Bernie Sanders Campaign: Election Not ‘Currently’ Rigged Against Sanders | MSNBC

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  1. . CNN /Msnbc beast system brainwashing operatives destroyed, wanna see how corrupt the democratic serpent left is.. Its all right here


  3. Ha ha ha You fools think Bernie Sanders the Communist is going to bring Trump Democrats back to the party? That's a laugh. Bernie Heart Attack Sanders is done for. He's the best of the worst.

  4. You're all fools.

    You wouldn't hesitate at a moment's notice to discredit Senator Sanders.

    And for what?!
    Why do hate him so much?!

  5. They know it’s Rigged, that’s what the democrats and the media do to get their favorite candidate in the spotlight, this is nothing new

  6. MSNBC keeps calling bernie a socialist which Bernie has never called himself he mostly calls himself a progressive or a DEMOCRATIC socialist unlike msnbc which are CAPITALIST socialist you fucs are for giving the corporate elites all the money and benefits instead of the people.
    So fuc your Socialism.

  7. I guess Jeff Weaver is too kind to mention the media's Bernie Blackout, where they would barely even mention his name until it was undeniable that he was in the lead against Joe Biden. Or, how CNN and Elizabeth Warren tried to smear Bernie during the last debate. Don't worry Jeff Weaver, I didn't forget about that.

  8. The lap dog, Chuck Todd. Of whom all honest and upright observers knew that he was being used and playing dead when it came to a righteous moral and ethical assessment of Donald Trump's daily behavior, has the unmitigated gall to call someone, anyone else! The nerve of some people's children.

  9. Politics and Corpo are out of their leads if they think things will continue to go, over us ,for their own benefices!

  10. Chuck Todd is a bias piece of turd.
    Why when a progressive is leading in the polls that only 1 is on the show and 20 corporate lickers are promoting their corporate socialism which fucs 90% of voters.

  11. You don't have a clue. Trump is not your enemy. The democrats are going to take you out, and you're falling for it again. You are to stupid to run for president

  12. How the F you expect to win if you don't have the cojones to admit on national TV that
    the election it's not F-N rigged?!…And yet,you do say that on Twitter…OF COURSE IT IS RIGGED AGAINST BERNIE.
    Bernie's team need to get their S#%T together….WE ARE RUNNING AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT,GET IT?

  13. If Trump is acquitted, all Republican elections are illegitimate, from now on. They like to cheat. They are okay with cheating.

  14. The new satellite caucues were introduced solely to increase the over 50 vote so that biden will have a better chance to win.
    People over 50 don't care about their children or grand children and just want business as usual from the corporate Democrats.

  15. Once again The Dastardly Democrats Misfits & The Con Artist Conservative Mutants are👏🏾the same👏🏾party.
    They don’t want what’s good for the working class they want to line their pockets.

  16. When people vote for capitalism instead of “Democratic socialism” they are really just voting to take advantage of other citizens because they have a primitive supremacist complex. They don’t really want equality for all, just for their own. Capitalism broke in 2008, period.

  17. Pelosi slow walking the "Impeachment" trial to keep FOUR candidates frozen, silent in DC. Major election interference – right in your face

  18. Bernie's enthusiastic youthful supporters are a living  example of the political equivalent of the greater fool theory.  Clueless lemmings.  They have no concept what socialism has wreaked upon every society that has adopted it.  Should he be elected, they will rue the day they ever heard his name.

  19. One of the more satisfying aspects of Bernie leading the dems through the primary season will be all of those media outlets that will have to promote all of his extreme policies in a positive manner just because he'll be running against Trump. They'll have to lie through their teeth to claim America will be better than it is today under Bernie's socialist regime.

  20. Chuck thought he was slick with that yellow note you flashed for a split second. I was looking for subliminal messages too lol "ppl who voted for hillary last time are now voting for" where is your source on that poll? And why was sanders behind klobachar?

  21. Is that all you got MSNBC? Bernie's takin it home! People don't care about your cheap hits anymore. You got nuthin!

  22. Chuck Todd
    2016 Sanders got screwed and the DNC has done nothing but try to screw him this round too…

    Bernie Sanders 2020

  23. From JFK to hrc …. from Tim Russert to chucky todd: some one in the 29th century seriously dropped the ball on the Time Ship's quality control monitor….

  24. I wish Bernie didn't say that. Clearly process is rigged against Bernie, and he only helps Trump when even Trump recognizes it's rigged against Bernie.

  25. This election is already over.
    Think that your vote matters????? It doesn't.
    Joe Biden has already been nominated no matter how people vote it's a done deal.

  26. How do you like it now? Is it still "NoT CuRrEnTlY RiGgEd"? Just bend down and take it like last time, cowards. Won't Sanders for once stand up for himself and call shenanigans on the corrupt DNC?!
    I realize now that he cares more about the party, even though they hate his guts.

  27. A app that bootyjudge invested in wrecked Iowa elections, and all the sudden this nobody is in the lead lmao 😂 yeah it’s rigged alright!!

  28. Look at your down votes on the video you morons! Not many agree with the crap coming out of your mouths! So whom exactly are you trying to fool?

  29. American mainstream media love to pull that sleazy journalist trick where they desperately want a sound bite against anti-establishment politicians

  30. It isn't currently rigged, last time it was, this time it's not." Lies it is very rigged. They don't won't Bernie to win. They make this very obvious

  31. If the Bernie Sanders team doesn't have the courage to admit that the DNC is cheating Sanders AGAIN, then they will not get my vote. Is Trump fanning the flames for his own benefit? Yes, but it's not like Trump is making up conspiracies. Bernie team has to fight back, otherwise they are not fighters

  32. Bernie team is full cowards. Totally. What a disappointment. They dont see what the media and DNC is trying to do? Are they stupid?

  33. Chuck Todd said Joe Biden didn't know about Hunter because parents don't know what their adult children are up to. So, let's see Hunter goes from crack head to financial genius and he doesn't said anything to his mom and dad. But Chuck isn't a propagandist. In 8 years Trump will have undone 60 years of Progressive ideology. The age of the Progressive is dead. Long live the men of the West.

  34. Today 2-12-20 Chuck Todd post New Hampshire is singing a new tune after Bernie Sanders finished first inn the NH Caucus Todd was almost in congratulations mode for Bernie.

  35. Of course its chuck todd and his interrogation tactics , 'how dare you say we are against you we haven't even talked about you all year" LOOOL !

  36. MSNBC!!! Why dont you guys focus on DNC and put them in check so they wont rig the election like they did the last time.

  37. If the super delegates turn on Bernie in the event he wins the majority of the states it will destroy the democrat party for years to come.

  38. We're being lied to. Bernie will be bought and paid just like every other politician. March in the streets and chop off the upper 1/10 of 1% oligarchs!

  39. What? — Both Iowa and New Hampshire were 100% DNC rigged by and for deep state Pete the cheat.
    New Hampshire was a bit more classy.
    New Hapshire had a 10% rig for CIA groomed Mayor Pete compared to exit polls.
    Iowa did not even rise above banana republic by comparison.

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