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Hey everybody. So random video alert. A couple of things. So, last night I went to yoga. And for any of you who are new viewers, I go to yoga sometimes. And I try to do it more often than not. Because I feel better. Ta-da,
surprise. And sorry I am hand holding this. And Sean’s going to be like ‘So wobbly’. But I’m doing my best. Anyway, so at yoga, I got there first. Which never happens. And I was the first person there. And I put my mat down. And then another girl comes in, She puts her mat down. She goes to change. And I’m like, You know what, I want a picture of this. I want a picture of my favourite place,
my most peaceful place. Because there is actually no one here. It’s actually really peaceful. And then, I got to put my
mat in my favourite place. For those of you who do yoga, you know you
have a favourite place. And I set my mat down. And I look up. And I’m looking through this window out
into pretty much just the sunshine. Because I’m laying on the floor
looking up at it kind of. And it’s like, I dunno, like, You can’t even see where my hand is going. But just up, above me. And there is like palm
leaves in front of the window. And I’m like, This is so fucking gorgeous. And I’m like, I want to take a picture of this
and post it on intsagram. And as soon as that thought
came into my mind, Do you ever have this where
your brain is all of a sudden like, ‘What? Shut up. What is wrong
with you? Be in the moment.’ And I was like, That’s a great thing to talk about. Being in the moment. Because I would venture to say, And obviously this is not, This is just me talking as myself. Not like as therapist Kati. Because there are two
different people like that. I have like one hat I put on,
and then I take it off. And so I’ve taken that hat off. So you know. It’s a disclaimer. I would venture to say that
because we’re so tied to this thing, This thing I’m holding. This phone. And I’m so tied to the internet. And we’re all so tied to things. And got to share. Got to take selfies. Got to take a picture. I got to just take a picture of my food. I’ve got to let people know what I’m doing. Hah. I would wonder. I would venture to say that depression has
gotten higher in the states because of this. And the world in general. Because we never allow
ourselves to fully feel a moment. And so I forced myself to sit on
my mat, not take a photo. To be in the moment. And it actually felt uncomfortable at first. How fucked up is that? It felt really uncomfortable. And then I was like, You know what, I need to
practice being in the moment. And I think, I know that’s
going to be really hard for me. Especially because I’m going to VidCon, It’s like super over share
time of the world. And I’ll take pictures, don’t worry. I will share with you. But I think after that,
like I’ve decided like Monday, When I’m back into my regular,
you know, whole role of things. That I’m going to be in the moment. I’m not going to take as many photos. I’m not going to, you know, do as much. Like just enjoy. Like, time with your friends. Don’t worry about taking a photo to
prove to people where you were. Or don’t worry about, you know,
showing them that funny video, Or that funny thing. Just try to be. Try to communicate. Try to look eye to eye. Try to get outside. And not worry about taking pretty photos. Just experience it. It’s a challenge. For myself. And for you too. So I hope you like it. Anyway, I love you all. I’m really excited about VidCon, I’m really excited to meet all of you. I love meeting my fans. I get super excited. And sometimes I get a little teary. Because I just get so excited for you. You know, To get to put faces to
names and stuff like that. So I hope to see you all there. I’ll have Sean take some video
and pictures of my panels. Because it’s really cool that we’re
talking about mental health more. Because I think a lot of people struggle. And I know that Laci Green has
put out a video recently. Where she talks about her
struggle with depression. Hannah Hart has talked about it a lot. So big youtubers are talking about it. That’s important. Keep talking. I love you all. I’ll see you later. Bye! Subtitles by the community

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  1. I think I'm on the other end of the spectrum in some ways because I feel guilty that I dont document my life more or have more photos to look back on. Its hard getting that balance!

  2. #katijournaltopic
    My therapist said a quote that has really stuck with me. Fear is temporary but regret is permanent.

    We were talking about my driving theory and driving exam because I keep putting it of because im scared of failing. But if we dont get past our fears we will live out lives in regret, wondering what if. Instead im going to book a date and go with it. 😃

  3. Hi kati, I have been diagnosed as bpd a while ago but because of where I live there is not a lot of good quality therapist ect. Which causes my parents to doubt my diagnosis and even tell people that my diagnosis is a joke. I fully believe that this is my proper diagnosis as it fits me to a T. How can I have my family take me seriously and start supporting me instead of laughing at my mental health?

