Adriel Kasonta: Has Brexit Become a US Foreign Policy Tool Against the EU & Russia?

we are speaking with Adriel Kasota who is a political consultants and analyst a European affairs researcher at wiki strap and an editorial board member at the Central European Journal of International and security studies he is regularly featured in various prints online and television media welcome to the show Adria it's pleasure to be in your podcast it's great to have you I wanted to look at the shifting dynamics between the US the European Union Russia and Beyond it is undeniable that we are witnessing the first perhaps great historical geopolitical shift and realignment of the world order that we have known since World War two marked by the Bretton Woods system the petro dollar and the EU unfortunately the Cold War seems to be carrying over and one of the first topics I'd like to start with is brexit which is very timely since you are based in London as well and do you feel brexit was a wise decision and you know if the EU does end up suffering a great euro economic crack-up boom Britain jumping ship in hindsight may have proven to be clairvoyant so what are your thoughts there I will be with you totally honest and I thank you for asking me this crucial question it's very important to me as I was one of the few people who were from from you know from the very beginning we're paying close attention and we're involved in all of this referendum madness writing policy papers at that time when I arrived to London it was 2013 I was working for the British Polish Chamber of Commerce of the project manager and I got involved into policy working of the think tanks which was the bow group the oldest conservative think tank in the United Kingdom where I subsequently became the chairman of the International Affairs and I remember from the very beginning what was the emotion of everyone what was everyone thoughts about the brexit so let me divide the topic of brexit on two separate things first thing is that to the principle I do agree that breaks it as a way of being independent as a sovereign country was in my opinion as a philosophical conservative our conservative thinker I would say something positive it wasn't just me but if we trace back because nowadays we can only hear about the brexit and a push from the far-right movements I never seen from I mean at the very beginning of the brexit thinking and referendum setting up the being setting up him in the UK about the far-right members being involved in that movement in that movement were involved academics like Alan sked and a famous international history professor from London School of Economics few think tanks like bridges group or where I published the British Euroscepticism pamphlet and a bow group obviously the UK party a marriage with larger Faraj and so on so forth but to the principle breaks it I mean we we have to ask ourselves the question whether we still believe in the nation-state as a core of our international interaction on the global arena or are we totally abandoning the previous thinking in terms of nation-states and we are shifting towards the globalized world one big village obviously through the technology through the internet and the world becoming a global village we see that those very boundaries are diminishing but in my opinion nation-state is something which is ingrained in our humanity and our human interaction with our other humans and I do believe that sovereignty of the United of the United Kingdom is something crucial as I was saying profits of John and gray was a taking apart in famous debate in the united states organized by very famous harper's magazine and they were discussing these shifts movements in the in the european union in Europe at large and someone who who is not a conservative a very famous prophets of European politics professor John M gray admitted that you can't have a common politics or a common economy within so large group as is Europe obviously we can have it with friendly relationship with other countries and it is very desired after all these years in a positive centuries of bloodshed on our continent but at the same time it is not practical to have European Union as a voice for everyone because as we can see and as as we know from our own perspective and our own experience even when you are in a family you can have siblings brothers sisters mother cousins whatever even even though there is a crucial fact that you are one family members might differ in their their opinions and it is the same with the countries and even more profilin when it comes to their countries because the needs and rosante attack of the countries in the South countries in North countries in the West and countries in the in the East differ because of the zeal of geopolitics so the the brexit okay III do agree that at the moment we we we we can see that we we have problems but the question is whether British politicians from the establishment we're serious about the brexit we know that the resume was in David Cameron previous government and she was opposing brexit as same as David Cameron so all of a sudden when she became a prime minister she started supporting and trying to fulfill the will of the of the people not so and not really all of these problems all of this smokes and screens related to scruple case condemning Russia attacking Russia are produced by the British establishment and bridge mainstream media in order to screen the problems to shadow the problems with with the braixen and British government inability to deliver what was the outcome of the referendum in 2016 at the moment I do agree in my agree with those who are for staying in the EU that Britain will be in total slightly different situation but here is the fact and I like the topic which you have put for our podcast in the US EU and Russia so at the very beginning I thought I really are I was strongly believing that brexit the whole brexit movement was inspired by the high Tory idea within the Conservative Party and within the British populace at large however as we can see now Steve Bannon being involved and coming to United Kingdom and talking to the so-called inner brackets far-right movements mr. John Sullivan from National Review and also being associated with the Brutus group being involved in Britain coming out from the European Union I came to understanding that breaks