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what Eric what areas do you guys work what area what area is Ryan do you work I'm gonna go with Southeast Michigan so I I would say I'm in the army so it helped a lot my VA buddies out I've gone as far as you know up to two hours away to look at homes to her homes yeah southeast Michigan and if I don't know somebody and they're too far away I can still look for the good agent for them and hook them up with an agent in that area same thing for you Chris – you work at different area oh I'm everywhere if you look at a map of the homes that I've sold over the past five years I'm literally all over Southeast Michigan I go anywhere from Lansing actually past Lansing just west of Lansing down to I think look here is probably the furthest east I've gone all the way down to supper stores Harrison Township Clinton Township shout out to all my Eastside peeps growing up you know I'm everywhere I'm where the money is I'm where the clients are and where the need is more than anything I would much rather spend an hour in my car helping somebody make a good decision then say oh I'm sorry you're too far out for me if you trust me enough to call me and want me to help you walk through your biggest purchase of your lifetime I'm gonna make the time for you I'm gonna make it happen yeah I'm gonna definitely be there so can you name some of the builders that you work with and they're also some of the builders that are here in town Livingston Tony so you got Ellen Edlund you got the homes Clearview Bardot Matthias Lombardo builds a burn home right there's very few builders that I don't like most of them are really good you just need to know their contracts you need to know their systems and again it goes down it goes back to having the experience and having the agent yep looking out for you what if somebody wanted to build their own home can you help them any way with that yes absolutely it's become we can help from the land purchase to even connecting them with architects and contractors and general contractors in treatment tradesmen and there again we work with some builders that will build on their own yeah perfect perfect and I actually heard from one of my new lenders that we just teamed up with that he has the magical unicorn he's telling me that he can do VA new construction loans you get the land and they can build on it and use your VA loan benefit let's think I heard that yesterday too yes you probably heard me squealing go you are my favorite best friend yeah I was there for that one I wonder what kind of credit score you're gonna need for that though you know I didn't ask maybe we can get him on for one of our podcast and we can ask him but I know with you know the VA loan is one of the most forgiving easiest use easiest to use loan programs available right now I wonder why people are so scared of the aliens it's because it is used less than 3% than any other loan available right now because people are afraid of it and when you are afraid of things we shut it out without even giving it a chance if somewhere were to give the VA loan a chance they'd find out that it's got one of the easiest guidelines the average veteran has what a 740 credit score they're honestly one of the most easiest clients to work with because they got their stuff together at all in one file yes yes they're diligent they they're organized I want to package them up and make all my clients clone into them I just closed on a 70 year old veteran and he still had everything every single thing from his whole service career yes in a file right boom absolutely they're one of the best type of people to work with I love it hi everyone I hope you're enjoying the episode so far just want to take a break in the action to say thank you for watching can you really 360 and while you're here please take a minute to like and subscribe below for more episodes of other fantastic content produced by my amazing team you can also follow us online via Facebook or Instagram at Kaena reality 360 thank you enjoy and keep it real so definitely catch our next podcast guys cuz we're definitely gonna have one of our mortgage representative that does a lot of stuff with the VA clients it's got a lot of big things coming too yes a lot of good things coming Christi any of these builders do they do they work with military people or let's say people that are a da do they do a DA stuff to some of these builders you know will they help them with people that are in wheelchairs are you talking about the military it being military housing allowance or just in general just in general adaptive I know we're going to that a little bit but basically there are these builders help with adaptive living for people that are like handicapped handicapped things like that yeah actually I think it's a requirement that they be willing to do it because it's a protected class which a lot of people automatically assume and I could be wrong I'll have to double-check but I do know that a lot of people will assume that they have to special custom build a home because they don't know to ask and I'm a firm believer that you don't get anything that you don't ask for and all you have to do is make that phone call tell me hey Kristy this is what I need I need a house that I can you know have a wheelchair in or that I can get a walker through or I might be taking care of my current my parents in five years I don't need it adaptive right now but I need to make sure when it's built it's built with white hallways where I can expand things I want to make it easier for the transition most builders will do that for you perfect perfect so do you know so even if you're not in the military or you're just need an adaptive home I will just say some of the builders are more able to work with that aspect and they will help out because they just want to help absolutely it's a Pacific Builder or is it builders that you work with in general I work with a couple builders that have done it for my clients in the past again I think all builders have the ability to do it it's knowing how to play nice in the sandbox and getting the builders willing to do it but if you were to come in too short long or short long answer yes we can do it I've got people I've got the guys call me I got a guy you got guys I got a guy and also like I put it out there with the mortgage saying I mean first responders now paramedics fire fighters cops they're all qualifying for a different loan program as well now – with the veterans which is the first heard of and we got first knowledge of it once well yeah so if you are a first responder if you are a schoolteacher if you are a hero for the community if you are a phone call away know if you are a military pass firefighter pass police officer retired whatever you are and if you are a hero in your community definitely give a shout-out to Chris T or shout-out to Ryan or Lauren Lauren Lauren here she almost passed out last time so they have a they have a program that's coming out that is like massive it's already out oh it's already young check out my facebook you'll see it and what what is that Facebook so ryan richard ryan research yeah follow ryan right sorry but i will say i believe it's somewhere around the range of three thousand dollars that get back yeah okay and i think you can use it towards like you know closing cost or buying on your porn line down points yeah it's a great program i'm very excited about it I wonder what lender that is with but I will say you have to call Ryan contact me I'm