ALIF – Episode 21 || English Subtitles || 22nd Feb 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

If Momin wasn’t there, she would have forgotten Taha. She would have forgotten
his sadness, but Momin didn’t let that
sadness go away. Madam. Madam. Momin fell from a tree. Who is Momin? Husn e Jahan’s nephews,
my other daughter’s son. She really loves him. You never mentioned this earlier. When we were talking
about the wedding. Momin hates me. I didn’t even know. He is a kid Husn e Jahan. He doesn’t know the difference
between love and hate. You read his letters Sultan, he knows why he hates his mother. What is this drama Husn e Jahan. Mama, he is sleeping. Sleeping, not dead. For God’s sake mama,
don’t say that. I am finding work for you and you cannot see anything but this Momin. His hand is broken. You are not getting movies, you don’t want to do private parties, he will die hungry before you,
remember that. I don’t want to do these private parties. What do you want to do? What are you Husn e Jahan? Have you seen your age? Have you seen your face? Girls half your age have
taken over the industry. What are you Husn e Jahan that people
will come after you?Sister Mumtaz…Be quiet! Don’t interfere. This house is under so much debt, your brother, have you thought about it? Fine, then you do one thing, you marry a feudal lord.
You become his third, fourth wife, I will get something in return, we will benefit somehow. Momin, lie down son, you are not well. I don’t want to talk to you,
you are not my mama. Momin… Is the ticket done? Yes. If you send him,
will you be at peace. Should I look at my heart, or his? He hates me. If he stays here, he will hate me more. If you send him,
do you think he will respect you and love you? I shouldn’t have got him here, I should have left him with papa. That decision was wrong,
just like this one. An ol calligrapher, what will he give to him
in his last days, what will he teach him. Whatever he does, it will be
better than Husn e Jahan, whatever he teaches will be
better than Husn e Jahan. Why do you trust him so much? He earns righteously, not like me. He will bring him up on that, something I cannot do. One minute, in one minute you threw
away everything we earned. It is all forbidden. Where did you learn this
mercilessness from Husn e Jahan? Will you make your daughter Husn e Jahan,
Sultan? You have to think about it, Sultan. This thinking has becoming
a shackle in my leg. All my life I earned this, this is what I ate, without any second thought. Taha Abdulala ruined me. He gave me questions. He got me close to God. Whether he loves me or not, whether he is happy or not, but I am starting to see
a way to go to him. This is not the way me and you are on. Selling beauty and body is no earning. You have gotten thinking
about right and wrong, how will you get to the heights. What do I have to do with the heights, Taha took that away and
downfall is what Momin gave me. Who is good and who is bad, can you tell me? My work is done, you will take care of these things now. How is Husn e Jahan. You have ruined her, she is not for this world, not for later. She talks to me about what is right
and what is forbidden. She says that you will bring
Momin up on what is right, so he will be good. Is it so easy to be good?
Earn rightfully and become righteous. I am really sorry for her but that’s all I can do, I will come meet her myself. What will you do meeting her? She is Husn e Jahan, you wanted Momin, you got him. Whether she lives or dies, why do you care? He must be really sad, when you went to drop him. No, he was really happy meeting his grandpa. Will he settle down? You too settle down. How do I settle down Sultan? There is nothing to look forward too. You called me sister Mumtaz? Yes, sit. Yes. Mr. Maqdoom has asked for Husn e Jahan. What? He wants to marry her. He doesn’t get married, he keeps slaves. He is 80 years old, God knows how many wives he has
before this and how many slaves. Thank God, he is making Husn e Jahan his wife, not a slave. Don’t torment her like this, she doesn’t want to get married,
you leave it. Who will pay for the loan of this home? Right now, people are fans of her dance, they are ready to marry her, later no one would see her dance for free and after all, I have to launch
Nadra in the film, Mr. Maqdoom will produce that film. You talk to her, he will do something for you too. You will now ruin her in dirt. She did it herself, I made her a diamond and she became coal. No one cares for coal so much, go and talk to her. It was Mr. Maqdoom’s film audition, you didn’t remind me. What will he give you? A sister’s role, 6 scenes. I would get something. You get married. What happened? Why are you suggesting
