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A Chinese foreign policy hawk’s view on China-U.S. ties

A Chinese foreign policy hawk’s view on China-U.S. ties

return to the negotiating table or walk away from each other without looking back in recent weeks much of the international community's attention has focused on the trade war between the world's two largest economies who are also each other's largest trading partner day by day it seems the punitive tariffs are negatively affecting more companies and consumers so what's really behind the Trump administration's aggressive stance toward a China on the rise is their little cause for optimism in china-us relations or will they soon return to a calmer trade relationship welcome to a special edition of the point with nearly shield coming to you from Beijing earlier I spoke with Professor Yin Shi Tong Dean of the Institute of International Relations at Tsinghua University one of China's finest universities I started by asking professor Yin if the US and China have entered an era of strategic competition well I think some people make this a prediction and before the Tramp take over the power in the White House and I soon let's key win the election a lot of people are they make that a predation after the competition between China and the US a a not started from trend start from Obama and travel just escalating in that conflicts between China and the US so that's why more people think that this a computation bit in China in the US a will last for quite a long time so what does it mean to have a strategic competition between the two countries between the world's two biggest economies yeah the strategic means that this a competition closely or directly related to that power that means which country has a MOLLE influencing in the world who have some more power to influence the other countries so from understanding us or water maintain is a dominating position in the world so he try to prevent trainer to catching up to become some more influential than the United States mm-hmm so is that why we're seeing all of the development we've seen at this moment for instance the escalation of the trade regimes and then the banning of the Huawei company and its sub companies and so on so forth well I think that all of these things are actually is the abnormal to the its normal to the international theories and when the right and targeting are closer to the similar level of the status power and the static power will take all of the mesas try to constrain the rising power so this is a very typical case and they're also inconsistent with the normal theories do you think then that we are going to have some kind of confrontation in the in the near future probably because it seems you're talking about the future Dida's trap right that conversation has already started years and I would say that the confrontation started from the 2010 when Obama adopted the pivotal strategy toward Asia and it is already nine years so in the future the competition will continue just how silver it will be yeah what makes president Truong different from President Obama the difference that a transit policy is the is a heavily and Oki prefer the unilateralism ivana prefer the multilateral so Obama's policy a look less aggressive because if you had to consider to whether his highlights and considering the common strategy to dealing with China the tremor do not consulted with his I realize it yet do what you think is necessary and to contingent I unilaterally so that's the difference that between the multilateralism and Union I believe will be the different circuits then under president Trump's unilateral approach okay so Obama's the policy also try to prevent China from writing up but his policy is a help to stabilize the international order but at the transfer policy that's obviously in fact it's an Anna mining that international order basically US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was talking about the u.s. wanting to establish an international order yes that serves the u.s. is interesting and if it goes to the wrong direction then the US has to write it is that what we're seeing at this moment it seems the u.s. is being revisionist here yes USC has already become the revisionists a country and it's just like leptin tells at that T try to establish new order rather than to maintaining the previous order so that's the why people find that Obama is a policy and that transport is a have associated a impact on the world because of travel one who order totally new from the pre do we understand what kind of order does President Trump want well I think that he want a order like these American do whatever he likes every other countries have relation to mmm and obviously to us that sounds common sense that this is not going to be accepted by the world right well the president for Trump is that the craftsman whether you upset you now is of whether I'm strong enough to force you to accept it what will be the consequence for international relations in the well there's a more conflict between the US and the rest of work and the including America's traditional allies and they're working more the transit confrontation in the China invisibly Hansa moron mostly intensive intensified and also we will see a lot of the international norms and the red pages will not be absorbed by the United States you predicted in 2013 that by 2023 a bipolar system might be established with China and the United States being the most important two pillars in the world you still hold that view I think I now use the moving in that direction and I use the term a piker ization and it's by polarization between China and the United States and it seemed to me is a discipline being accelerated by ramza policy and it's possible this a PI forward will be formed before 2013 that means a rally that I predicted what would be the criteria to judge that this system is already in place okay there are two what operational are standard to measure the international configuration first is the maturity of ability or the structure of a material capability among major powers by now except the China and the US none of the any other country and I have the similar material capability to edit the Chinese or the Americas level and the second is of our the strength of relations now we found that most of the countries they even including our Americans the ionizer try to take up the hiding strategy because in China in the US so these are two phenomena has already indicating the pipe of world is coming so basically you're saying many countries would be forced to take sides exactly okay what kind of relationship will it be between these two pillars I mean you can have a relatively peaceful coexistence with some kind of healthy competition or