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I wrote this poem my freshman year of college. It is titled “All The Boys I Currently Love” … I hope you enjoy. [romantic instrumental plays] All the boys I currently love- have stolen my heart with their beautiful words. They let me peek inside their heads- at all their thoughts, and all the things that they’ve said. They showed me around their unique little worlds, and let me become a part of it. They trusted me enough to tell every tale, and well- it all just broke my heart a bit. I got to see Khalid’s gentle soul, and Aedion’s loyal heart. I adored Baz for all of his dorkiness.. and well, I basically loved Rowan from the start. ….But I know what people think- because I’ve seen they’re judging looks. Although, is it really cheating if they live in different books? [laughs]
[circus music starts playing in the background] [book thumps]
That’s it. That’s it that’s the video. That… that was the video. Ayyy~
[circus music fades out] If you didn’t know this already… if you found me because of my writing, or because of my dear diary videos.. or some cinematography b-roll, or no small creator, or if you here for the motivational talks about how to be creative.. You might not know this about me. But the people here from BookTube, you get it.. You probably- you probably caught on really quick .. but I’m a fangirl. [laughs] Books are everything to me. Books are EVERYTHING to me. It is how everything got started.. I was a reader before I became a writer..
and you probably already know, because I’ve mentioned this a few times.. but I only make YouTube videos because I write and YouTube is the way I present my writing.. So.. these boys are what started it all. [chuckles] I hope my funny little poem made you smile, or have a little chuckle… and if you love any of the names that I mentioned in this poem.. Hit me up, because we can fangirl together and it’ll be great. [laughs] All right, that’s it. That was a video. That was my poem. I’m a fangirl, nice to meet you. Are you a fangirl? Did you know this about me? Are you surprised? [laughs] All right. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye! [Honey’s outtro music plays]

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  1. 😁😁😁
    Cant help thinking of "to all the boys I've loved before." Did u write this b4 that book came out, or was there inspiration there?

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