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  1. Oh….he APOLOGIZED….nothing to see here. No now there is RESTITUTION due to the countless kids his policy targeted to terrified and brake into like a criminal

  2. MSNBC are still shills. But I am encouraged by the comment section. People see through it all. I am optimistic that Bloomberg will fail to hijack the party.

  3. "He's a flawed man". Isn't that the same as what Trump's defenders always say. "We want a President and not a Pope" or "That was before he became President and it's all in the past". The best one of all is of course "God has forgiven him"..

  4. FFS, Why would people vote for Bloomberg over Trump? If you like Trump, you'll vote for Trump. If you hate Trump, Bloomberg is just more of the same.
    If he gets the nomination, he will lose the general. If Bernie gets the nomination, he will run as a third candidate, as he said he would 4 years ago and hope to get enough votes from misguided "centrists" to let Trump win.
    This man only cares about his own interests. Bernie wants to end the influence of money in politics, (he probably won't succeed even if he wins the presidency) but Bloomberg has spent billions of dollars buying most of the the democratic party. Real campaign finance reform would flush that investment down the toilet.

  5. I can’t believe the comments here. Forget about beating up on Bloomberg for just a second and reflect. Do any of you know this guy named Donald Trump ? One month before he was elected president it was revealed that he grabbed women by their private parts. He was recorded bragging about it and elected several weeks later. That behavior of his wasn’t just harassment it was at a basic level, sexual assault. He’s never acknowledged it nor has he apologized for it. He’s also a blatant racist by the way who committed housing and employment discrimination. Yeah that guy … the president of the United Stares. Now back to Bloomberg… I commend him. He’s the first presidential candidate I’ve seen to ever acknowledge and apologize.

  6. All of us older white men from a different time do not have racist and/or misogynistic behaviors in our past to regret and apologize for. That was weak.

  7. 1:24 – At that is the true face of Bloomberg: arrogant and dishonest.

    "I wanna keep you in suspense.."
    No, you haven't worked out how much truth you want to tell or how it will damage your campaign.

  8. 3 !?….🤔..Only 3 huh…? Ok. This Entire Panel are bending over backwards to attempt a defense of the Indefesible. Why !?…Fox Propaganda Much ?
    Bloomberg just jumped out of an Airplane without a parachute. He's Dropping like a Rock… doubtful he'll stick the landing.

  9. Why only 3 NDA? Are those the ones he promised to hire? That "I am from a different time when that was acceptable" didn't hold water for Joe with hugging and sniffing. I see the potential for him to be a lot like T given the opportunity and this is with the very little that is out there so far. He wants a lot of control and isn't as transparent as the rest. "in my opinion"

  10. Bloomberg is more dangerous than tRump because he stands for the same things as tRump but is smart enough to fool people who are not fooled by tRump. If you want to read the treatise that was created by Elisabeth DeMarse, Bloomberg L.P.’s former chief marketing officer, as a tribute to him, here's the link. Read it, and then wonder about what couldn't be included in it. Then do some independent research on other things Bloomberg has said in the past. It should give you a chill. tRump is a Doofus in Sheep's clothing, Bloomberg is the wolf.

  11. Hey Mike: the Dem debates are for choosing among the Democratic candidates. The time to focus exclusively on Trump is in the general. Poor Mike, didn't have a chance to say what he wanted to say? Another omnipotent victim, like Trump. "A flawed man," is one who makes a few mistakes. Nearly 40 sexual harassment suits against him indicates a predator. Now he is going to be so generous as to allow 3 women to speak? As we say in the South: Well, that's mighty white of him. Good grief.

  12. Shame on the black men, acting as if Bloomberg isn't Racist anymore after he harassed so many black men for years. MONEY TALKS!! Shame Shame shame!!

  13. If the DNC rigs the nomination, many voters will stay home knowing that both parties s%ck. Result: trump wins. The DNC prefers trump over Bernie.
    The solution is to go door to door for Bernie, talk to everyone you meet, and we may overwhelm the DNC with our votes, making them afraid to rig the convention.

  14. 1:26. This host knows dam well she wouldn't be smacking her lips about Bloomberg, if certain people weren't paying attention to her msnbc clowns. (pea brain host)

  15. CBS: "Bloomberg says his company will release women from NDAs" …. let's just not mention it was only THREE. Much better headline, MSNBC.

  16. CBS: "Bloomberg says his company will release women from NDAs" …. let's just not mention it was only THREE. Much better headline, MSNBC.


  18. The pundit was so tone deaf. Being from a different generation doesn't allow you to behave inappropriately to women. If the women wanted to complain then, it was during a time when it wasn't accepted to do and say the stuff he said. Bunch of 50 year old business women in New York are not who should be asked about what to say on the debate stage.

  19. Apologies are an acknowledgment of responsibility for past decisions and behavior not evidence of core changes of the beliefs and values from which the prior actions arose. True contrition must be accompanied by making genuine efforts to make restitution to those harmed or damaged by prior acts and evidence of changes in beliefs and behaviors in the present.

    Mr. Bloomberg's apologies for the damage the policies of his draconian and unconstitutional implementation of "stop and frisk" are being offered NOT because he has changed his attitudes but because he wants to be the 2020 Democratic Party's Billionaire nominee. The federal court in New York ended "stop & frisk" not Mr. Bloomberg.

