'Bobards d'Or': France applauds best bogus news stories from past year

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. BBC does remarkable well. Apparently the only state debts are the money owed to bankers. Money owed to civil servants, the public for pensions, well they aren't a debt. Nuclear clean up? not a debt. Unpaid wages? Not a debt. Unpaid invoices? not a debt. Losses on insurance? Well I think you can spot a pattern, not a debt. Heck even the money the EU claims its owed, not a debt.

  2. One need only examine who owns the majority of western media either directly or indirectly and a true story of real foreign meddling emerges

  3. the problem is the people who are claiming to tell us what Fake news is ARE the ones who are creating the fake news in the 1st place.

  4. [ ⚠ Expulsion is Murder ⚠ – Servile Goy Punk Globalists Turn Peoples Yellow Vest Uprising into Suburban Occupant Jihadi Campaign Against Native European Host Culture… ]

    One must go dumpster diving in order to know the unbiased facts of any particular case. There is a ton of trash on BOTH SIDES. Shame. Once upon a time, the news was objective.

  6. Any news outlet that spreads confirmed fake news and lies must have penalty put on them bearing millions of Euro in fine by the judicial system, for Committing the crime of lying to the public, breaking public's trust in news outlets is crime at national security level.

  7. I have the newest fake news: Merkel and Macron have decided to copulate to give birth to a totally new European species: The "GermFranc" species, like in ancient times the French people have developed from the Neandertal people before they became extinct. Even Brigitte personally invites everybody to participate in this mass copulation to create the new European men and women to look like her!

  8. Yeah we have had one of those in america for a few years now…cant remember what it is called…but we've had fake news awards since at least 2015'. The 'pinnochio' trophy is a nice touch though!

  9. Bbc the toxic diseased media machine using manufactured schizophrenia in a British man without consent.Made to hear names of people who he avoids like the plague,like the plague.Stealing a human life with the NHS shielding a corrupt national evil.

  10. England doesn't have these awards because they don't have enough gold to award all their fake news!!

  11. I have to give it to Trump. He is the one most responsible for making it cool to call out fake news. For decades the republicans and conservatives around the world, just took it and bit their tongues as the liberal media hounded them. But not Trump, he fights back. And because he fights back so well, others around the world are fighting back too.

  12. I'm sure that RT will be, at least, nominated in each category, since it recently joined the Fake News Brigade.


  13. Majority of the fake news comes from the US. CNN, Fox News, NYT, NBC etc are all fake news. Most Americans are brainwashed zombies

  14. "Russian collusion" should be the fakest of fake news in 2018. And fake news outlet of the year should be either CNN or BBC, for lying continually.

  15. What about one of Trumps announcements like – North Korea are giving up their nuclear programme, or the Chinese stole American workers jobs. These a raft of them. Take your pick.

  16. if RT was not catch all those " Fake News " no one will , than will go as " Fact " that how Westerners last decade or more Brain washed beyond total Robots . ( Putin Shot endangered Tiger ) Deliberately they do not tell whole story living audience think he really killed the Tiger . which was tranquilize dart used which Tiger Released to Safer Area .

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