a certain degree of cooperation or you can have decoupling you can have two hostile countries or at least one holding a very hostile attitude toward the other what are we going to see okay first we are the fund that the the other countries already they face the pressure from the or gravely between China and the US to take in size but at this time the countries I mean salacious states are taking sides with a different of principles from what they did during the cold war between the u.s. and the Soviet Union during the Cold War keep up taking size' desire according to the ideology according to the similarity or the political system of shared political systems but this time they did not and they will take that size according to the increase if they have an interest on with China on each of eight they were excited with China meanwhile would they be sided with the US on that you should be because they have shared a increase so this time they used terminus hiking and that's the first one the second one about the weather that they covered a decoupling China well I think the trend would try to use the decoupling to for China to accept a Americans requirements and from understanding he made decoupling some of China and the US a contractor Lakha reduce the number of the hanging students to studying in the US and the reducer technology cooperation in the exchanger programs but he kind of took keyboard that method not totally and the decoupling this country and that means that they do not travel well adopted selective or containment is great but not a complex as it for terminus great so we'll be the heavy heavy disaster areas let's say when you're talking about a selective containment for instance technology or research but what will be less decoupled towards well by now we always see in tray that you finance the investment and now spreading into the technology domain and I I cannot make any prediction how far it how many sectors they are just spill over but then there's a difference and june cold war there's a compensate for containment adopted by the US that means that not any contact with a so do you mean but this time the selective contaminant is a okay for example they they can dig they control the issue the visa to the chinese students who study the sensitive for technology but not can help the student to study the other things so if you ask me or what sector I don't know but others at this moment technology is the most intensive segment your latest book called leadership and the rise of great powers and it came out in May in April and you attribute the rise of major powers to the quality of their leadership yes we know that some 30 years ago the Year historian Paul Kennedy had a book entitled the rise and fall of the great powers and it claimed that it's a combination of economic economic military and political power that explained the writing for of great powers so why do you see it differently okay now Paul Kennedy actually attributed the right hundred the rights and the decrease of the comprehensive national trends I would say that we have to understand who make the national comprehensive strength growth and decline so I said that the right hander fall of the breed powers certainly inconsistent with the rise and fall of that countries of strength but meanwhile I our tribute to desert rice and four of the strands to national leadership if you'll have a capable leadership the world will make the next plants grow if you have a week and even disaster leadership in the capital world recuperate how do you define leadership do you mean the president or the you know the Prime Minister the government of the country or do you mean important leaders that can really rally the society they might Booker I define the leadership as a group of policy makers and it is not a a single individual and all the whole international institutions I remember that that group of policy makers and I think a year every country the foreign policy are made by a grue people rather than by only one person so in the case of the United States for instance are you talking about the administration or you can or together with the Congress or no just the administration the administration so in the case of China you would mean Apollodorus Politburo okay so we have seven all of your numbers okay okay um do you mean their leadership in the domestic countries or in the world what they're you know showing as an example to the rest of the world or do you mean a combination of these two connotations to the word leadership oh actually only the leading powers a national leadership can become the international leadership so I combined these two things commander leading powers of leadership and the international leadership so in that way I combined the two levels national level and the international level s1 only for the leading house that is a status our head monitor or the resin house so basically the United States and I – yeah well I would understand and people wouldn't disagree that leadership has always been important right why would you emphasize that point not only in China the saying and most of the liberalists they believe and system is a determinative is not a leadership hmm I think a trend the trend trend really make that those people who firmly believe in system are shocked and I'm reticent didn't change emergency's influence it didn't change but then Trevor adopt a very different apology from Obama and the same to me an American since different cannot contain because I can constrain the trends very much and so I add my onion that the know any institutions or systems will function automatically all of these institutions and systems are all only works through human being mainly through the leader team so if the leadership have the power they can get decided at how how do they use the power to make the institution or system of works and also how much they work they make decision according to the institution and the decision sometimes they undermine this is institution under system how do you measure leadership then do you have some kind of quantitative emphasis to to compare leadership because otherwise you can't can't talk about them right very good question I like this and the self if we compare the capability of a leadership with masses to see how much a political reform a super inform they can carried out so that means there has the will to make the country change toward the constructive of the direction and meanwhile they can implement their idea and into the through the policy and make the society change Obama is a vertical case he has a very good will to change society toward a positive direction but he did not have the ability to turkeys the idea into the policy mmm what about President Trump then and then we're going to talk about