over his shoulder no there's a man in there oh my god no there's a man inside oh thank god oh thank god the mystery man saved Wells only four minutes after an anonymous source first called 911 to report the increasing inferno the blaze went on to destroy two homes and shocked plenty of unsuspecting residents shortly after the incident the identity of the savior was discovered the man Thomas Artie Agha had intentionally shunned the limelight claiming that he didn't want to be considered a hero he had left the scene swiftly in order to avoid any attention his heroics eventually caught up with him as he was invited on to the Jimmy Kimmel show he was also offered the chance to make first pitch at the game of his beloved Dodgers proving that good deeds do in fact go rewarded you when a store in Des Moines Iowa was targeted by two armed robbers in December of 2014 the store owners were terrified not only were their own lives in danger but their two children were also in the store with them seven-year-old Victoria witnessed the entire incident in perhaps the most disturbing our deal of the ongoings one of the robbers placed a gun to the head of a customer and forced them onto the ground this same customer though terrified then used her instincts to behave heroically she instructed Victoria to lay under her own body protecting her just like a human shield she continued to cover her until the entire incident was over this woman seemed determined to protect Victoria in the event that any shots were to be fired both parents mammy and David Gugu ami have thanked the woman who bravely safeguarded their daughter the robbers of the store remain unidentified Buffalo bus driver Darnell Barton had been driving buses for more than three years when he happened upon an incident he never had before occurring in October 2013 CCTV footage taken from inside the bus shows a lady standing on the right-hand side of the shot precariously placed on the edge of a bridge over an expressway the footage then shows Barton stopping his passenger filled bus before asking if the woman was okay after receiving no response Darnell leaves his bus to attend to her in the footage he grabs her hand and guides her over the safe side of the guardrail he sat with the woman until another figure turned up who claimed to be a counselor the woman who was considering suicide is thought to be in her 20s in an interview Darnell claimed that his appearance at the incident was merely fate saying quote I was supposed to be there for her at that moment he also claimed that he wanted to help the unlucky lady through whatever it was she was struggling with after he rescued the woman and boarded his bus once more the passengers on board gave Darnell a round of applause after the incident Barton was sent gifts by a host of admirers including $10,000 from Donald Trump although Barton has not spoken to the woman since the incident he continues to hope that his act of kindness helped her through her troubles in this dashcam footage shot in Anchorage Alaska a dog leave the state trooper down a dark road to a flaming home when Ben Heinrichs shed set fire in 2010 he let out his German Shepherd named Buddy telling him quote we need to get help buddy then took it upon himself to gather help sprinting from the home in an attempt to seek aid the driving state trooper who came upon the dog Terence shanigan was at first uncertain of what to do shanigan was aware of a fire in the surrounding area but had been unable to locate it due to his GPS malfunctioning he had no choice but to pursue the crafty canine the trooper had previous experience dealing with dogs and therefore felt confident that this dog was in danger in the footage buddy can be seen looking over his shoulder multiple times a sign that the dog was seeking a pursuit shanigan arrived at the scene to find a fire and realized he had made the right decision when shanigan opened the door of his vehicle but he nudged the trooper with his nose and pointed him in the direction of the burning building because of his actions they were able to put out the fire which luckily hadn't spread to the home after the incident buddy was awarded a silver dog bowl then Heinrichs actually claims that buddy already saved him on two previous occasions chasing off bears while fishing but he sadly passed away in November 2016 but is remembered for his grand heroics in a Tampa County Jail in 2009 24 year-old inmate Douglas burden callously attacked 64 year old deputy Kenneth moon who is sitting alone at his station surprised while on duty he was no match for his assailant though the provocation or cause remains unclear the attack was swift and violent in the footage burden punches moon and places him in a chokehold the choke could have killed moon had no one interfered the footage then shows three other inmates come to the rescue of moon they grapple burden to the floor while one uses moons radio to call for backup as the footage continues more inmates pile in to help in an incident which likely saved moon's life burden was being held on drug charges while of the rescuers the charges were varied one was being held for attempted murder one for assault and battery and another for home invasion burden was placed in solitary confinement after the incident he was charged with battery of a law enforcement officer moon was allegedly very popular with inmates and particularly well-liked the commander of the facility went on to tell reporters quote the response of the inmates in this case I think speaks volumes as to the fact that we treat these men and women in our facilities with a lot of respect moon survived the incident with only minor injuries in June 2014 a gunman entered a Seattle College campus intent on firing shots upon unsuspecting students the gunman managed to kill one person and wound two others while attempting to reload his weapon he was tackled to the ground by a fearless student the shooter 27 year old Aaron Ibarra was apprehended by the savior of the day John Meese who pepper sprayed the gunman before diving on to him in the footage he rips the gun from the man's hands then runs out of the shot after hiding the gun he is then seen returning to take down the attacker once more undeterred by the knife held in the gunman's hands nice then waits until another brave hero enters the scene the footage shows others looking unalarmed as apparently they first considered the incident to be an innocuous end of your prank had 26 year-old me snot interfered the death toll would have been much higher the Barra later claimed that shooting his first victim had been quote fun a Barra pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges on the grounds of insanity but was eventually sentenced to 112 years in prison John Meese received citizen honors from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society for his brave act of heroism in May 2000 18 22 year-old Molly and immigrant mama Dugas Alma saved a child from certain deaths in the Paris incident the four-year-old child was dangling from a fourth floor balcony while his father was allegedly away shopping reporters are unsure how the child managed to reach and climb over the balcony footage of Mama dews daring and dramatic rescue attempt shows him leaping up the four stories in under 30 seconds risking his own life to save a child he did not know [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the footage also shows a neighbor attempting to hold the child this neighbor because of the layout of the building was unable to fully reach the child undeterred by the danger of the situation Mamadou swiftly and smoothly climbs up the four storeys using only his bare hands in the footage which has been widely shared all over social media onlookers can be heard cheering and whooping in support of Mamadou Mamadou arrived in France a few months earlier harboring dreams of starting a new life in the country shortly after the incident he was invited to meet French President Emmanuel macron macron spoke with Mammon – about the incident and offered him permanent french residency to reward his daring escapade he was also given a certificate of bravery and offered a job in the French fire service whether or not he accepted the job offer his thus far unknown thanks for watching please remember to leave a rating and subscribe and hit that Bell icon if you haven't already you

