Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden Spar Over Democratic Socialism | NBC News

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  1. Bernie pandering to working class people. After last election he bought a 650K lake house. And with what his salary is in Congress, how did he become a multi millionaire? Just more crap spewing to get elected l. Where was he during Occupy Wallstreet???

  2. I thought it was inappropriate for Vanessa Hauc to say to Klobuchar, "but you didn't talk about policy" after Warren came to Klobuchar's defense. Not only is this untrue, but Hauc should moderate, not participate. I'm saying this here because NBC has not posted much video of the debate.

  3. Well are you Democrats happy because Mike Bloomberg whether you like it or not will be your nominee the DNC has already need a final it's a done deal so no matter what happens Mike Bloomberg is your nominee all I know is what are those Bernie voters that get cheated again going to do about it just wondering

  4. Bernie your a communist and not fooling me one bit, who honeymoons in Russia, who thinks breadlines are "great" who spent nearly 5 decades on welfare, who has passed only 3 bills after all these years in the senate 2 were name post offices, one for veteran affairs. ITS BERNIE, the COMMIE!

  5. When you put a crooked republican billionaire on the stage, Joe Biden looks nearly like a progressive by contrast. At least when you don't look at the people who donate to his campaign.

  6. Yale Study Says Medicare for All Would Save U.S. $450 Billion, Prevent Nearly 70,000 Deaths a Year –

  7. What struck me about Bloomberg in this debate, was seeing full on his arrogance, disconnectedness from ordinary people, and his overall sense of entitlement. He reminded me that these are the same character flaws we see in other oligarchs like Trump and Jeff Bezos.

  8. Bernie Sanders said at the debate last night that he wants minimum wage to be $15 per hour.

    15$ X 40 hr week = $600
    600$ X 52 weeks per yr = $31,200

    Bernie Sanders wants free health care for all and was asked how he would pay for it. His answer was raise taxes to 52% on anybody making over $29,000 per year.

    52% of $31,200 = $16,224 in tax
    $31,200 – $16,224 = $14,976 is your pay
    $14,976 ÷ 52 weeks = $288 per week
    $288 ÷ 40 hr week = $7.20 per hour

    Math. It’s fascinating. #Trump2020

  9. Denmark is not socialist.
    Bernie is hiding his communist policies in the form of “free stuff”

    Don’t fall for it people, or you’re gonna live in the USSA

  10. Imagine paying an exorbitant amount of money to buy your way into a debate you didn't qualify for, only to get ripped to shreds by every single person on the stage.

  11. Socialism only looks good in theory.I have read those stupid books…have seen how they live..
    Socialism in real life rewards corrupt men and women by raising them up above those whose money and property was taken by the Party to do with it as they see fit.
    Now,can you explain to me why is it that nepotism thrives under Socialism? Why the poor stay poor since this system was created for them in view or was it all just an EXCUSE for corruption to get their greedy hands on what they never worked hard for?
    Socialism STINKS in a BIG way.Democrats love to sit and scheme how to steal from others ,that's why socialism look like a nice cushy life for them.Under Socialistic regime these corrupt politicians don't get punished by the Law because they make the Law to suit themselves.
    Wicked Clintons should be jailed for all the crimes which they did commit.Instead they are "protected".
    This world can not function under corrupt politicians and that is why TRUMP outshines these disgusting people.Trump is all good things which these people never were and never will be.
    And don't tell me that socialism is different to communism.It has grown out of the same rotten tree.

  12. The Republicans and the Democratic elite would have you believe that Bernie would change the country into Russia and that is far from the truth. Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden all have socialist programs but are in fact very highly democratic.

  13. Socialism this socialism that. Denmark, Canada, Uk, Australia are all Capitalist nations with strong robust social programs that fairly return the hard earned working class tax dollars to working class benefits… and that's all Bernie wants for the US

  14. Bernie Sanders Abolish Defund Medicaid (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Abolish Defund Medic Aid (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Abolish Defund S Chip (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Abolish Defund Federal Employee Health Benefits (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Abolish Defund Federal Employee Helthcare (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Abolish Defund Military Tri-Care Program (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Abolish Defund LTSS Most States (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Abolish Defund State Medicaid Exceptions (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Abolish Defund Maternal Healthcare (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Abolish Child Health Programs (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Stop Vocational Rehab (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Remove Defund Drug Abuse Care (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Abolish Defund Mental Health Services (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Abolish Defund Medical GOVT Assistance (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Abolish Defund General Hospital (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Abolish Workers Benefits Under ERISA (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders End Culinary Healthcare (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Raise Taxes If Making Over $30,000 (2020-02-12)
    Bernie Sanders Establish Universal Medicare Program (2020-02-12)

  15. The poor don't have they way up exactly because of this leftist policies! In case of Biden not only because of their policies, but also because of their corruption.

