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Barr interview exposes new divisions between attorney general and special counsel

Barr interview exposes new divisions between attorney general and special counsel

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019


  2. Now it's coming out that Mueller edited parts of his report to make sure that president Trump looks like he's guilty

  3. Now we learn that Mueller's team edited transcripts and purposely excluded exculpatory evidence in his report in order to leave wiggle room for impeachment. The report should be deemed "unreliable" and Mueller should be put under oath to answer detailed questions about what he was really doing for 675 days and 35 million tax dollars.

  4. Just when I thought CBS was starting to see the light they still stick with the "deep state" version. I think they and other "main stream media" organizations will come around as the New York times is starting to do.

  5. They should post the whole unedited video and quit acting like gate keepers. We want to hear it for ourselves and we don't need, nor do we trust their stupid talking head analysis that is so biased it is painful to listen too. Absolutely painful. Who do they think they are fooling? So arrogant!

  6. Thumbs down not because I dont support upholding the law and putting all the rats in prison but because of the obvious flawed and unjust coverage on this biased episode. Shame on you CBS.

  7. Would like to see full interview with Barr. Really don't care what CBS pundits think. This is the age of the internet. You no longer have a monopoly on having an opinion.

  8. I've heard the full audio on this. 48+ min long. At no point did it stoke division. This is a complete lie. Bar explained Muellers thinking and his own. He was very fair and precise with his answers. This is propaganda and CBS should be ashamed if itself.

  9. CBS anchor did not/could not even get the AGs name right (29/30 second mark) – who the F is “Bob” Barr!?


  10. Love the click bait titles…if you listen to the full interview…48 minutes long, you hear Barr being very professional and fair to Mueller. The bottom line is there isn't clear substantial evidence on obstruction and since there was no impact on the investigation which found there was no underlying crime, it should be case closed. Stop making this thing into something it is not. Liberal media is just trying to keep the smokescreen going because they know they have no real platform to run on in 2020. I didn't vote for Trump in 2016 but I will in 2020…he is trying to keep his promises and his policies are directionally correct. Wake up moderates…run away from identity politics and socialism. They are destroying this country.

  11. President Barack Obama said before the end of his second term that American was divided. And if that’s true which I think it was,then President Trump couldn’t have divided America because it already was. As a matter of fact Donald Trump got elected 2016 because America was divided politically. Otherwise his election 2016 wouldn’t have been possible! If Dems and Repubs were united before the 2016 election there’s no way and outsider non-politician would’ve bested these party’s…America was tired of politics as usual and tip their hats to an outsider. And it was the best move Americans have made. Democrats ought to be ashamed of themselves for this fake Russian Collusion delusion and come back down to reality until democrats admit they got it wrong 2016. They will continue to lose elections…🇺🇸

  12. Every attorney general is hand picked by the president of every administration no matter demonrat or Republican, Obama HAND PICKED Eric Holder remember he called himself Obama's Wing Man but we never heard anything negative about his hand picked AG, this is why your called fake news and you think we the people are stupid and don't see through your bias & don't know your use of hand picked is just a load of B.S.

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