AG Jeff Sessions Did Something Behind Trump’s Back That Caused One Big Problem

former attorney general Jeff Sessions
hope this truth would never get out but one of the most closely guarded secrets
of his interactions with the deep state is now public and now everyone knows
Jeff Sessions did something behind Trump’s back that caused one big problem
former Wall Street Journal page one editor James Stewart is out with a
blockbuster new book called deep state Trump the FBI and the rule of law that
details it all the book details the FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton’s
email server and the Russian collusion hoax one of the most explosive stories
in the book is the account of how Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein broke
out into a panic after Donald Trump fired disgraced former FBI director
James Comey Rosenstein was the classic swamp creature and worried that he would
lose face among the DC establishment after President Trump cited Rosenstein s
memo detailing commis misconduct during the Clinton email investigation
Rosenstein scurried around Washington trying to drum up support among trumps
cabinet to use the 25th amendment to remove the president from office and
Stewart reports then attorney general Jeff Sessions was supportive of the idea
the Daily Mail exclusively reports among the other revelations in deep State is
that former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had the support of two
cabinet colleagues for invoking the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office
Stewart claims that it was former chief of staff John Kelly and former attorney
general Jeff Sessions who said they might back it sessions was already on
thin ice with President Trump by the time the president sacked Comey in May
2017 the deep state teamed with the fake and corrupt news media to bully attorney
general sessions into recusing himself from the Russia investigation that
allowed Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to appoint Robert Mueller as
Special Counsel to oversee the rush of witch-hunt Rosenstein didn’t limit his
treachery to the twenty-fifth amendment or the Mueller appointment the Deputy
Attorney General also offered to wear a wire to record President Trump to try
and frame him the Daily Mail exclusively reports
Stewart claims that Rosenstein was so concerned about Trump that he twice
offered to McCabe to wear a wire to record Trump not once as previously
reported Rosenstein supposedly told McCabe I never get searched
no one ever searches me I could record the president McCabe was stunned and
when he got back to his colleagues he told them you’re not going to believe
this is one of them looked like he was going to have a heart attack and said
that’s a bridge too far we’re not there yet
Rosenstein denied this account when it first surfaced last year claiming he was
only joking but this book makes it clear Rosenstein made a serious offer to
record the president this calamity of events only took place because of Jeff
sessions sessions didn’t stand up to the deep state and their allies in the fake
and corrupt media and stepped to site in the Russia probe that terrible decision
allowed Rosenstein to try and stage a coup against a president

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