Amanda Berry Missing For Two Weeks News Report

the family of a local teenager says she never would have left home without calling but it's now been more than two weeks since Amanda berry vanished Fox 8 News reporter Brandi sours joins us live from the newsroom tonight with more on their efforts to bring her home well Tim tonight family friends and complete strangers took to the streets to raise awareness of Amanda's disappearance they're hoping the attention leads to clues about where she is and will soon bring Amanda back home safely I can't fake it Amanda Berry's mother has spent the last 15 days wandering about and searching for her 17 year old daughter my nights are getting longer my days are getting shorter during my hope was falling but her support is growing her home looks much different since Amanda disappeared it's decorated with ribbons of hopes and prayers and packed with family and friends so I have a lot of support my family a lot of my families up here from out of town they're all here to raise awareness of Amanda's disappearance by retracing her footsteps she was last seen at her work at this Burger King on West 100 and 10th and Lorraine she's 5 foot 1 inches tall weighs 110 pounds and has long blonde hair brown eyes and a left eye rein more than 200 people showed up for this awareness walk that started at Burger King and ended at Amanda's home her mom says it's emotionally draining but finds even more support from some people who never even met her daughter I have two granddaughters around her age and I can imagine what the family's going through I just came out here to support the other people in supporting the family just as a as a caring Christian person after the walk they lit candles and prayed for Amanda's safe return meanwhile her mother still keeps the little hope she still has alive praying for the best I want my daughter old man and then she can't get long I just want to know where she's at it so she can lay in peace Cleveland Police and the FBI are both investigating Amanda's disappearance Tim they're treating this as a missing persons case therefore there are no suspects of course if anyone has any information they're asked to call the police Brandi sours reporting thanks coming up it looks like Baghdad but it's Missouri new details tonight from the heart of Tornado Alley

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  1. Wow, Just checked Maps and from that burger king to that piece of shit's home was a 7 minute drive like that's a shorter drive from my place to my work,
    So Scary and Sad,
    Im so glad Amanda and the other 3 girls are doing just fine now,
    Just wish the mom was still here to see her again 🙁

  2. So sinister just knowing that across the street Ariel castro's holding her and another girl in his home.

  3. I felt so bad for her Mama. And knowing what we know now Castro was watching this and laughing at her pain.

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