Are We Becoming a More Accepting Society? RuPaul Says Yes and No | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

Oprah: Do you think we’re becoming a more accepting society? Even where we are in this culture? RuPaul: I think some are. I have a lot of hope with young people. I’m surprised people my age, older than me, who have reverted back to an old way of thinking, of thinking that we could go back to Jim Crow. Or some of the things that come out of people’s mouth, I think what is wrong with you? Weren’t you there? We did that already. Oprah: We’ve already done that! RuPaul: Yeah. Oprah: We’ve already shown, that does not work. RuPaul: Yeah, it doesn’t work. And not only does it not work, it’s … What’s really underneath the hood of that, is your own self-loathing. That’s what that’s about. Oprah: Well it’s just that dense thing I was talking about. That’s low frequency people, that’s a really low vibration, really low.

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