AWARD WINNING Short Film on Domestic Violence - SCOPE OF PRACTICE

the hell are you still doing it hey what's going on young lad not too much just about to go into service clear to you dear god you're a dick it's how you feeling you're ready actually yeah hey I just I just wanna say thanks you know we got a hell of a lot of potential we're gonna do fine out there hey stick you with anyway Rihanna Rihanna okay just give that some time all right you're gonna see eventually that she is a total bitch Oh perfect why don't they just stick me with you I know you'd love that see I catch you a fish you eat for a day right but if I teach you how to fish you leave me the fuck alone I gotta say that's a perfect place to end this conversation finally fuck off go save some lives miss you ran all right Briana Derek see you the new jacket shopping with us great so so do you want to switch at all I mean do you want me to drive oh no I actually like driving Wow medic that likes to drive nice yellow it's an ALS call you bet your ass you'll be driving okay fair enough so by one Simon go ahead copy oh yeah this is what the job is all about right here little old ladies who fall down the stairs it's a 26 year old female husband yeah you know this happens every once in a while I think it's got to do with her medication she takes antidepressants they make her dizzy sometimes okay sadly this is heaven for oh really I don't know why she takes those pills now that a girl don't you worry about that stretcher you know you look really familiar you may have treated me last year wait Philips Donnie Phillips buffa was tied down last year guilty as charged Wow my first call and I get a local celebrity nobody's supposed to know that I don't worry about it man I really appreciate what you guys do there's a crappy game last summer but I know you guys did everything you could for me and I owe you a great deal of gratitude for that so anything you need anything you let me know don't worry about it I should play ball in high school oh yeah I used to plan nah I had some family things come up and kind of took over my life I know how that is okay it's a pls call get your ass in the back hey thank you yeah thank you thank you both so how does it feel to be married to a local celebrity I'm sorry I'm sure you used to hear that by now so can I ask you a few questions hospital needs to know a little information first okay what's your date of birth 620 386 okay and just remember reasons but what's your social okay yeah it's not a problem you fell down some stairs huh all right well you have any pain I mean I'm sure you have pain but where it's specifically okay well do you mind if I just take a look oh shit I swear I can't see your shit bar sorry it looks like a footprint like like somebody kicked it in the back of the head I mean I don't want to overstep any boundaries here and I filled it out Phillips I never would have pegged him as a wife-beater yeah me neither I mean I filled out the report though and I'm just really trying to cover my ass well let's get back to me at all no absolutely not see the way it works is the port goes up then the authorities handle it from there but by all means if you suspect something put in the report can you can you just let me know if anything that comes with this the authorities will handle it you've got nothing to worry about all right well I guess I get some sleep tonight then listen don't ever hesitate to report abuse we're thinking to do is nothing at all well thank you sir I really appreciate it you got it a young woman reported missing from Tonawanda turns up dead in a Wyoming County Park Channel seven what if you realized you're not demonic commission you've got another thing coming Hey long time no see hey Darcy uh I haven't seen you for freaking ever so what's all this get yourself a big boy drive now yeah but it pays like a high school job yes I'm still nothing you then what's wrong if that you'd be a little happier to see me I'm fine how's everything going with you how's mom she moved back in King Artie are you kidding me no cuz if dad wasn't enough right okay what's wrong with you talk to me oh I met a girl I'm sorry to hear that she's married to Donnie fellows Oh the plot thickens you sleep with her no no nothing like that she was a patient of mine and I'm pretty sure he's been hittin it this is news what are you talking about well anybody who knows them knows that who's anybody I didn't know that well let me fill you in here liberal and don't repeat any of this because I could technically get disbarred for sharing this with you but do you remember Melinda the social worker works with me back firm she's got the dark hair pretty eyes wouldn't stop gawking at her yeah I just wear what is it with you and married women honestly well anyway she's been seeing Melinda for a while now and after Danny's injury last year was to say he's been taking it out on Emma quite a bit so he has been hitting her are you sure do I sound unsure well I reported as domestic violence so I'm pretty sure the police will handle it but what the fuck Wow so no what do you what are you talking about it's Donnie Phillips is what I'm talking about so he's above the law well I mean he's a hometown hero for Christ's sakes he donates to all sorts of charitable events he donates to firefighters EMS of course the police belove him so he hooks everybody up therefore they're in his back pocket well nobody really wants to see this guy behind bars if they did he'd be in jail by now anyone who knows him tends to overlook the fact that he has some serious issues consider it a little fluke to them a little fluke like sending your wife down a flight of stairs kind of fluke you seem very complacent with all this for your life never said it was complacent but I've accepted at face value and you know me well enough to know that if I could do something I would I'm a little distraught that you haven't done anything about this know what a little disappointed actually Derek don't talk to me like that you know that I would actually feed this guy his own nuts but the fact that I even know about this is already a problem where are you going you above everybody else to be finding a way around all the red tape Jesus Derek can we actually try to have a decent conversation here it's nice talking with you little bro let's do it again sometime anime is that are you fucking kidding me I'll be damned Ricky we gotta stop meeting like this telling you she's got to change those pills yeah the pills right sorry did the pills push it down the stairs or will I find a boot print on her abdomen this time what the hell are you talking about wait let me guess it's the classic dinner wasn't ready on time so she fell down some stairs right you're really cliche you know that you better be real fucking careful who you're talking to you don't want to fight me I'm not a hundred-pound woman I would advise you again to rethink who you're talking to