it is of use to United States I would draw a parallel of what is happening at the moment with supporting the for instance even the nationalistic movements in Poland I think that United States want to be in a perfect position as a sea power to have a common ground and common business with the United Kingdom which is also a sea power so I think that the whole brexit thing for the US policymakers involve in that process as well as for the establishment politicians in this country is to punish and contain Germany Germany as we know from the history is very strong country obviously after Second World War the vigorous spirit of this nation was somehow tamed but Germany regardless the fact that paid a huge amount of contributions to my home country which is Poland and other countries and it was demilitarized still is that the powerhouse of Europe so in business of Germany is to being in good terms with Russia with China and we can see that German politicians are trying to voice their own ideas for the future shape or of the relationship between Russia China and other countries including Iran which is also very important the BRICS it is a tool in the arsenal of American foreign policy foreign policy makers to make a house in the in within the European Union we can see that the blame on the house is put on on Russia and in most recent days we can see that China is also becoming to be blamed for meddling for instance in the United States although we don't see and we haven't heard from the vice president of the United States Mike Palace any evidence so breaks it at the moment is a disaster in my opinion is a disaster because it has been hijacked and the government doesn't have a clear plan for this country for this nation and they are heading towards the edge and the only you know guarantor of the so-called success is the United States and Donald Trump's administration which is in my opinion unpredictable do you see brexit happening because you know some of the developments don't seem so optimistic for it to actually happen there has been reported talk of a second referendum which the EU is has been known to do you know when I think was the Lisbon Treaty and Ireland I know but if we have the second referendum I can assure you that within this country we will have riots are same as we had but well it was laughable in 2011 but if in this country people who voted for coming out from I mean leaving a European we'll be told that there is another referendum coming I can assure you that this country will be turn apart because it the the the brexit topic is strongly polarizing people are strongly I mean they they they have very strong you know feelings about brexit I don't blame them those even those who were in favor of you know leaving the EU are very concerned with what the resume is doing what her government is doing but at the same time there is no other politician who can deliver Boris Johnson is a joke Boris Johnson is a clown is a you know as a as a diplomat as a you know a chief of for Foreign Ministry of this country he was a laughingstock so he can't deliver although many so-called true conservatives are supporting Boris Johnson war as a you know as a new prime minister in this country but I can't see any one who could step into the prime minister's shoes although I thought some time ago not not long time ago that Jeremy Corbyn might be a suitable first person for for for this role but I know that there are powers in this country which will never allow Jeremy Corbyn to become a prime minister and so I believe March 2019 is this slated date for BRICS fit breaks it and I'm take a take it you feel it will go ahead or what are your thoughts I really don't know I would like to tell you that I know what what is going to be but at the same time I can see that British politicians are reluctant to to deliver and we can see a substitute topics likes cripple case and other stuff we can see the talks about the cyber threat from the side of Russia and China so we have smokes and screens I don't know how the British propaganda will evolve bricks it is not so probable to happen but I think that remix it might happen so they might give some congestions to the EU EU in exchange can give some concessions to the British citizens because either wise III can't see the only distance between the mainland and and there are I mean the the United Kingdom is K'Ehleyr so okay if I want to travel to I mean tomorrow go to to France I need to do what I mean I mean wait for my visa or whatever I don't know so many people are having business British people in Europe and in other countries as well and European people and other people in this country so it is a huge burden fall for the businesses I would put the blame on the mainstream parties for not being honest with the citizens with not being honest at that moment when their referendum happened and not being honest at this time when we are heading towards the disaster I don't know how it's going to be in a few months time literally in a few months time I'm not even sure that Theresa May will remain a prime minister they might do some reshuffle in the government then having some additional time due to the fact that the government has changed due to the change of the new prime minister whatever whatever we don't know they will just try to you know push you know keep that you know can along to grasp well I just feel sorry for for the British British citizens I feel sorry for my friends I feel sorry for my neighbors I feel sorry for them that they have so irresponsible government and politicians are large not only government but politicians in this country and moving on then from brexit and talking about the EU again you know from my readings the origins of the EU come from both European estar aristocracy in the form of groups such as Bilderberg we have documents going back to the 50s about yes and as well as the American military-industrial complex you know that's it's been also documented that the CIA and US State Department funded some 50 percent early on of the EU project you know and as mentioned earlier my dilemma has been always that you know having a new style government may not be good or bad in and of itself but it depends on you know who's running the show what kind of yeah what kind of government it is and and until now Brussels seems to have largely been doing washington's bidding but