Best Funny News Bloopers January 2017

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  1. Julie is the spit of Scarlett Johansson. Amber was so petty. "You need to put a jacket on"! Why not just have SANDY wear a jacket? Amber was clearly trying to bully and undermine Julie. Typical of an insecure, bitter hag. Now she's the laughing stock. Just look at Sandy's cringing face during that tantrum! Pathetic.

  2. "There can't be three of us" wearing the same color on broadcast television. Well whoopy-doo. Really? The content of your words should be more important than your damned wardrobe.

  3. Here's my middle finger to the middle bitch in the jacket video. Although i can see why she was being such a bitch to the lefty. The lefty is obviously a lot better looking than the middle bitch, so that's why the middle bitch is jealous.

  4. fuck that chick crying about wearing white. she's just mad that the hot blonde chick will be replacing her eventually.

  5. so what if you're wearing all white or all black it doesn't matter just do your job that lady in the middle sounds like a complete narcissist why doesn't she get up in change if she has a big problem with it God I can't take people like her ❗

  6. 8:00 – 8:50 is the reason why men and women will never be on the same page…Β  THE MOST STUPID CRAP ON EARTH!Β  It is also the reason why their will always be a GΒ Β Β  AΒ Β Β  P when it comes to men and woman in the PROFESSIONAL WORLD!Β  You just cant do that ladies!Β  you cant!Β  stop the production because your wearing whiteΒ  STUPID IDIOTS!

  7. I would never had expected 3 chicks wearing the same color on the same day on the news and fight about it LOL these news bloopers are endless ANYTHING can happen LoL! btw the chick on the left looked better I would smash

  8. That whole white shirt thing is actually the most stupidest thing I've ever watched… I hate weeping for humanity and wanna stay hopeful. I wanna laugh, not cry.
    And blah blah enjoy your day.

  9. the girls with the white making a big deal out of it so girly oh we are wearing white such a girl thing

  10. I'll be honest, the girl that was complaining about the whole jacket situation was stupid. I personally did not see anything wrong with how the girl on the left was dressed. I'll say this, they should've at least been happy she had clothes on, just saying.

  11. Wow… That Aussie lady in white with the brown hair is a bitch… Jealous, spiteful bitch. God I would hate to work with someone like that

  12. The fucking colors can't possibly be as inconvenient as bitching at your colleague and taking away a few minutes of news time

  13. The Adam Driver fan has got to be the most adorable human being alive. It's like if a bunch of kittens and puppies assembled to form News Lady Voltron.