this out of the blue. There is no one in the world who can keep you like Husn e Jahan, as a queen. Even if there is, still. I will not remove
Taha’s name from my name. How many years will you stay like this? Time is passing. Let it pass. Mama spoke to you about
Mr. Maqdoom’s proposal? You know? She cannot force me, I don’t want to get married to anyone. She will bother you now. I know. Its good I sent Momin away at a good time, if he was here… Okay then… Husn e Jahan you have not
done your makeup yet? The scene is ready? Just 10 minutes. Sultan, hurry up. No, not Sultan, Rahim will do the makeup, he is doing the makeup for
all artists in the film. I have to give the same look. But Sultan always used to do it for me. Sultan’s makeup days are over, now different cosmetic is used,
and other style of makeup. Rahim. I will only get Sultan to do my makeup. I had told you at the time of giving you the role that no one other than the heroine
will bring their own makeup artist. He has been with me for years. You decide, do you want the role or the
makeup artist…No, Rahim will do the makeup. No problem Husn e Jahan, the director is right, the makeup today has changed. I don’t want to do this role. Husn e Jahan… You are mad like you
are still the number one heroine. You got work after so long,
you shouldn’t have given it up. If they don’t give you work,
I don’t want this work. Your film would come after so long,
maybe your fate would have changed. I have no regrets. I didn’t find out when I
became out fashioned. I couldn’t see my downfall in your rise. You don’t have a downfall, you are not a heroine, you are one of the best
makeup artist of Pakistan. Did you not here, different cosmetics and different
makeup artists are used today. Powder in Sultan’s hand, leaves the most expensive cosmetic behind. Don’t you remember how these heroines
used to be jealous of my make up and would offer a lot of things
to take you away. You are calming me down, putting bandage on my wounds. You keep on doing that, you talk of history so that
I don’t see the bad time. Taxi. Can I ask you something? Yes, go ahead. You marry Husn e Jahan
and bring her here. Suraiya? I am saying it with my heart, my heart aches for her, if we can be of benefit for her… You are working in radio Pakistan
and running the house, I have not earned a penny in the
past few months and you want me to marry Husn e Jahan. I cannot see how you suffer for her, I used to suffer like this for you, Husn e Jahan did me a favor
and made you mine. Okay, you want to make her mine
and return the favor? She is right, you are a good woman, but I am not that good. Husn e Jahan will never break your home, her own is broken. She will never give you the pain that she is suffering from herself. I will not be in pain, I will be fine. I am just a Sultan in name, she is wearing the crown of Taha, she will never remove it. This was Husn e Jahan’s mansion,
how did you sell it? Will her father come pay the debt? It will be paid off, she is working. She is finished. There is no work, we have not had a single
party in the past few month, you have gone and given
invitations to producers, did someone come? You made your younger daughter a star, so no one cares about Husn e Jahan. You are busy promoting her. Yes, I am doing it. So? Who are you to ask me? Even Husn e Jahan didn’t ask me
this question. Sister Mumtaz, she is your daughter,
she has earned millions, how can you leave her in tough times? I am not leaving her, her stubbornness is. Mr. Maqdoom came to get her, but no, she doesn’t want another
name attached to her. I will see, how will her stubbornness not end, why won’t she bend? For God’s sake sister Mumtaz, I beg you, where will you go from here? Mr. Maqdoom’s mansion. Mr. Maqdoom’s mansion? He has horses, animals and women, there is no difference between the three. She should have thought of this when
she ran away with Taha, she wasted her youth, this is what she will get in this age. She should be thankful for this… I will set this house on fire. If someone comes to take
Husn e Jahan from here. You cheap make up artist, who are you? What are you worth?
You will set this house on fire? I will get you thrown out. Jabbar, Rasheed. No mama… he won’t do anything. You won’t do anything. Let this house get sold,
