Boiling water by -41°C – Russian TV news

A software freelancer from
Novosibirsk wanted to share his experiment with European friends
and surprise them by the local frost showing that boiling water
doesn’t reach the ground But he surprised
the entire World Millions of views in a week
Is it all about boiling water? Alexander Malyshev
has investigated>All great is simple
and there is nothing new except what is forgotten.
But even a well known fact can become a huge internet hit Resident of Novosibirsk
Dmitry Klimensky became a worldwide internet star throwing boiling water
from his balcony and showing water’s
reaction to -41°C Audience responded by
2 million views in a week This is a record!>This is another guy with a similar video
from the same city a day before and Americans, sharing the same
on YouTube every winter So, where is the secret? Is it in the Hollywood ambitions
of the Novosibirsk resident who filmed the experiment with two cell phones
and made an English version of it? One can reach the top
either by chance or by plan with help
of “white hackers” so called “white heads” They are the “Robin Hoods”
of the virtual world and professional
PR-virologists>The results, of course
are not as high as PSY’s but this is an unquestionable success>Apparently, this big site is
the Brithish Mail Online publishing videos about “Crazy Russians”
not for the first time Like those with brave
parkour and roofer teens Turning into internet memes
such clips accumulate legends and debates on
being fake or true Entertaining physics lover
Igor Sokalsky explains the experiment
from Novosibirsk with a cup of coffee at home>It’s not vapor (gas state of water)
it’s fog (the smallest water drops)>And this is a fly
detected on the 53rd second A fly by -41°C! Users like to make a mountain
out of a molehill Some users say this is
a frost-resistant Russian fly Others say this is
a mosquito in a padded coat In fact, this was just a bird, that went
down in history by chance Alexander Malyshev, Boris Brykin

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  1. Hot water molecules are more distant than cold water or room temperature water, making the cold wind freeze faster the hot water.

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