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  1. Max before SAS return looked 50. Max after SAS return looks barely 30. Carrying Ryan Hollins can destroy a man LMAO.

  2. By Just the Beginning of Max argument of Leveon Bell being a Top Running for 3-4 years (Not saying he wasn't ) Is pretty shocking cuz Leveon has only had 1 healthy season in his career so far.

  3. Steelers are the only AFC North team getting hated on in the comments because ESPN wants to talk about them! The hate is real!

  4. I hope Max is well-paid to sound this stupid. Does he not know the Bell didn't play ball last year and that Conner (his replacement) went to the Pro-Bowl?

  5. Stop blah blah blah about Big Ben. Let's see Bell and Brown get to the Superbowl with their new teams before talking about Ben. AB is only worried about Jerry Rice's numbers.

  6. Max, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THE F**K YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! If James Conner hadn't been injured he easily finishes the season with 1300 rushing yards and 15 TD's. Juju at #1 finishes 1400+ yards and 12 TD's. And I'm being modest there. Big Ben is a mute compared to Leveon and AB with all that social media/media attention crap. Call me biast, but Pittsburgh's winning AFC north 2019.

  7. Why do any of these guys have jobs as analysts. Never once have I heard any of these ppl say something that a casual nfl fan wouldnt know

  8. ESPN so insecure about the Steelers. This team is very very talented. Don’t listen to the casuals because when are they ever right? Never

  9. The Steelers will be this year's version of Seattle. Their key players lost will be addition by subtraction as they have guys now who will focus on winning, and not on drama. They got cancerous players out like Seattle.

  10. UrinatingTree (a Steelers fan) did an in depth analysis of the Steelers arrogance and dysfunction with his "Days of Our Steelers" videos.

    Like he's pointed out as well, Big Ben is far more immature and a toxic teammate than Baker Mayfield is, quiet as it's kept.

  11. hey IDIOTS lev bell wasnt a steeler last year let it go stop bringing him up we already moved on from him only difference this year is no ab

  12. max kellerman youre overrated u cant tell difference between nfc north and afcnorth get outta here joker rofl

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