what is your problem? Keep him in control or tie him up.
Its me who is tolerating him, if it was Mr. Maqdoom in my place,
jhe would have buried him alive. You please go, you have a wife, kids and home. How long will you stick to me? I won’t get work now. You come home with me. I will feed you, you come along. Where ever I go, I will be in ruins,
why would I bring it to your home. There is no one, no one who can protect you. Who can save you. I have asked God. Don’t say that, such miracles don’t happen, don’t say that. You can say that miracles cannot
happen for Husn e Jahan, but I am not asking for a miracle, I am only asking God to help me. Tomorrow Mr. Maqdoom’s car will come, if you want to come, let me know, I will come to take you or else sister and brother are not
willing to keep you at their home. This is for you… Whose letter is this? All fine? God’s help is here. Whose letter is it? Tell me. I had written a letter to papa, told him my worry,
he has sent a ticket for me. You will go back to Turkey? Yes Sultan, I have nothing left here, I cannot live with respect
or disrespect here. How will you go? Sister Mumtaz has left servants outside,
they won’t let you leave. Mr. Maqdoom finds out about Turkey,
he will get you from there. Sister Mumtaz got him to produce
a film for your sister, he will kill your whole family. Then you kill me Sultan. What are you saying? No one other than you can do it. Kill me. I killed Husn e Jahan forever. What happened? What happened to your father? No one will ask me about
Husn e Jahan after today. Why are you asking about Husn e Jahan? Why are you going back in time? Come on, come Sultan. Come on. Get up. How can papa kill Husn e Jahan? She had committed suicide, but papa… how can my father be a killer? A killer of the woman he used to love, or still loves. Brother Momin, how could you
think something so big? Knowing that I am going to be married and you said it to Momina, you should have talked to me, asked me. How many times have I told you
Momina is not a diva, she doesn’t like one either. You, you should have told me
about her mother’s ailment. You should have given me a chance, asked me, brother Momin, you don’t give
a chance for anything. Can you do something now? Yes, I can pray. Then pray. Momina, will you sleep like this all day? Don’t you want to eat? I am not hungry. Why? What happened? Are you ill? Mama, let me sleep a deep sleep. Why do you have these dead flowers? Why don’t you keep the fresh flowers that
come regularly. I am throwing them away. Go ahead. This song will get final. It sounds nice. Do you believe in love? Yes. I don’t. I don’t believe it. What? That you didn’t do it. I have, that is why I don’t believe it. Have you? I have too, that is why I believe in it. I too try to do it. Husn e Jahan’s death was sudden, she disappeared and then
committed suicide, some people say it was a murder
and not suicide. But no one was able to find out
where she went, her purse and shoes were near
the devil’s point, while a suicide note at home, there was no sign of Husn e Jahan. We don’t know about the heroine and
we are going to cast the hero. I am the one worried, if Momina leaves the film,
what will I tell the prince? I gave him a story and got him here. It’s the make and break
point for my career. Talk to Momina, request her. Its boss’s fault, how can I force her? Then talk to boss, get them to patch up
before she goes to Dubai. If she goes to Dubai,
then think of her gone for good. When I plan something,
some issue happens. You consider everyone Husn e Jahan? Whose story is this? Not mine. Husn e Jahan’s? Who is that? A famous actress and
dancer of the past. How do you know Husn e Jahan? Who Husn e Jahan?

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  1. Alif is the best drama ever in pakistan industry because it show about the bond of ALLAH and a human being well done alif team

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    اتنا ہی آسان جتنا مسلمان ہونا…

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  6. Zabardast acting by all yar.
    Chemistry between husn e jaha and sultan was excellent and mind blowing. They were really best frnds in bad times to stand for each other.
    Husn e jahaa k zawaal ko kitni khobsorti se director ne show kiya. awesome yar. And dialog wo apne dada k pas halal khaye ga to nek banega or sultan ka sawal kya sirf halal khane se admi nek ban jata ha ?
    Zabarast dialogs ha yar. ALIF ko award milna chaye

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