A Foreign Policy based on Canada, that’s crazy talk!

good afternoon YouTube today max released his foreign policy and you know what like almost every other policy that max is released I love it I love it it is the simplest thing ever and it's focused on ooh Canada go figure before on policy let's focus on Canada amazing how that works you know they're too long have we been another bank account for the UN that's not how we should be handling our money our money needs to go towards things that improve the lives of Canadians now obviously if there's like max always says you know if there's a crisis and Canadians help is needed we'll be there but we don't need to be given money for carbon footprints in Africa you know to help them with climate change or to build roads in other countries or build schools and this and that and so on and so on like we don't need to be funding that we have issues right here in home that needs to be taken care of you know we have tens of thousands of people homeless on the streets and yet we're sending money overseas to towhat to build their roads that makes no sense at all we're building roads on the other country yet we're letting our tens of thousands of people sleep on the roads here how does that make any sense well at least there's one party out there who's now have a having a foreign policy that's focused on who can add so please if you haven't checked out the foreign policy go and check it out it's simple it's a quick read and if you think our government needs to have Canada's interests at heart you'll probably appreciate this policy so check out the PPC have a good day

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