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  1. That first guy appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, met Tommy Lasorda, and got to throw out the first pitch at a Dodgers game.

  2. First clip
    Woman 1:There’s a man inside
    Woman 2:Is everybody out?
    Woman 1:Noo!!! There’s a man inside!!!!!
    Woman 2:Is everybody out?

  3. Lol at women screaming for people to help the man inside as they do NOTHING but film it on their phone. TYPICAL

  4. The kid was put there by the kids father and friend who you can see standing near the kid…THIS IS CHILD ENDANGERMENT…just to try and get the climber citizenship into France.

  5. Anyone else notice how firefighters police and emt do this everyday but don’t get attention. Not saying these hero’s don’t deserve anything but you know there’s others to

  6. I wish someone would smack that lady who keeps screaming is everybody out? How many times does she have to tell you “NO! MY DADS STILL INSIDE!”

  7. The inmates made me smile and reminded me that while yeah they are there in jail for breaking the law, I like to think most of them aren't "evil" but just people who are generally good and made a just bad decision in life.

  8. Don't you see? It only takes a bit of courage, and you can do anything. Even climb a five story building to save a kid, or battle a gun and knife out of an adults hands! Nothing is impossible if you have courage and instincts!

  9. I find it humorous I also have a dog named buddy, he sleeps all day, though he isn't, there are times I believe he is deaf or blind. He's super short and has extremely stubby legs, very fluffy boy. Im lovingly calling him not very smart, cute and dumb? But I love himmm 🙃

  10. When you think about it, it’s kinda rude record someone’s death. My faith in humanity is not restored.

  11. I love the Bus Driver one … not only because I live in Buffalo but for the fact our city is a busy crazy place and this guy stopped the bus on Elmwood in Traffic to help this woman and everyone that was late on the bus didnt care they were happy .. I love it .. true care and concern

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