ASMR  -Sunday newspaper reading with bonus Saturday LA times  segment at the end.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I do not enjoy any asmr other than page turning and rain sounds for sleep this is great Tracy
    It really helps thank you i appreciated this 2y old video 👏

  2. The only complaint I have is you need to be a little more gentle when you flash your papers around it's like that it's nice and quiet and relaxing and then all of a sudden bam you get a slap in the face with your paper so loud not being negative just saying

  3. I just love your videos. You are the ASMR queen ! You hit tingles in so many levels and my sleep is so deep from watching your videos. So therapeutic. And my work day the next day, I have more energy. I'm in the construction trade. So thank you my ASMR queen.😊

  4. What happened to the one newspaper video you made it private. When are you going to do a new newspaper video

  5. Another great video. I love the longer ones like this. I would love to see a lingering, long video of this sort with a nice thick (many pages) coffee table book of some sort. Any subject really, tho if you take requests, I would love to see you do a video with an art book. Either fine art, or comic book type, video game related, something with lots of pictures (and lots of pages to turn). Look forward to whatever you do next.

  6. Thank you so much for answering my video request I told you I wanted you to do a longer video where you spent more time reading the paper cover to cover truly enjoying it this video far exceeded my expectations I hope each video from here on forward is as good as this one if not longer would love to actually see one longer than this where you do read every article every word regardless what it is about cannot wait keep up the good work

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