yeah someone I used to respect you better keep that respect otherwise things are about to get real fucking ugly for you yeah fuck you Derek you better watch that mouth you wouldn't want it to reflect poorly on your company see I'm scared you smug prick little piece of shit if you knew me you would be I do know you this little piece of shits about the size holiday sir I apologize Ruby did the back quite all right miss your partner here's just got to learn it bit of manners is all I'll see you again rookie hey sir I'm sorry to bother you I just wanted to know if there was any update on the report I turned in I know I I just wanted to double-check see today I uh huh so all right thank you sir you're awfully quiet I don't like him video shot one seven five one seven copy PD requesting ambulance to the corner Graner the possible overdose or stab wounds five one seven copy fancy fucking and it's like Oh gonna fuckin asses get me out of here man oh my god you serious I'm sorry hey man yeah so maybe I should have come with you look I'm not in the joking mood right now come on let's bowl chats so I heard about what happened yeah well I'm sure you're not the only one I also heard about the report you put in why do I also feel like I'm in a shrinks office so which I could tell me what's going on then actually no I think I'm about to lose my job here Derek I know what you're going through a lot of us have been there that's a little presumptuous don't you think you can take it however you want I'm just saying you're not the first person who's had to deal with this was it I know you want to save this girl and you did the best that she could but you can't keep letting this eat away at you this isn't gonna be the last time you have to deal with a situation like this look if we're actually going to get into this can you not talk down to me how much do you know about Donnie Phillips he's well-connected people love him oh and he hits his wife does that sound vaguely familiar to you at all don't patronize me this is nothing to do with my family I'm not talking about your family I'm talking about celebrities local national worldwide every big name that's ever done anything so evil yet the general population seems to overlook it and do the police count as the general population he's giving them something they want athletes musicians movie stars they all give us something we want we hold them up in so high of a regard that we just hear and believe whatever we want to I mean about it there are people out there who beat the shit out of women rape them destroy people's lives how concerned are we really is this supposed to make me feel better I'm just telling it to you like it is this ex football player that you have it out for is loved by the entire community for whatever it is he does you have to accept the fact that you cannot control what he does to his wife behind closed doors you are only going to be hurting yourself if you dig into this any deeper and I am sorry I hate to say this but it is not worth playing the hero I don't want to play the hero I just can't sit back and let this happen when I know I can help I've been letting things like this go my whole life and I can't do that anymore I'm gonna share a story that I heard on the news the other month there was this group of kids from some small town Africa where true story though they all had scholarships what they did was they went out found a girl and they gang raped her oh that's not all they recorded the entire thing and put it onto the internet for the whole world to see Jesus fuckin Christ disgusting despicable loathsome thing for anybody to do I mean the kids are facing charges now thank God but here's the problem there were people in that community who tried to cover it up knowing that these kids committed this sick crime and then shared it with the world they still wanted to protect those little bastards because they had a bright future this is the world you live in Derek this is what you need to learn to accept now I'm sorry if I'm talking down to you but anybody who believes in the world is a good place is merely living in a state of blissful ignorance okay this is reality and I know with your background that's hard to accept but if you keep letting this eat away at you you are gonna end up helping nobody and hurting yourself your job is to treat people and report problems if you see now this is Donnie fucking Phillips he's gonna get his but it's not up to you to save this girl he expected me to just sit back and let karma get him believe it or not I care about you now I don't want to see you make a mistake that you're gonna regret okay you have to decide whether attempting to save this girl is worth the inevitable loss of your career and quite possibly your well-being I already have Hey I'm sorry to bother you but do you remember me yeah Derek right Wow you remember my name Emma correct uh yeah look I'm sorry this is this is probably weird um I just I'm just gonna get going but it's really nice seeing you again and I hope everything is going well for you so you take care of yourself wait sorry just the circumstances enough badly it is you can sit oh really I'm quite all right I end this yeah I've been out of work for a little bit I'm on administrative leave it's a long story not to pry or anything but you're getting trouble for something not really it's just more of a crappy situation I see so what brings you around here I come here every Friday night it's kind of the only time I really get to myself on a Friday night no other parties or bars or anything well I guess that's that's Noble you know my apartments about the only long time I get actually my sister and I used to come here all the time you know you'd like her really I've never seen you well we're usually here when the Sun's up so I kid you not this lady weighed 660 pounds yeah and so as we're about to take her out I noticed that she has like three bags with her so stupid me without even thinking I I asked her well you really don't travel like do you yeah and then she looks at me and she says boy do I look like I travel light yeah sometimes my filter doesn't really work Wow it's like 3:00 a.m. how long have we been here oh god I have to go whoa wait a minute can I give you a ride back it's not wrong thank you I have I have to help look don't you dare judge me okay Emma you don't have to be afraid of this guy seriously what are you doing with this guy sonic bitch who could gonna kill I'm here in front of the house of former Buffalo running back Donnie Phillips were suspect Derek Reynolds a former EMT has just broken into the Phillips house and shot mr. Phillips and his wife husband police now had Reynolds custody I was definitely a struggle first kid said Donnie was beat as what your statement for the way he's gonna make a statement with a lawyer Darcy Reynolds back in the station I'll be dead oh good know something kid or for those cuffs I'd shake your hand you you you