as you've mentioned that you know the EU is starting to become a bit more independent seemingly they've teamed up with other countries to create an Swift payment alternative so they can continue doing business with Iran and it's interesting that you know Trump not being appearing not to be a big fan of NATO so Washington's actions are accelerating this creation seemingly of a European army or a European Defence Force so what's your take on the EU or they gonna become more independent are they gonna continue working with Russia perhaps with the other in the energy sector with the pipelines and the gas lines and continue working with Iran or are we gonna see this struggle between USA and the EU we take we have to take the thank you for this question it's really important question for me as a European person as a person who is living in Europe the only way for the aging societies in Europe in our continent because in our continent we don't we don't have children being born in this continent but we are having an aging societies so the only way forward for Europe for the continent I will not discuss Europe as a European Union there is you know the the European Union is a artificial construct the name has been given by by some scientists who just wanted to to have a semi semi United States of Europe and I would like to quote a French poor poet Paul valéry who wrote in 1927 the following words Europe visibly aspires to be governed by an American Commission its entire policy is directed to that end not knowing how to read ourselves of our history will be built of it by fortunate people who have almost none that was Paul valéry in 1927 brave European people are same as General de Gaulle who had a clear clear vision for our continent so in speaking in geopolitical terms we know such a thing as World Island mr. McIntyre was very clear about what Island heartland and other geopolitical concepts and if we are talking about the United States United Kingdom and Europe / European Union we have to take that into the consideration European politicians and European citizens in order to be serious about the future of our children a future generation who are living in this continent not across the pond in the United States have to rediscover the term world Island which is comprising the interlink continents of Europe Asia and Africa and that gives us not Eurasia but after AirAsia this concept has been abandoned many years ago but in terms of the resources in terms of the vigorous populace I think that the world island has to come together we can see the attempts on the side of Russia to do the fair business in China and they are in China not from yesterday I have family in Africa in East Africa in Tanzania in Kenya I have also family and friends in Ghana and I know that Chinese people were doing business with Africans long way before Americans were involved in doing business as we know how their country is so European Union in this particular shape of form doesn't have any future an American knows that and I'm glad that you've mentioned that European Union was funded by the CIA and professor Allen sket whom I mentioned at the very beginning of our conversation that international I mean the Amir Abbas profits of international history at London School of Economics and the person who created you kid at the very beginning before the nigel farage even start you know being involved in politics wrote many years ago not probably three or four years ago a very nice article about this particular topic at the Telegraph and here in United Kingdom so if we know that this is a project to somehow contain Europe because Germany European Union is a project to contain Germany and as Professor John Wayne Gray said at the Harper's Magazine a conference in a few years ago we still don't know how to handle Germany we can demilitarized them we can put some files on them to pay retribution so and so forth and they are still the strongest so this is the problem for United States and and and and and United Kingdom how to contain Germany and you wrote a piece some months ago for Forbes talking about Poland and I believe the three C's initiative yes right you begged the question was this the end of Pax Americana and you know Graham Allison who put out a book about a year ago talking about the facilities trap and myself always just I you know being a student of history as well my first degree in the study of history and just seeing history replace itself over and over again you know and looking at the 20th century in the world wars and the decline of Britain and the rise of Germany Germany having the strongest military in Europe and then building up a navy to challenge Britain's you know strongest sea power can you talk a bit about your thoughts on the decline of Pax Americana and you know are we going to see another regional or great war or will things play out through some other form whether economic warfare or what United States or and world and the United Kingdom will not abandon the privileged position easily we'll have attentions I would not even call this a new cold war cold war was a relic of the past we have we are in a different position due to the technical technological advancement due to the fact that we are interconnected we have easy access to news to alternative channels or and sources of news and to the Internet week where we can just you know in our free time read things which are of our interest I do believe the plasma Americana is no longer in the place we can see what is happening with regards to China China is taking over America supremacy obviously is a different civilization is a different culture and the advantage of of of the United States of Americans is our new lingua franca which is English everyone has to speak English the same as previously people were speaking Latin I don't believe that Chinese language can be that easily thought to such a great extent of of people around the world you know the pop culture and the the cinema the movies the advertisements I mean all of these social technical tools were put in place to program us to believe and take it for granted that indeed Pax Americana is the only way to go but we can see that China Asia Asia countries Russia who was as a country was backward it was impoverished after Bolshevik Revolution chat sorry Russia was destroyed totally the backbone of the country the religion