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I turn to a molar witness sam nunn Berg who had an interview that you later told us the president watched on television as well as Matt Miller chief spokesman for the Justice Department under Obama similar role of Brian Fallon as well as former federal prosecutor Jean Rossi Sam when the history is written you will be in it to put it in legal terms perhaps as a footnote which is better than being a big juicy indictment but you'll be in it partly for what you did at this table which is explore the potential defiance of the Special Counsel probe and you ultimately cooperate what does it say to you about the president and Trump world that what you flirted with doing briefly and ultimately reconsidered is what Muller says that Donald Trump did writ large not a day or two flirtation with defiance but the president United States actively repeatedly trying to defy the special counsel trying to shut it down when that failed asking people to lie about it things that to put it in plain English as we wrap up here with five minutes left on the beat to put in plain English things that other people go to jail for well I cannot believe what Tom again had to go through during that short tenure it is at the White House and I was always surprised that hope aches left the White House and I think I know why having to go not to be interviewed by Muller and finally not being able to lie to the press she was under oath and she had to talk about a play-by-play of what is that is that what it comes down to in this with this president that he asked so much of people and after they've given up everything it's almost like a bizarro shel silverstein giving tree' after giving up everything and they're reduced to a stump the final question is will you go to jail for me and Michael Cohen didn't want to do it and Dom McGann didn't want to do it and I don't think you wanted to do it and anger and you've served no use to him once you tell the truth that was frankly and I think that's why you see a lot of them leave it I've left say that again so you're not you're not useful to him if when you when you tell the truth I think that's right I mean you see it in his response to the investigation you see it how I thought one of the darker things in the report today was how he behaved with witnesses how he behaved with Michael Cohen how he behaved with Michael Flynn where up until the time they were cooperating he was sending back channel messages to them through intermediaries through attorneys if it stays strong the intermediary saying the president loves you he thinks you're doing great and in the minute they flipped he would turn on them and call him our rat attack them publicly attacked him privately and you see it in his governing strategy too it's not just how he's dealt with these investigations you know last week we were all talking about the story where you know the Secretary of Homeland Security of resigned because the president wanted her to break the law it's just kind of how he uses people he expects you to do everything for him up to and including breaking the law and you know I think there are a lot of people who are loyal to Donald Trump and will do a number of quite inappropriate things but when it comes to putting himself in jail I think take the wise man who hasn't spoken yet in this segment Jean Rossi isn't that the bigger import of this report that I hold in my hand because we've discussed the facts in here that are helpful not only to the White House but to several the people who did serve for Donald Trump including Donald Trump jr. and Ivanka Trump who according to this report did not ultimately do anything that came close to becoming targets and we report that out accurately along with the rest just like I told Jay Sekulow when he was on with us early today there's good news either in your client for your client and we note that but isn't the larger problem with the obstruction piece that the president United States is the one person in the federal government who has a constitutional obligation to take care that the laws be faithfully executed and now America is stuck sitting on this evidence that shows repeatedly that Muller has wanted us to know whether we could do anything about it or not that this is a president who falls short of that constitutional obligation and he's the one person in government was supposed to be most responsible for it if I were to do an opening statement charging a president with obstruction of justice I would begin with this in the end my presidency is over and I am fudgicle that's all I need to know about the intent of the president let me just say this Ari and so why did Muller put that in there you're saying that's telling because why if goes to the corrupt intent of the presidency the President himself engaged if you read that report in conduct that frankly is embarrassing when I was reading the report I thought I was reading the script for godfather for I once charged a state prosecutor in Virginia with witness tampering and obstruction of justice and if he's listening he's probably laughing because what's in volume 2 of that report is 50 times more than what I charged in my indictment against that state prosecutor and here's why it's not just that he asked witnesses to lie it's not just that he was trying to protect himself it's that he didn't care about their judicial process and the rule of law right and I'm January 20th right of his inauguration day he took the oath to uphold the rule of law right and your point being he oath and molars outlining evidence that calls it a question you think of a fictional Godfather for as we await for whether Miller ever testifies I think of the actual Godfather 3 you think you're out and they pull you back in a bob mother left government service he left the FBI he was pulled back in to do this job he may be pulled back in one more time to tell Congress in the world what he means by what's in here and what he thinks or the way the Trump Justice Department the administration have dealt with it hey I'm already Melbourne from MSNBC you can see more of our videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you're here with us and we appreciate that

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