Afghan End Game! Is Pakistan Success in Afghanistan a FAILURE of Indian Approach Towards Pak?

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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  2. Your are one of the sensible youtuber in pakistan most of them are fool giving fake news just to earn.😘😘😘

  3. India was never a Thekedaar… And we don't want to be Thekedaar.. Who is Usa to make India thekdaar… Indians running top Companies of USA… India has built roads Hospitals Schools Dams Parliament in Afghanistan…. That's the victory of India… Pakistan was slave of 1st USA now of China…. It was Pakistan who funded Taliban…. Ur former ISI chief committed this infront of Media…

  4. Abe chutiye USA sirf AFGHANISTAN se apni fauz nikalne ke liye temporary Tera help lerha hai… Kaam khtam fir paisa hazamπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Goosbumps , goosbumps , goosbumps ❀️
    Bhaii Pakistan ki haan main or naa main naa walaa dour aa Chuka hey alhumdulillah πŸ˜‡
    Ab badLay es Paak Dharti Pakistan ki InshaALLAH
    I love Pakistan from the core of ❀️
    Pakistan hamesha PaindaAbad πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°β€οΈ

  6. I m not an economist, not a diplomate or knows much about IR. Pakistan role in Indian ocean is like Japan role in Pacific ocean our policies should be beneficial for every nation of this region. Like Japan Pakistan should focus on HR and build trade tides with multiple nation's plus set some balance between Muslim countries plus China Russia and USA. with core policy measure for development and progress of Pakistan.

  7. Yha ke comment section m jo bhi Indian kashmiri khush ho rha h unko ye pta hona chahie ki 2024-2025 tk pakistan as a nation ka concept khatam hojaega. Soch smjh ke side choose krna πŸ‘πŸΌ

  8. Brother please also add Urdu speaking in your T-shirt
    Thank you
    Love your all video thanks for sharing us information

  9. China ko afghan peace process may sirf Pakistan ny Dala hai. Taky America ka influence kam ho. Pakistan bht safe play kr rha hai har step ko china k pechy khara ho kar kr rha hai. Ku k america 1 snake hai jo hr muslim country ko dusta hai. Or china Pakistan ko America sy bachai ga hmesha. Pak china dosti zindabad

  10. BLA ko paida hi pakistan ki army ne Kiya hai hate spread karke.. BLA k sath mai milke hukumat ko kuch karna chahye tanke inko dushman se dost banaya jaye.. Hope things get well in Balochistan as well..

  11. I think China is also planning to wage war in Afghanistan in the near future. Because in 1221 Changez khan and Mongolian were an attack on Afghanistan which was again taken by Afghani.

  12. Too much expectations from few goodwill gestures of USA towards Pakistan are misplaced. One who thinks that USA has suddenly became Pskistan or Muslim friendly is living on fools paradise. America is leader of the western civilization and the west is inhetrently on account of their basic idiology is anti Muslim like Jewish Zionist. They share common hatred against Islam with Hindu facists. Thoes who know the history know that Americans has clandistinely supported Hindus even when the Hindus were friends of USSR , an opponent of west. Long term policy of west is to keep Muslims weak, dependent and divided. Therefore when Hindu facist say that they are natural allies of west, they only mean that they share the hatred of west against Islam and Muslims and for this reason they support western anti Muslim policies in the world. The news of wide spread distructiond and mass killings of Muslims by west is no less than a sweet music to the ears of Facist Hindus and even majority of common Hindu. So please never live in illusion that America will favour you. Policy makers should keep this in mind so that they do not fall in the trap of enemies. Remember Americans pretended to be friends of Iraq, used it against Iran and than they destroyed it completely. Deal with Crusaders with caution and never allow Muslims to be used against Muslims. It will be surprising if Pakistan has not learnt any lesson from their past association with America.

  13. Poor Pakistani
    You are Failed state
    Failed economy
    Failed Everything
    Failed in every prospect and you comparing your country to Developing India

    Comeon you are going to divide soon

  14. You are gem bro…. That's our dilemma that chutiyas like sham idrees make shit videos and get millions views while gems like this boy and Junaid akram are underrated…

  15. you are too optimistic about the role of pakistan, they are never part of decision making ,only carrying out the dirty work like an hired hand,

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