this corn snake has comment Anor thala bam you can still see the tire tracks here where the cattle rustler pulled up to this entrance I'm Stu Mills and Carlton placed with a story about one I failed file of a Department of Agriculture investigation racing season is underway here at Mountain hare racetrack Santa Rita Sun here it's given me the inside scoop on what they do to prepare for this flu and relate to our organizer visits did to send a message in pictorial terms exactly what we're asking for and I think this doesn't pay well to these all of the money from today goes to benefit the Humane Society which aims to find homes for two of the dogs are in isolation at Hanover Animal Control they're still looking for the other two meanwhile other livestock owners do get it out now with this program the pets have to be at least 40 [Laughter] good morning Michelle Jordan why are I mean AB negative methyl ethyl iron contaminated minute Akuma hot and tangy color our appeal our catalytic Allah doing that academia was dr mohamed hassan ii 10th ACA la Brisa continรบa en esto momento del norte entrer siete dos amigas por hora in the Proximus oh la la la mirada a temper after a sexual incessant enter a homestead Sesenta yo Hialeah Sesenta Cinco Miami Geron parte de nuestra Sona Kanta barracudas algo Fria cetera pero los terminate Robin continued our decennial Imani cell so I've actually milked goats I didn't know if you knew this I am the celebrity goat milking champion I've never held a pig do you think I could try it all right well you're gonna switch roles and you're gonna play anchor it's okay come a little closer on the station here by Joanie do they know they know holding tight in sight that workout since the tension stated this is a kinkajou it is also known as a honey bear it's also known as a very very active morning fellow or ma'am I'm not sure it's a girl right so it's a girl it's protection for dogs who do the dirty work I'm good all Scott and I hope to have that story coming up what Eyewitness News tell you what I did though I fell into something good Lord did a good in my face welcome back I'm joined now by Sarah from the Humane Society of cobb county and this cat has actually been entertaining us in the studio I think we overexcited and we had this little tail thing that we had and getting excited over during the commercial break and he just literally started coming but we didn't know it's going to happen on and mid 70s by Easter afternoon dinner outside oh wait a second he can't do that up here they can be up here but okay actually put the damn you got to stop that marker let's go to this vegan babies we want to congratulate channel 10 photojournalist Joe Baker and his wife Colby on the birth of their daughter how about it oh she's good golly look at her she was born yesterday weighing in at a stone 12 ounces action going up on in here and congratulations Joe and we're so excited for you we will announce the 3rd rabbit's name in nine months have a terrific day in a great Easter that was a first they're just kind of chill what really looks that means you like shoot me or doesn't like if I could be so bold it I don't know I'm with you here jungle box here yeah jungle Bob give insurance we are fully insured and I still just day that the rest of the show she's gonna do a little web Barney that's okay I is like a company to listen to Rosie who wants to make it just a little bit here we got a very very interesting just actually state they come anything goes wrong you'll have to do it he's here oh okay a very very cool and fibia now here's amphibians walking this line yet just as new to salamanders the toads you've got a frog for of course the frog so people are afraid of frogs usually not a huge frog it's very rewarding for me to work with animals because there's a certain amount of peace and calm that you can achieve from being around them peace and calm well a few minutes later one of her pigs decided he just didn't want to work come on hambo hold it again finally hambone is back and ready for the grand finale come on hambone that's a boy come on here we go you ready for that forward somersault now come on here he goes there he goes he's going for the trick come on hambone hambone right wait a minute hey wait he doesn't know it backwards hold on him even he doesn't know it this way he's good I got him I got him do you ever say other big actresses didn't start this way yeah no not normally but if you'd like me to say it I know this could be a challenge this is a ripple ripple is part Mastiff and ripple likes to play ripples only a year and a half just wants to play ripple sit sit sit ripple ripple sit sit no ripples not sitting that's for sure three degrees is the current temperature now ripple wants to play right ripple so we've got your cold spot and bar head I'm not so sure I believe that though I mean the weather sensor shows minus eleven foot bar head but most of the other regions around there give us every indication that it's a little bit warmer so maybe if you're living in the bar head area you can let me know but eight degrees Drumheller that is for real that is the warm spot then you haven't fun current temperatures have got Jasper at the minus 2 degree mark mr. know my streak Incred Ferrari for the temperature at be Stricker schmuck is 2 it is minus 1 at high level this Virgil play like this we've got one degree at Fort McMurray temperature cold lake is 2 it is a 4 at Lloydminster alright alright alright ok ok no no no I you're gonna be able to hold him better we've got calm conditions at Grand Prairie 7 at 15 at Peace River all right we gotta move quickly through this here your forecast hockey for the area today is 9 degrees with some showers in the region coming through 11:00 for Thursday Friday 14 does start to warm up nicely those who get into the weekend 6 ok you're on your own alright you're on your own here you want to play with 17 on Sunday by Monday 18 degrees and by Tuesday we are looking at somewhere around 16 normal for this time of the year is at 10 and we'll be back with more in just a moment

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