Chinese president our Chinese leadership well I like this the question even more than the previous one many people argue that atrophy is a strong leadership we tend to the us a very much but actually you change the us in the wrong direction that's a cult of retrogress it's not a progressed so reform would refer to the changes to all the constructive and the positive but frankly reaction rather objects and examples the example for instance years of one is a country once a strongly advocated for the free trade but now the time abandoned the principle of the free free and the free free that actually make the whole world of benefit from the emergence and leadership after the Cold War and now she said no US and no longer support of free trade and that's not okay but we are the even even even I think they're conversing and Tramp we brought from many international institutions even including like a UNESCO competing is perfectly by the US but again it depends on people would argue depends on how you measure what is the right direction what is wrong according to President Trump for instance he doesn't think free trade or total free trade without the fairness is the right thing for the America so he's not going to follow a slogan because it is a slogan right he's going to do things according to what he believes is in the interest of the United States and probably probably some economic performance status statistics are supporting he's his argument how do you argue against no that's just like some people said that for the social scientists so they can never have a objective standard or the reference to gather their arguments actually in my book I argue that I I realized this is the birthday of cortisol I gave them up right here of reference we should the judge all of this change according to result yeah as a cop if not according to what the principles are given by the alliteration so now look at Lester look at the result to American Cattermole support and the influence in the world and then Obama's period or not and the dis American traditional allies and the follow Americas are closer than before oh they start to keep distance from the US the fact tells the truth and you we cannot based on anyone's a subjective judgment again president Trump's argument is that this is the necessary short-term compromise or price they have to pay in order to achieve the long-term goal of making America great again for instance in terms of the military expenditure among the NATO members if America keeps spending right so much America will be empty that it's copper will be empty so how do you kind of save a lot of people making basic kind of argument that oh you came now to see the in short term and short term me is a gesture of cause rate in the future and we will benefit more from the culture we paid today well that's just a kind of an argument the questioning in that of history will make the fine gentlemen and when gem step down from the office and the history will make the final gesture wider his change is a positive or negative whether his change is a reform or regress in contrast what's the situation with China how much score are you giving to the Chinese leadership well at this moment I would say and I lose it definitely our leader to be the better than France are literally and comparing the currently I think our country face of very serious a problem and the lack of the transit facing in the United States and how much what we are able to carry out to the reform that's a really interesting in both China and the US there's a similar argument and China and the years that move into the stage and face a deep coated for reform the internal said the term is a deeper water that is because now we are moving into deeper water so that we form it becomes a more deep culture than in 1980s and in the u.s. there's the ceiling they said American becomes so advanced that all right it becomes a good country so they're seeing what happened Lee we have a very little to do in put all of these argument from Sunday are gone the wrong is not because and my personal belief reform never be perfect reform will be carried out forever that means that no any period have motive coaches than the other fielder for reform and in I lived through the 1980s at that time if we use a Dagon the condition for reform at the feast not easier than today if not a multi fold and for the year to say so in real life practice in in in the kind of tone or the language that that that is used in the Chinese public opinion arena what do you think has to be avoided if we were not to find it from an ideological well there isn't a conference on the civilization our leader already tell the world and there's a no-confidence appearance of civilization and at the other key political sister divided mode of all these things that belong to all parts of to civilization even there's no conflicts of interest able ization why we should have a copy of the people models and system run institutions and ideologies so from a study which the follow this argument and that there's no conflict between the civilizations so there's no conflict between those systems no conflicts with each other models with low competition ideologies probably the part of the American public what do you think can be done what they should do or do you think they need to change in order to adapt to the future is there anything that young fearless yeah I never think that any kind of sugar to spend their energy an assault tool to think of out of what the right thing for the other country to pay okay their own business so what Chinese for the bar was asked about a lot of artists they are Americans will do from there emergency interest in American know what very investor they make their own government for the Chinese people then what should we worry about well before I follow the previous question who said that I really feel strained a lot of Chinese that try to persuade the American don't take a wrong policy that were dirty and I don't know why why they vary so much American to hurt themselves and so okay so the halogen yeah being the Chinese to scholars the digital value about our Tolleson hurt ourselves rather to worry about our market for Americans so you see even what we should do we should care about ourselves and we spend a lifetime time to to think of to think of further and spend our energy to think about ourselves professor Yin Shi Tong the Dean of the Institute of International Relations at Tsinghua University that's all for this edition at the point with new vision as always you can follow me on facebook and twitter using the handle the point with l lakes download the application PG TN to watch the show on your mobile devices or go to youtube and look for CVT and the point thanks for watching we've got the point