  4. When I´m on a concert or where things are interesting. I always want to film it or take pictures of it.
    I want to try to focus more on the moment especially then when I want to film it.

  5. Love this : ) I sometimes snap a pic after I'm "in the moment" What a great reminder… I see so many people with their faces shoved in their phone ALL the time. **hugs

  6. This is a great video Kati. I have such a hard time staying in the moment and relaxing. My anxiety is always so high because of this. I believe this is where meditation would help. Is that part of being Mindfulness? I wish I could just be with myself and feel relaxed but it feels like I'm going to go crazy.
    I tried a guided meditation for the first time the other night and I couldn't do it. Someone told me to just keep on doing it and eventually I will be able to do it without my mind going in circles. Do you meditate? Is it really hard to do in the beginning? Thank you Kati for all the great videos.

  7. I am so glad you are talking about mental health and elaborating on bipolar disorder. Thx for squashing that stigma! Have a great week 🙂

  8. Staying in the moment is so hard when you have so many things begging for your attention, like phones, tvs, mental illnesses, etc. But I find I am much more at peace when I'm in the moment and being mindful about what's going on around me. 🙂

  9. Thank you for this, this is so needed in our society today and similar to the mental health stigma, this is a touchy topic for some because the majority of people participate in this behavior including myself. Sometimes the assurance that it is okay to unplug is needed! 🙂

  10. #KatiFAQ  What are your thoughts on rape victim's involvement in the legal aspect of it? How could testifying possibly benefit (give closure, allow person to accept and confront what happened) or harm (negative affect on long term mental health) in the long run? What if the victim is 16 (15 at time of assault)?

    I want your professional opinion on this because I am in this situation, and am also between therapists. I'm not allowed to talk to my friends and they couldn't give me helpful advice anyway. I feel as though I NEED to testify. I know that if I don't, I will never accept, take control, or move on. But the whole idea terrifies me. I have to practice being examined and cross examined, and the guy will be in the room (and his parents probably will too because he is 17). I do not care about the sentence, nor am I wanting to this out of anger or "justice." When I think about what it means I feel sick and tell myself there is no way I could possibly do this, but I know I will be so regretful and stuck in it if I don't. This is running my every aspect of my life… What is your opinion? Thank you so much. The world needs more Kati Mortons

  11. +Katie Morton
    Hi katie, I have two problems. First one is that I have no idea where my anxiety came from. I haven't had any traumatic experiences or anything like that. Help me please. Also, I have a problem where I secretly binge. Even if I'm not hungry, whenever my family isn't around, I have to get something. Idk if its an eating disorder otherwise specified, but I would like some advice please. Thanks so much.

  12. Hi Kati! I showed one of your videos to my therapist today (Suicide: An honest discussion), and she loved it! She's going to recommend your videos to other clients! Thanks for being amazing, you're making such a difference. Keep being awesome and have an amazing day 🙂

  13. Hey katifaq, I was wondering if I could email you my question? I have a ton going on and I dont know what to do anymore!!!! Im so lost and I have no where else to turn! Please answer me back!!!! Or if you could email me? Id be glad to give u my email? just let me know because I was abused about four months ago and its been extremely hard! Im looking forward to talking with u… xoxo

  14. Hey kati I have found something out about myself because when I was eleven years old I wanted to end my life I finally know why because I'm afraid of dieing it has gotten to the point were I'm fearful to go to sleep.
    I have been fearful of dieing ever since my brother died seven years ago.
    I am under cahms which is child and adolescent mental health service in the UK I have not told them I'm fearful of die scared of what they may say or do and I have not told them why I wanted to end my life we have all just put it Down to bad mood.
    But I don't know weather to say as im undergoing an assessment for ASD I'm only 13 but they also think I may have BPD .
    Sorry this is so long please help me I'm struggling I don't wanna tell my mum .
    Video was great please help .

