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Biden calls Trump "dangerously incompetent" in foreign policy speech

Biden calls Trump "dangerously incompetent" in foreign policy speech

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. If democracy has been in decline for five years wouldn't that indicte a weakening under Obama's administration?

  2. He can barely read what they wrote for him, let alone understand it. Sleepy Joe is corrupt beyond comprehension.

  3. Not respected? Crazy creeper. You mean no longer being taken advantage of. Starting to slur like Nancy creepy Joe.

  4. We know Trump is dangerously incompetent but he has always, always, spoken the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  5. Avoid quiet and placid persons, unless you are in need of sleep, fall not in love therefore, it will stick to your face…Joe continues to deteriorate,…Give Up Joe!

  6. Is this the speech where he stumbles and slurs about 20 times? Corrupt, rich old guy has no business being president.

  7. Just read all the comments. You don't have to like Biden but he speaks intelligently, which is a helluva lot more than we've had the past 2 years

  8. Biden, you fail my prune rule. Look in the mirror, you see one staring back then step aside for the next generation.

  9. Bidens' favorite game to play with twelve year old girls' ,is to have them stick their hand in his pocket and guess if that's a roll of dimes , or if he's happy to see them !

  10. great speech…….how will Trump's base handle someone tons smarter….maybe shout back some negative and anger

  11. It just doesn't make any sense. The Demon-rats favor and defend illegal immigrants who publicly and proudly burn American flags while claiming to love US.

  12. Cry libtard tofu farting pot heads cry for mommie . Take more medical pot to calm your fears and tears. Go wind up your electric city car .

  13. Joe why didn't you get NATO to pay for their own defense? Trump did. Because Joe, you are inept and incompetent. Joe it was the warmonger Democrat Harry Truman that got US in the Korean War. Why didn't you achieve mission success in Korea when you were VP? Billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands killed.

  14. This coming from a guy who was part of an administration that was randomly killing people with drone strikes!

  15. Yes we need to bring those nations together so we can turn Iran into another Iraq. Maybe it’s time to stop bashing China, Russia, Iran, and No. Korea;; the USA has shown the World its true colors. It’s not just Trump, the GOP has been just fine w/ the crimes, moral baseness, and violent greed the USA displays.

  16. Coming from the architect of the Obama Doctrine; keep redrawing that line in the sand, turn your back on your allies, let your Diplomats die horrible deaths in Benghazi, demand Israel go back to pre-'68 borders, pave the way for Iran becoming a nuclear power — and when all else fails, fly in billions of dollars to our sworn enemies. Once again, Democrats projecting their own massive failures on others.

  17. Joe Biden will be blackmailed by the Chinese for the billion they so kindly handed the Biden family.. was Joe Biden behind the Russian collusion delusion and that's why Obama the great Muslim King refuses to endorse Biden's presidential bid ?

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