Are There Income Limits For VA Survivor DIC Benefits?

hello Travis stuttered veterans disability attorney back here with another video for you explaining a little bit more about the concept of VA survivor benefits and this is for those who were the family member or financial dependent of a veteran who died due to service-connected reasons and I want to go over with you quickly a question that pops up from time to time I touched on this briefly in another video but the question is are there income limits on di C recipients in other words if I can I make too much money to qualify for this particular survivor benefit under the VA program and the answer to that question is luckily no that there is no income limit so it doesn't matter if you make a thousand dollars a month it doesn't matter if you make ten thousand dollars a month you can still qualify for disability dependency and indemnity compensation benefits commonly known as di C because again this benefit is not income based it's not needs based it's not asset based so it doesn't matter what your net worth is or how much monthly income you have you can still qualify as long as you show that your veterans death was service-connected in some form or fashion again remember this is separate than the survivors pension program which is similar to Supplemental Security income under Social Security which is a program for low-income persons who must meet certain thresholds for income and assets so again just because you may be okay financially that you should still apply for di C benefits if if you think your veterans death was service-connected if you have any questions again reach out to us we're always happy to help veterans and certainly their widows and other dependents that they leave behind I know this can be a difficult topic to understand and pursue so feel free to reach out to us on our website when your vet I'm calm on Facebook or elsewhere that you can find us thank you and have a great day

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  1. A veteran came back from Iraq with severe PTSD and then took his own life. Is there DIC available for his family? I am not a VSO, but a disabled vet and this just came to my attention as I am going to try and help the family. TY Gary

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