Bannon: Bloomberg has a personal vendetta against Trump

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  1. No no no no !!!!! Bun fire on Clinton’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 no more rapists and cho mozzzzzz in the government , Come on people ! Big up Trump from across the pond

  2. What Bannon will NEVER understand is that no Democrat wants to work with a President who's word is no better than Fecal Matter.

  3. Hillary propped up Bills being a letch. Then Obama for the womens and black Vote and But when it came to her turn, Bill and Obama abandon her. Then with her accumulated baggage, she turned off 63 million American voter, her husband and Obama and lost to President Trump. Just telling as I watched her slowly sink into Oblivion.

  4. Explains why far left liberals can break the law with impunity while, at the same time, beating down any form of common sense.  Attacking national leaders & businesses, legally, for simply displaying wisdom and morality.   Democrats really good at cheating in elections.  Pray for America.  America's only hope – GOD of the HOLY BIBLE.

  5. They do not have the candidates, no doubt.  Liberal agendas are beyond perverted.  BUT …they have America's courts all the way up and through the Supreme Court.  With the support of both parties.  Americans are not represented even close by our courts.  Judges sit to politically pervert law.

  6. Spot on.
    Steve Bannon has flaws like any person, but he ain’t no dummy. The Democrats are stepping in it again in 2020. No lessons learned from 2016. Keep America Great!

  7. My old leather handbag is more attractive than this character. LOL. Do it, put Hillary in the position, this will be a great election year, would love to see this, get the popcorn ready. I wouldn't trust her making me a sandwich much less being second in command.

  8. Lord help us all if this is true. I know that Trump will decimate the vote on November….but God Help us all if HRC
    is even thought about getting in as a VP.

  9. If Hillary ends up being his VP pick, I’ll be convinced that she’s into BDSM. She seems to love to be shamed, degraded, and beaten in public.

  10. Bloomberg and Trump are both Israeli/Deep State puppets. Bloomberg is a closet communist as well.
    Since America is NEVER given a choice to vote for someone that actually CARES about America and is not a PUPPET of the Zio-Lobby like Ron Paul or Tulsi Gabbard, we will be forced to vote for Trump again as COMMUNIST are the only other PUPPETS running for office.

  11. But who cares if they are independent for the important thing is what they stand for the message they are talking to the people of America not partisan..I could care less but the messages…

  12. many, MANY bernie supporters do not ascribe to the anyone blue philosophy..others say they do but i don't necessarily believe it..i don't see a bloomberg nomination unless it's a brokered convention and the superdelegates decide in which case at least a quarter of the democratic voters will jump ship in some form or another.

  13. Bloomberg cares about Bloomberg. Period. Don't believe the money is all his. People behind the scenes Clintons George Soros a former president. Anyone with money is behind Bloomberg. Trump 2020.

  14. LOL If by some freak chance bloomberg wins and the clinton crime family is VP, She will probable suicide him to become president ..

  15. I hope that Mike Bloomberg realizes that if he chooses HILLARY CLINTON, he is going to be added to THE LONG LIST THAT THE CLINTONS HAVE PAID TO BE MURDERED!!!!

  16. Mike Bloomberg will make a big mistake to appoint Hillary Clinton as vice president.
    Donald Trump has made America great in 2020 Trump, will make America even greater, when he becomes President for another four years.

  17. U r desperate mr. Steve Bannon. By looking for timid Iranian response for brazen killing of general Soleimani in a last attempt to start a major middle eastern war (Iraq would be like a picnic in comparison). Iranians there in a long game and decided to weight u and trump out. But u still have a lot off blood of a native Americans forest defenders in Brazilian Amazon on your hands. Congratulation on Bolsonaro my fuehrer. I hope Mike will be gone before any VP talks. If he declare a Hillary it will be a lot sooner. One thing for sure no status quo. Berie2020

  18. Bernie2020 is a social democrat. He is not talking about coops. Richard D Wolff and Noam Chomsky do.
    Defying the Crisis – The Spanish Collective Mondragón | Made in Germany DW News Jan 25, 2012
    Noam Chomsky on the Mondragon cooperatives and Workers' Councils Interview from 1994. Uh.. Noam_Chomsky !Wikipedia. What is a Workers' Co-operative? ! LocalMarketCoop Great post by women's mostly

  19. Bloomberg might have a personal vendetta against Trump. But Trump has a personal vendetta against all and sundry: Obama, Hillary, Schiff, Nadler, Warren, and the list is too long to fit here. So what is Bannon trying to say? His man is a paranoid, megalomaniacal, vindictive apology for a human being. Bannon was unceremoniously kicked out. If he had any dignity at all, and any sense of patriotism, he would speak out and help the country put this dangerous man out of business before he ruins our democracy beyond repair.

  20. Chris Chappell Youtube <China Uncensored> revealed
    How WHO's corruption helped spread the deadly Coronavirus and is putting lives at risk .

  21. The Democrats under stand more than you think. They for sure can smell a dead rat in the White House. I can smell the rat and I’m in the middle of the United States.

  22. WHEN THERE IS NOTHING PRO- AMERICA ABOUT DEMONAZI MISSIONS, there really IS NO MISSION. See the best 10 part wake up ever, "CABAL FALL", will show the state of WOKE ! And Q IS COMING !

  23. TRUMP2020! There is no other Choice at all. We are not Socialist. Socialism has been proven to NEVER Work. Do your Research people! Nothing is FREE..

  24. Who would have thought Bloomberg would have commit career suicide. What a joke just remember wicked people do wicked things.

  25. We got to force google to delete all fraud accounts with corresponding messages (posted by those account) to create even field for election season. And first they have to come up with open source algorithm/chart before they do any intentional or unintentional errors. with test plans

  26. Which oligarchs is sloppy Steve talking about. The ones in trumps cabinet; Ross. Or the ones who support him: Adelson, Icahn, Mercer, Thiel and Murdoch.

  27. Now Bloomburge changed mind about his running mate. From Meishele to Hillary Clinton ! Crooked liers out in the streets. Running wild ! Bill must have stepped in With bigger money . And bigger promises! Well Perhaps she will take
    Share the Queens role. Her life long dreams of Queens crowning Glorry !
    Hding her subjects under her spell!
    Our country. Iether He will turn it over to her

  28. Little Mike want to buy America with lie lie from Hussein Obama too with help from corrupt media who make you star or superstar

  29. What happens if Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton step into the picture!! Bloomberg starts it, then Obama & Clinton take over??!! Obama, Clinton, and Goerge Soros are dirty game-players!!

  30. Strategist Steve Bannon is a genius! He knows what he is talking about and he is telling what he knew all along the Truth. Thank you Ms. Maria and thank you too
    Mr. Steve Bannon for your expertise.

  31. 8 hrs work – livable wage, free college or training, free kindergarten from 0 to preK, medicare for all save lives for the half price. But with first three checked who needs a doctors? And where the money come from. Same place as FDR did in the middle of Great Depression. But rich dont want to pay. They would rather switch to fascism, Bannon etc. Bernie2020. "8. Fascism is a capitalist response to socialism" (Richard D Wolff – google, YT from 10 things to know about socialism)

  32. Name one deep stater who does not have a personal vendetta against President Trump. They are all sad weak losers in desperate panic. Their source of illegal money is drying up

  33. Could you even imagine suggesting Hillary as running mate for the Presidency even a year ago? What happened to her Epstein connection and the Clinton foundation being a corrupt hub for theft and evil?
    Let alone all those murders, her witchcraft? Not arrested
    through it all. She must have ALOT of dirt on bloomberg, and if he wins he will be under 6 ft of it.

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