  20. It is my belief, based on history, timing, statements, and such evidence available, that the only reason Bloomberg is even on the ticket is he has a name, and he has money. The DNC is a shamefully for sale. Joe Biden should be the choice, but he is not the richest. Hillary Clintn had wealthy donors, and the DNC needed the money, or wanted the money. I will not vote a Party Line if I do not respect the Party candidate. Let the whole damned country be destroyed for the greed of Americans, and the infantile service to the pop-psyche enthrallment of the "new and improved" hip-hop, fruit loops,

  21. Mike Bloomberg's Ties To Epstein, Trump & Ghislaine Maxwell — The Political Vigilante

  22. He never addressed any of his problems, women and NDA's, Stop and Frisk until he was running for president. If this was genuine, he could have done something when it was just the right thing to do.

  23. This is one of the last times when the candidates should not be focused on Donald Trump. Trump's not running to be the Democratic candidate for president. This selection process needs to winnow down candidates as quickly and fairly as possible. That means a vigorous date, no matter how delicate some party members' sensibilities seem to be.

  24. Not only Bloomberg is a racist, warmonger, hates working people, and poor, but he is in love with tyrants like Trump is. Bloomberg said that China “is doing a lot” now and said, “The communist party wants to stay in power in China, and they listen to the public. When the public says ‘I can’t breathe the air’ — Xi Jinping is not a dictator. He has to satisfy his constituents or he’s not going to survive.” So two racist Oligarchs running against each other is the dream race for the 1%, and rest of us and world will be screwed for sure. If these Oligarchs don't care for democracy, which they don't, to people of this country, which they don't, and to the world, which they don't, except for money and power. Then let's do everything we can, so people's power can defeat both billionaires, and elect Bernie to be our next president.

  25. Another distraction. Of course he is absolutely a disgusting worm. He has 70 billion dollars and uses the private prison industry for free to cheap labor. The issue is that the DNC is collaborating with him to steal the primary from Bernie. That is election meddling, and yes, a lot of money helps with that. But the point is that the primary is corrupted. The DNC is a corrupt political organization and does not represent democratic voters.

  26. This is what identity politics looks like when the media and the politicians are the only ones left participating in it. Bernie 2020!

  27. People really need to slow down and realize that they are not helping our country by treating everybody on social media like crap people need to sit back read if you want don't engage in negative and negative vote from your heart not what people are pushing!!! The Russians are lurking

  28. Why are they so dismissive about Stop and Frisk?! Do they realize the trauma those people endured being targeted just because they were black or brown?!?!?! Money is evil

  29. His apology don't count, it don't take the knots and bruises and the brutal attacks that was ministered by theses racist cops that you sent out to abuse black people. He knew that it was wrong. That's the problem with African Americans . They are to ready to forgive. That's why theses people don't care about us , because we don't care about ourselves. This isn't the only thing this man has done to black and brown people. Black people need to wakeup and stop forgiving theses racist.

  30. It's a big trick. He's going to pick 3 women who would voluntarily decline to go public because they'd be paid to do that. Then he's gonna say: well, see I did it. And he would decline to release the other women from NDA who would really expose him.

  31. Al Sharpton you should be ashamed of yourself for even trying to take up for this racist crock. You need to be talking up for your people, have he paid you off to . Like he's paid most of his black supporters. This is another Trump, hiding behind the title of a Democrat. Are we going to be fooled again, when someone show you who they is believe them . Sorry don't change that person, he's still a racist.

  32. Everyone knows they all disagree with trump, why would they waste their time talking about him? They are debating the other democratic candidates.

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  34. Why defend this pathetic billionaire ?  Are you on his payroll ? Do you want to be on his payroll ? No one who watched that debate is going to vote for Bloomberg in the primaries or the general . He doesn`t just have a lot of " baggage" but has the arrogance of someone who has been on the top of the pile for a long time .

  35. It's Bernie s race now Bloomberg might as well keep his money in his pocket or spend it in a way that might be a little more helpful besides inflating is ego

  36. I would have like to hear what Bloomberg had to say at the debate; but he had a chance to speak on here and instead said he wanted to keep people in suspense? Direct Honesty answering a direct question would have helped him more than suspense.
    Oh well…..

  37. release them all ….do not cherry pick ………. by hand picking a few (of the many) it makes you look like you have more to hide …….. how many NDAs …….. what are they about ……..sexist or racist comments ……. worse????? ….until you release them all… everyone will assume the worst.

  38. Okay. I agree that he should release all the women from their NDAs. But does he NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE DEMOCRAT DEBATES ARE ABOUT!? He stated that they should be focusing on the current POTUS, not yelling at each other (to paraphrase). Right now Mr. Bloomberg, you are competing against other Democrats for a nomination. Stop trying to smoke screen Americans into thinking that the attacks on you were unjustified.

  39. He apologized which automatically releases all the people jailed by Bloomberg, and erases his racist policies and recorded statements from history. Thank you for apologizing, Mr Bloomberg. The world is so much better now.

  40. Three “picked” women with NDAs out of how many? 50? 100? 1,000? There is a rumour out there that suggests Bloomberg may have something to do with the suspicious death of Epstein. Who knows? It’s all too weird and incomprehensible, but no video available, and strong connections to the Clintons and Prince Andrew. But if true, it would not surprise me and I think this should be investigated and ruled out before he is allowed to participate further in buying this election.

  41. By NDA he means he’ll release three women from his Non-elective Detention Area (NDA). This is where his former employees are incarcerated to shut them up.

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