BBC1 News Report - 15 June 1996 - Manchester bombing

our recording of this afternoon's fly past and the Royal Family's appearance on the balcony of buckingham palace will be shown together with highlights from the parade at five past 7:00 this evening on BBC two this is BBC one a news report now from Moira Stuart within the last hour there's been an explosion in manchester city centre it follows a security alert earlier this morning police say that bomb disposal experts were working on a vehicle when a device of some sort detonated they say a coded warning had been received but it's not clear from whom a number of people have been seriously injured but as far as they're aware there's been no fatalities a number of people have received injuries from flying glass it's understood police were cordoning off an area around the on Dale centre a busy shopping area after receiving reports of a suspect car parked near a branch of Marks & Spencer when there was a large explosion we've just received these pictures of central Manchester police are concerned there may be other devices in the area and we're joined now on the phone by a Brendan Pitt away who's at the st. scene Brendan what can you tell us well what I can tell you is this from about a quarter past 10:00 this morning police were cordon off a large portion of Manchester City Centre having received a warning a coded Boeing and also having become aware of shoppers concerns about the suspect car parked near a branch of Marks & Spencer's on Cannon Street which is right in the heart of Manchester's shopping area about an hour after police have begun cordoning off the area and evacuating buildings of people into the main center of the city there was a loud explosion it could be hear heard right across the city centre building shook windows shattered the center of the city were the offices the main offices are a sea of glass certainly people have been injured I myself have seen two people injured by flying glass and there have been hordes of ambulances ferrying people out of the center certain people in basements were ordered to stay put and not move from those buildings when the explosion happened we don't yet know if any of the bomb disposal officers who were working on that the car when the explosion happened whether they have been injured or how seriously any of the people who have been injured have been hurt Brendan I take it you are okay perfectly okay I was sat there having a cup of tea when it happens but certainly there are a great deal of people who have been shot by what happened people in floods of tears others trying to get back to their buildings to see if any of their colleagues were hurt to make sure that body is okay there's still a great deal of confusion in the city center of course there are a great number of football fans in the in the city today for the Germany Russia game and they are also adding to the confusion because a great Tim speak English and they're wandering around trying to get friends in it and be forced away Brendan thank you so much for your report we'll bring you more details in our next Reginald news at one o'clock you're watching BBC one the weather now with Suzanne Charlton thank you good afternoon while grandstand coming up shortly and of course heading off

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