  15. Great reminder to everyone Kati! I have a certain type of amnesia and know the importance of each moment. Please don't lose precious moments to technology. We've lived the past, don't know the future, all we have with certainty is this very moment.

  16. My online best friend had a bus accident, like one of her friends died and all of her classmates were injured (it was a school trip), and its been a month now and I'm trying to help her but it's hard because I don't really know what to tell her, what could help her or anything. And I can't be there physically with her so i feel like that makes everything harder. What can I do to help her?

  17. Everyone read eckhart tolle – the power of now.

    Alternatively watch him on youtube. There are so many great videos on here about the present moment.

  18. Dear Kati, thank you so much for this small comment, you are so right. I think we all will struggle with it, being in the moment, carpe diem, with all this technologies. I love making pictures, and I express myself artistically through them. But at the same time it is calming for me. So it seems to be good. But from the other side, maybe it is bad too? Just not being able to exist without my pictures. Anyway, I got your message, I will make a no picture challenge.;)

  19. Hey Katifaq, ive been dealing with a lot and its been hard. Like I was sexually assaulted four months ago. I want to just get over it and my family blames me for the rape 🙁 I hate my life and idk what to do anymore. Is there an easy fix to get through it? I see a therapist but its not enough And idk why by its hard to talk to a therapist face to face about my problems But I can talk to anyone else? my father is also disabled due to a stroke and he cant even feed himself!!! I blame myself for my fathers stroke and the rape! I self harm once in awhile and ive tried killing myself numerous times! Please answer my questions bc I have no where else to turn! I feel so lost and like nobody cares about me! My problem is, I try to help everyone and I analyze everything! Like why is my family like that, how could anyone get treated like that. Why, why, why, and my mind is always going!!!!!! Its so hard to live life like this, I get so depressed! Please help me kati!!! Xoxo

  20. I've been listening to allot of audiobooks written about positive psychology lately, when I get older I want to have some kind of positive memories to look back on.

  21. Hi Kati..I know you do a lot of eating disorder topics, so I have a question/scenario that I really need help with. Recently, I have been afraid to eat in front of other people and it's really starting to affect my life. It affects my job, family members birthdays, or any type of social gathering that involves eating. I also recently got a new job, and during my break I get nervous to eat if anyone else is in the break room. I'm so confused because I love food and I eat perfectly fine when no one else is around. Also, there are a few exceptions, I'm not nervous to eat around my boyfriend, but everyone else and especially large groups I get shaky/nervous and a dry mouth. I'm curious if this is an "eating disorder" or just really bad social anxiety. I have never had this issue growing up or ever in my life before; I'm currently 23 years old.This phobia of social gatherings and eating out or in front of people is recent within the last couple of years. Also, I am a thin girl, so whenever I get nervous to eat, I am not eating as much as I normally would, so sometimes I'm not getting enough calories. I would really like your opinion, and I'm curious if I'm the only one with this problem. My eating issue has nothing to do with body image, its more about feeling embarrassed or pressured to eat a lot when I am around other people. I honestly feel like since I am skinny, anyone I eat around is judging me, or thinking I should eat more, or thinking negative things about me and what I'm eating; or, if I'm nervous and only eating a tiny bit, then they DO think I'm anorexic or have some type of eating disorder. I just feel really embarrassed and judged if I have to eat in front of people… I know the only way to get over a fear is to face it, which there have been scenarios that I have, it's just crippling feeling this way. I also know about "Safe foods" if someone has a phobia about eating in public, etc. I just want to know WHY I'm feeling this way.. 🙁 I used to be a social butterfly and now I'm scared to do a lot of things….My boyfriend and family members tell me to go talk to someone or take medicine and even the thought of medicine gives me anxiety… I feel scared to take it because of all the negative side effects. I feel embarrassed thinking that I have an "eating disorder".

  22. That sounds challenging but it also sounds like very helpful advice. I may start trying that. Thank you Kati

  23. I don´t have instagram, I don´t have twitter, I don´t have a smart phone, I don´t have tumbler .. I have absolutly NO clue what pinterest is… and I´m no old grandma.. I´m 23 years old and living a very happy "hippe" life…

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