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  1. People in China probably don't understand that Trump is not a normal person, but in fact Trump is dog, piece of shit. China should treat him as so.

  2. Professor Yan Xuetong is correct. Let the American worry about America. Since they elected Trump as their president they would hv to live with a notorious leadership in this world.

  3. This is the mantra of US from day one "We beat you into shape and call the tune". It had been very successful
    for US to do onto almost all the countries around the world from little Nicaragua to even Soviet Union!
    Look at Venezuela right now and prior to that Syria, Libya, Iraq, Korea, Vietnam etc. They beat the shit out of them
    made them poor and hopeless and then called them "terrorists" or "Vietcong" or "combatants" etc. Very unlucky
    for US this time around the buck stops here – China. China has from day one saw it coming and China has been
     very well prepared for the day to come to take on US bully head on and win. win without a need to do
     a physical fight. US pressured China to revalue its currency Yuan way back China told US to go "fuck yourself".
    US did. Now US started a trade war with China. China told US to go "kill yourself" US is doing it! ho.ho.ho Sun Tzu
    art of fighting.

  4. Americans think that everything China has they stole from the US. I guess they think the Chinese are too stupid to have invented something. Most Americans listening to the MSM think that China's economy is collapsing are in for a big surprise. I was at the graduation for science at San Jose State University (the heart of silicon valley) recently and 94% of the graduates were Asian. Most of the high tech workers in silicon valley companies are Asian. The US has a fake consumption economy fueled by printing US dollars (22 trillion so far) and trading financial instruments. Americans are about to get a big dose of reality in the coming years. The 21st century belongs to Asia.

  5. China and Russia are the only countries that stand in the way of the axis-of-evil (US, NATO, Israel, Saudi Arabia). The axis-of-evil demonetization of China and Russia is just beginning. The axis-of-evil must destroy the economies of China and Russia if it is to maintain it's world hegemony. China's and Russia's economies are growing while the axis-of-evil economies are shrinking. It's only a matter of time until the axis-of-evil loses it's world hegemony. The world's only hope is that the axis-of-evil empire will die peacefully and not start WW3 to try and maintain it's world hegemony. All China and Russia can do is prepare for war and hope for the best.