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  2. I know this video is is a couple years old but man, this was so good. Felt like an actual movie and I'd pay to see this in theatres if it ever came out. Nice work! It's well put together and the acting was mostly believable.

  3. to all the enabler's there is no excuse to stay ever, victim card revoked…stop degrading actual victims it's disgusting…

  4. so basically every wahmin's wet dream ruining 2 men's lives at the same time…
    remember guys you fuck pussies you don't let them fuck you, chivalry is dead,
    that poor little me bullshit is all manipulation, the only power they will ever have
    is the honey pot, they know it and cause shit like this for spite…it's time you know it.
    *edit btw I skipped ahead because I knew it was bs, either a feminazi or cuck dropped this turd.

  5. If you see a mature adult being abused and continue to stay in the relationship don't get involved your only putting yourself in unnessary danger, but if you see a child being abused or if you know that a child is being abused then you have a duty to do something about it!!

  6. I use to be the neive person who thought the world need saving until I saw things for what they really are..we live in a twilight zone

  7. The girl could have saved herself and leave, instead she took an innocent boy's life, who was too nieve to see that she enjoys being controlled and abused. There are sick twisted people who enjoys being abused that's the real reason why they stay in abusive relationships

  8. This is such a terrible take on the issue ughhhhh. White knight tries to save pretty girl (who has no agency of her own) from the big bad man. Literally every woman in this film is a bitch or something, and he is congratulated? Also all the speeches on "this is just how it is!" Fuck off. This made me so damn mad, honestly.

    Let's talk about domestic violence, but have it be told from the perspective of a white man! Gag me.

  9. I dislike how some people choose to say nothing about abusers simply because they're on a high pedestal or because they're afraid of hurting their reputation. I don't care if that person has a high reputation, you shouldn't just let abuse go by! 💜

  10. A person who is being domestically abused will not be sitting in a cafe alone on a Friday night, or any other night, and especially not until 3am. This story is unrealistic, and is an insult to domestic abuse survivors.

  11. This does not feel like a low budget film, more like a TV movie. A lot of people are nit picking the story apart saying life doesn’t happen like this, but know the film maker based this on personal experiences. I hope you make another film – you clearly are gifted!

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