Benefits of a VA Home Loan (Top 5 Benefits of a VA Loan)

what are the top five benefits of using a VA home loan well that's what we're talking about today and we're starting right now hey everyone welcome back to my channel I'm Angela O'Hair a realtor here in Las Vegas Nevada with the O'Hair team at Urbanus Realty if this is your first time here consider subscribing now clicking that button down below and even that bell for notification if you're watching this on Facebook be sure to click on the link in the description to watch the full video on youtube and subscribe there so the topic today is what are the top five benefits for using a VA home loan backed by the US Department of Veteran Affairs VA loans are designed to help active-duty military personnel veterans and certain other groups become home owners and an affordable cost here's an overview of the top five benefits of a VA home loan number one there's no down payment I mean really no down payment most home loans required to make some sort of down payment but the VA home loan is the exception with a VA loan you can finance up to a hundred percent of the purchase price the VA loan is a true no money down opportunity number two there's no mortgage insurance either I mean really no mortgage insurance typically when you get another home loan you have to pay for some sort of mortgage insurance if you're not putting 20% down since VA loans require no down payment norm or get insurance that makes it VA that mortgage very affordable upfront and over time number three VA loans come in many varieties if VA loan can have a fixed interest rate or an adjustable rate it can be used to buy a house a condo a brand new build manufactured home even a duplex or any other type of property or you can use it to refinance your existing mortgage number four it's a heck of a lot easier to obtain a VA loan you know like I'll mortgage types you're gonna have to provide some kind of specific documentation like your acceptable credit history and your work history to make sure that you can afford the monthly payment but as compared to the other loan types of VA loan guidelines are so much more flexible this is made possible because of the VA loan guarantee number five there's limited closing cost the VA limits the closing costs that a lender can charge a VA loan applicant and this is another great reasons why the VA loan can be more affordable than any other loan type if you're military veteran or still active-duty you may be able to qualify for a u.s. Department of Veteran Affairs loan if you would like a referral to one of our VA lenders to see if you qualify for a VA loan reach out to us by email at the o'hare team lv at thank you so much for serving and let us serve you if you like this video be sure to hit the thumbs up button leave a comment down below and consider subscribing to my channel if you're interested learning all things real estate in the Las Vegas Valley and remember if you or anyone you know is thinking about buying or selling in Las Vegas have them give me a call at seven oh two three seven zero five one one two thank you so much for watching and I'll see you on the next one

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  1. The VA Home Loan is designed to help active duty military personnel, veterans and certain other groups become homeowners at an affordable cost. Hire a Real Estate Agent that has experience helping military buyers. The O'Hare Team has helped numerous military families buy and sell in the Las Vegas Valley.

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