  6. I would love to see Liu Xin attend the G20 summit on June 28-29 in Osaka Japan. The only deal Trump will consider is if he can humiliate China, with the U.S making no concessions while China makes endless concessions, which unfortunately President Xi is unable to comprehend, as he demonstrated in the last G20 summit in Argentina, where Xi caved in to all of Trumps lies and backstabbing games.

  7. CGTN能不能把分辨率搞到1080? 能不能配上中英字幕? 这样才能更好的吸引观众把? 用心做好一点不行吗?

  8. The biggest mistake the voters in America committed was 😈 devil trump he will lead them
    Down the road to destructions .

  9. Nobody cares about this channel … just look at the amount of views … you guys should check Pewdiepie or Logan Paul … one of the last blogs of Pewdiepie has 113,219,686 views … CGTN 4,829!

  10. CGTN可不可以把收音,音量调整好了再发上来?这种质量影响欣姐和阎教授的发言

  11. CGTN _ the professor advice for China to worry of its own thinking rather than what the US thinks ?? not quite _ you got to worry about both thinking to be in balance all the time ; should the balance be disturbed in either side example tipping to the US side ? impact in global instability ??

    global instability has been there since ?? the start in these humans civilizations _ another word ?? these humans notoriously the USA are BARBARIANS _ COW BOYS in their ranches Texas and else where ; disguised in each of their own masks; hence the USA super power demands the tipping balance on the USA side _ has been in its order;

    check also the guys MASKED behind these USA staged displays in barbarian forms _ do you guys get the thinking now in bigger deeper scopes and pictures ??

    what do you guys expect the rest of the world be _ ?? other than TOTAL USA SLAVERIES _agree.?

    Thence now you know what to act and what to do _ revolt / retaliate / or cooperate at the USA GLOBAL SLAVERIES ?

    NO _ NEITHER same as Iraq vs Libya and even the 9/11 WTC USA bombing 2001; the USA masked themselves killers of its own citizens regardless ARGUMENTS _ they are evils barbarians worst than the MONGOLIANS in the 15th century China histories ; you guys will get bombed upon retaliations _ china will get bombed too ??

    _ not exactly China 5000 years of STATES of CILIZATIONS better older and a lot more mature than that the USA << 300 years STATE of A NATION; Chinas are smarter peoples hence more CIVILIZED than the rest of you guys in the world including that of the USA _ disbelieve ?? _ so advice China and the globe to stay cool why ?? Unless USA and you guys in the globe too start learning to behave in also more CIVILIZED ? manners ?

    Because the USA state of a nation continuing in its current barbarian forms will not last for ever _ disbelieve ??_ check the Roman Empires last << 500 years ; the Persians Macedonians the Egyptian Pharaohs the Babylonians the Hindus Incas Mayas Aztec Empires _ Empire etc etc _ they all disappeared in time to extinctions and all to OBLIVIONS _ why again ??? check that out _ agree ??

  12. What I dislike most about the United-States is its arrogance and pride. As an outsider, I prefer the good manners emanated by the Chinese people, over the attitude thus far shown by Trump's America. Greetings from Israel. I totally agree with Professor Yan Xuetong, who said in 12:12 that a country's strength depends largely upon its leadership. When America had good leadership (such as the likes of John F. Kennedy), America was strong, and was perceived as strong. But with Donald Trump in office, who uses casuistry to justify his wrong actions, America appears very weak in the eyes of the world.

  13. It is what it is. It would be irresponsible for America to allow China to rise to a level where it can challenge its power.

    If it was America rising and China an established power, China would want to crush americas rise.

  14. This is a good video to understand more about USA politics and its dark shadows. Part 1.

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