the literature the culture was totally destroyed by the by the Bolsheviks and it was done by purpose obviously we know that the the the the the real revolution is were sponsored by by the West at that time but going back to your question the only native to Pax Americana is a relationship between a strong relationship and honest relationship between China and Russia and Europe doesn't have any other way than to join a natural allies continental powers to bluster the trade the cultural exchange and I will go back to the professor John Mearsheimer a famous professor of realism or no realism from the Chicago University who gave a lesson I mean give a lecture at my alma mater Jagiellonian University in Poland after cup in in in Ukraine and the lecture was titled obviously the it's it's not it's not putting to be blamed for the disaster in Ukraine is the West that was the title of the lecture from the American professor John Mearsheimer and he for so already in 2015 was it that because of the stronger economic intercourse between Europe and China and Russia as well united states and he called them jealous gods of the United States and I'm just quoting professor John Mearsheimer will go ballistic with Europe to put pressure on us to not do business with China which is impossible as same as with Iran it is a double standard from the Americans and anglo-saxon thinkers because they are strongly against monopolies we know that the Conservatives or conserve conservative thought has been suppressed by the libertarian movement which is for free trade free everything but I don't understand as a person maybe on I don't know maybe it's something wrong with me why on earth I don't understand if the country which is supporting so wholeheartedly further lessly liberty sovereignty and dignity of the nation and every single person around the world is so greedy that this freedom can be only expressed and exercised towards them but other countries for instance M&E when it wants to have a low string to a pipeline if Germans who are more than Americans who never want any war in their life never Germans who fought who have been beaten they know what is the real cost of the real war and they are reluctant to poke the Russian there however Germans have a strong bloc within their governments and political strata of Atlantis's people who believe that the only way for Germany and other countries is to be in the trans Lanting alliance I don't have anything against trade with America I don't have anything against cultural exchange with America but it is something wrong when people from a different continent from the different country are compared people who in the first place left Europe in order to search a better life a new world that was their decision to go away from Europe and set up a new world now claiming some rights to dictate European governments and European people how we should live with whom we should have good and bad relationships Vida Russia China Iran this is beyond my comprehension and this is not fair and we have to be fair because for instance if if you I believe that you have neighbors you have family and can you imagine that you have wife children and your neighbor is not into your door opening the door coming to your house setting up new rules are telling you what you should eat what should be doing what should what color of of the walls and what sort of furnitures you should have in your house that's madness and this is what Americans are doing are coming to the continent and telling European governments what we should do and we what we should not do obviously Russia is the boogeyman because they are afraid and they have a strong appetite we are the students of geopolitics of I mean you know people who are concerned over geography history politics and culture should take into account that Heartland is placed at the very heart of Russia the British rethoric the rhetoric is to deceive to tell us that oh they are bad and we need to militarize ourselves we need to prevent and we need to target put in if you would just come to earth as an alien today and you would read the newspapers American or UK newspapers nuclear newspapers you thought that what he may put in his is almost a God god forbid he's involving everything he's involved in everything which is ridiculous I mean no one in the fair mind is believing in this ridiculous propaganda but what they have in mind is to create a climate where citizens where the people are desensitized and are more willing to have the same situation as we had in this country during the Tony Blair times where without any clear evidence United States UK and here are the European Western countries attack Saddam Hussein I'm afraid that America and Pax Americana plus United Kingdom before because they don't want to lose this position with will push it at the brink of the war and at the moment we are nearly at the brink of the war although we have slightly different type of wars at the moment we don't have people in the woods we don't have guerrilla squadrons all over Europe we have nukes and we have to bear in mind that both America and Russia adding China and few other countries our nuclear powers so this type of war will be the final war so either Americans or I would rather say not Americans because I know many Americans who are same people who are just regular people as any other people are all over the world but what I have in mind is either Europe American establishment will come to the conclusion that no we are not gods we are not the privileged nation we are one among we are one nation among other nations and we want to build a good future a fair future for the future generations of our people are our our children for our children for our generations and for other you know generations of other nations alike or they will still be deluded and wanted to rule and you know want air or obedience from other nations we are not slaves we are not vassal states I don't feel that I feel ashamed when my country's doing certain things which are in line of the neoconservative foreign policy makers in Washington and I do believe that our generation has to reconsider either we want to be in a permanent permanent state of war with everyone or we want to take a progressive steps towards a having a sustainable planet sustainable cities sustainable countries where people have jobs can you know raise their