a first responder myself and I'm ecstatic about this it's about time to something like this rolls out and they deserve a lot of perks that they don't get absolutely and I'm just gonna say this I don't have my in 2019 statistics yeah but 27 people last year bought a home for me direct with no money they actually got a check at closing so literally nothing out of pocket money back at closing 27 military veterans and now that now that we're able to open a similar opportunity to first responders I'm super excited that's wonderful wonderful that 27 I am hoping is gonna turn into 127 yeah be nice yeah perfect so I know Ryan was talking you know we're getting off subject here but that's fine I know Ryan was talking about some tacos you were tacos I'm kind of hungry so I'm actually rolling this out I was gonna do like a Taco Tuesday or taco Thursday but as a veteran firefighter and paramedic I know a lot of them work on ABC shifts so if I specify one day and that shift isn't working that one day I can't really drop them off so what I want to do is I'm gonna start advertising to all my HPA peeps and down in washington county that's if they get a firefighter to call me and tell me his shift and tell me the person that told him i'm gonna buy that crew tacos and that crew member from HPA i'm gonna buy them tacos as well HPA what what is that again that's your own belly and what's down in washington county okay but somewhere where you work also Ryan you I'm a critical care paramedic down there as well so what about people in other counties and other first responding teams how are you gonna reach out to them should they have to be nominated by somebody how can they get involved in this so they have to be nominated and I'm also gonna when I'm working some shifts down there and be asking the different crews and the different fire departments but yeah if you're in a different surrounding area give me a shout out and we'll get you some tacos you deserve them well fear not on my call though I might eat them all by the time you get back Ryan likes his hot dog I love tacos too now I know Christi was talking about something you were thinking about doing when you the kids are all going back into school with a lot of the teachers and things like that where you gonna do Taco Tuesdays for some of the teachers no absolutely so same thing with Ryan you know my kids are gonna be they're going to be going to Heartland schools so we're actually it's any school district if you've got some really awesome teachers principals and I think they deserve absolutely you know what teachers are so so so underpaid and yeah so private message me Instagram me connect with me somehow someway and let's get you nominated because you guys deserve it I know you've all watched the Facebook video of them shopping for school supplies I am 100% that mom whatever you teachers need let me know because you deserve it you need to be put on a pedestal I have five kids I could never do a full classroom I can't I can't homework I just can't do it so if anybody out there listening if you nominate a teacher or if you nominate a fire department or if you nah man police department please stop harming em s if you know somebody that's working there let them know that they can get free tacos yeah either Taco Tuesday talk on Thursday Taco Friday and I've been a responder for First Responder for 17 years I know all of us have that food itch and you know I'm just actually gonna put this out there so we're we keep talking about military and first responders but there's so many other type of community heroes if you know somebody who goes above and beyond and really deserves to get that extra recognition let us know we will totally give them props we will bring tacos to them heck we might even bring them on this podcast so I got a question for you I was wondering this program that you guys got rolling out with first responders superheroes and things like that I'm not sure if it's superheroes but superhero kick for you sorry I can't make it I'm helping with a LifeFlight today no one's kept away that's a life so talking about that talking about all this so I know personally if there's a superhero that it's not a first responder or not a police officer not a fire friend or not a be a veteran not a teacher the things like that but they are a pretty kick-ass person and they're helping out the community is there anything that you guys can do for them a mortgage aspect or helping them on some of their dollars and cents well there's a lot of different mortgage programs out there that we know of and like goes back to different mortgage companies we know different deals that they can give to different people to other people but yeah we can do our best to get you the best deal at the end of the day whether that's not really paying that much down what whether it's getting money back in your pockets it all depends on the season pretty much I think almost every month there's different programs that are rolling out that obviously we try to keep our tabs on but we're worried about the real estate side of things so we you know dive into the real estate side more than what we do in the mortgage side so that's all we rely on our mortgage people that we talk to so definitely reach out they reach out to you and figure out basically what kind of programs out there for that type of person and I'm just gonna interject real quick you know one of the things that our team focuses on is individuality we understand that not every deal is the same and we all don't fit in a box so one of the things that we do is when we sit down with you and have an initial conversation with you we we fill out your situation you know we're gonna ask you questions that have nothing maybe necessarily to do with real estate but it just makes sense when we look at a big picture what are your goals what are your aspirations what are your needs order your wants what are your must-haves and what are the things that you absolutely don't want and then we take that big picture and then we say okay you know what I really think that this mortgage person might be good for you I think this title company might be good for you you know what we need to get a home inspector did you know about this loan did you know about this grant program you know we kind of open up the door and then we educate you so you can make the decisions that are going to best fit you that sounds good I am so that's what I do so guys I will say that everybody that's listening out there and things like that our next podcast is going to be with mortgage lender right is that correct yep and definitely look out for that one you'll hear about this great program that they're in launching I should be putting some fliers out here shortly perfect perfect in the marketing department right now and then what other what are the things can they expect from the next podcast that we we're gonna have a no mortgage lender basically you're gonna have on here we have a big running list of our podcasts and obviously if you think of something out there let us know we're up to any anything okay let's talk know it's good to know somebody let's learn someone else's side of things and you can tell through just the two podcasts that we've done so far we get sidetracked very easy there's lots of squirrels running around so we may you know listen every time we post something because chances are we're not sticking to topic and you might learn something perfect so appreciate everybody listen

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