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Press the Bell Icon to never miss a video from Namaskar Friends & Welcome to this video. Today we will be talking about the renowned Politician from Maharashtra, Bala Saheb Thakre. Bal Thakre was a impressive politician and the Founder of Shiv Sena. He was born on Jan 23, 1926 in Pune. Before proceeding with the video, here’s a question for you: Who is playing the role of Bal Saheb Thakre in the upcoming biopic about Bal Saheb Thakre? If you know the answer, do let us know in the comment section below. You will get the answer by the end of this video. Now, let’s talk about the initial days of the life of Bal Thakre. Sir Bal Thakre was commonly called as Bal Saheb Thakre by his colleagues & followers. He was an efficient social worker, politician, cartoonist & writer. He started his career started as a cartoonist. At that time he used to work as a Cartoonist for the Free Press Journal. His cartoons also used to get published in the Sunday Edition of Times Of India. In the year 1960, he started a weekly journal by the name of “Marmic” which was an anti-migrant satirical weekly. Bal Saheb Thakre also led the United Maharashtra Movement as well as Fights for Maharashtra with Mumbai as Capital. which is also known as Samyukta Maharashtra Movemnet. Bal Saheb Thakre was also the Founder of Marathi Newspaper, Saamana. Via this newspaper, he used to express his views as a writer. This Newspaper was launched in the year 1989. Bal Thakre came in limelight when he opposed the migration of Non-Marathi Residents to Mumbai. He also arranged many campaigns for the same. and with this objective he entered into Politics. and then Shiv Sena was formed. It is often said that the Politics of Maharashtra is incomplete with Bal Saheb Thakre. Shiv Sena came into existence on 19th June, 1966. This Political party was formed for the people of Maharashtra so that Marathi people could get their rights. People belonging to this Political Party are know as Shiv Sainik. For 4 decades, Bal Thakre played a very significant role in the politics of Maharashtra. He changed the entire math of the Politics of Congress from Maharashtra Politics by establishing Shiv Sena. Bal Thakre inherited Politics from his Father who used to be a very impressive writer crusader. He never liked caste politics and never let national issues to take a toll on the regional issues. In the year 1995, an alliance took place between Bhartiya Janta Party & Shiv Sena during Assembly Elections. due to which they came into power in Maharashtra. Election Commission banned Bal Thakre from voting & contesting election, from the year 1999 till 2005. His Political rallies used to be overwhelmed with public and he used to be a significant crowd puller. And in the end, the answer to the question we asked: In the upcoming biopic of Bal Thakre, Nawazuddin Siddiqui will be playing the role of Bal Thakre. Did you like this video? Do let us know in the comment section below. Do not forget to share this video with your friends.

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