children they can live in peace because most of the people really want to live in peace and it's not true that Russian or British citizens hate Russians is not true that Russians hate British people it's only the media and governments which are projecting on us the hate and this is the Nordberg you know trial for that in my opinion this is this this this is beyond my comprehension how you can you know push people into each other throats and this is what is happening with regards United Kingdom and United States so it seems we come down to two options and this pattern throughout the interviews that I do my guests seem to come to the similar conclusions either the Empire of the day will will fall into the trap and as you say say act in a deluded fashion and lead us to another war or our hope and best option is that the world island as you say will call the bluff of the United States of Pax Americana and we will have we will avoid a war in this historical cycle and have a more multilateral world where the EU works with Russia with Iran with China and Africa and so that's that's what we hope going forward in the coming months and years so what we'll just have to see what happens and if you have any final thought and also if you could tell us how people could best follow you and the work that you do well first of all my only thought and my only message to your listeners to our listeners is to think for themselves to read as many books as possible not reading only news and watching TV I know that we are too busy too occupied with our jobs with our studies with our day to die a day to day businesses so on and so forth but we have to take a step back think realistically what we want to achieve is it sustainable to be in a constant you know tit-for-tat constant propaganda and war mongering or just having a people-to-people channels of communication of mutual understanding because war is not that easy it's not the game you know it's not a Playstation it's not the you know Xbox war is a disaster so I only believe and I wholeheartedly believe and I wish to every single person who listened to us that they will think for themselves that they will think for themselves and they will pick peace instead of war where you can find me you can find me on my website which is and lower slash cassandra you can find me there you are more than willing I mean more than I'm more than happy to follow you you are more than welcome to follow me and we can have a meaningful discussion as I have with you because we came across each other on the very social media which was Twitter and really glad that you you were having me on your podcast and I hope that I added some value to the series of your podcasts and I hope that some some some people will get something for themselves from our conversation yes and it's great to have you and thanks for your time again and hopefully in the future we can do this again thank you very much take a

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  1. Is Trump/Isreal lobby sacrificing the US-Anglo Empire for war with Iran. It seems like it is willing to dismantle the Institutions of world order to for war with Iran.

  2. UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION LTD – trading as such since ww2 but never told the people – merged with EUROPA UNION CORPORATION in the 70's but never told the people. It's been a slow and sure netting of the people since then. Hitler's henchmen took off their uniforms, donned suits and ran corporate europe/EU. Zionists bought their way into and ran corporate America/US INC. Just an economic agreement they said. No mention of loss of sovereignty and country and that Britain is now considered to be just another region of EU. With it's Empire of Cities. Attempting to slay the people with EU austerity measures that will now somehow be blamed on Brexit – ! The work camps of past europe are now planned worldwide. World Island sounds like Britain Global. AfroEurAsia? – ! Another globalist groupthink term that is just not acceptable. These globalists can have their economically joined NWO but tell these NaZis and their masters that sovereign peoples and their countries will never be a part of their plan. We are not their slaves, despite what they tell themselves. Any contract that states as such has been gained only by deception and is therefore null and void. No contract, no obligation to follow EU corporate STATUTES. END OF. Americans are also waking up to this madness from 'on high'. Russia has been run by the west since WW2, initially through Avril Harriman. The globalists will orchestrate WW3 because they are lunatics. If Brexit helps any other entity then that is unfortunate but Brexit will go ahead. Though we were conned into the EU by Heath et al, through an illegal and unlawful '73 referendum. Ergo we were never legally in it in the first place. So no need to legally leave. UK, US and EU corporations are NOTHING to do with the western people themselves. Adriel is right, we are already one people, one planet. With due respect for other nations in other lands already in play. Just not a CORPORATE one. Under self serving entities with superiority complexes that have been an eternal blight on this planet and it's peoples since Sumer. The real problems are at the top.

  3. A fair analysis on the brexit predicament but i think the guest has an unrealistically optimistic view on the 'better' natures of the empire citizens. After several generations of unearned, overprivileged lifestyle in a propagandistic bubble, at the expense of the rest of the world, i seriously doubt these delusional, highly brainwashed, drugged and semi conscious denizens of empire will adapt to Reality too favorably. They will be more likely double down on the empire games in a vain attempt to maintain this illusory lifestyle.

  4. This is why i support 'leaders' like theresa may, and trump. We need to keep the uk stuck in this brexit quagmire as long and as destructive as possible. I am praying for a second referendum to plunge uk into the same extreme societal polarization as is playing out in america now. We need more internal chaos in the Anglo-American empire in order for the rest of the world to build a firewall around the crumbling empire of death and destruction and transition to a new, more equal, multipolar global community.

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