  16. Bernie is a riot. He hates other Millionaires because their money isn't in his bank account to keep his millions company!

  17. America can absolutely have healthcare but we need to fix the culture one ine hand u can poi t a finger at pharma and insurnace. On the other we need to look in the mirror. Frivolous lawsuits, 70%obese or severe overweight issues. All kinds of drug problems. And a lot of people leachi g iff the system tske its toll. This is a large part if why a surgery costs 100,000 in america and 2 thiusand in other places and no, not all have high tax rates.
    Ive lived in 5.
    Socialism is not the answer its just another kind of terrible 'solution'

  18. Hey losers socialism is the precursor to communism , at least that what Lenin says and he helped invent communism way back when , you young people are being played for fools

  19. Bernie looks like what he is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a crazy old man lol None of these idiots have a chance at beating Trump. Trump 2020

  20. Raising ther tax rate on corporate America? Thre listed tax rate is exactly why our economy is booming. The corporations are able to reinvest that money back into their companies and put more people to work at higher wages. These idiots want to punish anyone whose done well and by doing so will put millions of people out of work. It's not rocket scienc, it's a tak easy concept. The more money a company has the more it benefits everyone else, with more jobs higher wages and better benefits.

  21. It's not just the really poor, it's also the disappeared middle class that is suffering, who have been left to rot whilst the top 3% eat their lunch thousands of times over. Cannot see many workers in our collective futures since they will be robots and software. What a tremendous boom for all small busnesses democratic socialism would be releasing money to support the re-building of the USAs structures and parks, new business run by ordinary people who actually do benefit from doing so, sounds great to me. Add to that the recognition that banks create money that they can also allow to die rather than hold it out for re-payment in perpetuity when times don't suit re-payments to the created nations pot born at our banks and created from nothing.

  22. If you notice who gets all the tax breaks and all the corporations get such great subsidies from the government you'll realize then socialism works for the rich and capitalism is for the poor and Bernie Sanders is just nothing but a controlled opposition because he will never ever be president of the United States!

  23. The DNC built Super Delegate mechanism= Your vote for Warren, Klobuchar, Biden, Buttigieg now will result in BLOOMBERG nomination at convention. See the plan voters!!! It truly is US or the Billionaires.

    BERNIE 2020!!!


  25. The moron keeps saying socialism like Denmark …….. when the prime minister of Denmark ….keeps correcting saying Denmark is NOT a socialist country !

  26. Millionaire with three houses lol 😂😂😂 Bernie was speechless because he's a rich phony who acts like he cares about poor people.

  27. HE FLAPS ANY HIGHER & HE'LL TAKE OFF! Bernie is a lying Commie! NO such thing Democrat Socialist!! Like saying a Democrat COMMUNIST or alittle preg! THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY IN SOCIALISM. Bernie lived on welfare till age 35 & spent 30 yrs speaking in Soviet Co on how to overthrow USA GOV!! HIS LIFE LONG DREAM! IT'S TOTAL GOV TAKEOVER OF EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE!!

  28. Bet Biden is super happy at the thought he could start making money on a second book about his son with a genius name already "Where was Hunter" helps that President Trump made the phrase viral

  29. Go MICHAEL BLOOMBERG GO——- I am a woman and you got my vote. God save America from Communist like BERNIE SANDER and ELIZABETH WARREN Bernie is LENIN, the way he preaches and the way he throws his hands up in the air.

  30. Bernie used to rage against millionaires and billionaires. Then he became a millionaire and focused solely on billionaires.

  31. Bernies summer camp is $600,000 dollars with a 500 yard private beach. No you will not be allowed on this property. Dumb Joe says he sold a book about his son and that’s the first time he made money. What?

  32. Stop giving my money away to others. Higher taxes are these people crazy? I could have a cottage like Bernie if I didn’t get screwed every week. Another day older and deeper in debt. I owe my soul to the company store.

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