Breaking News: ‘Finding Dory’

Last night I got to see the first
full screening of Finding Dory that was my first time seeing it.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And it’s so good. I mean they have been working on it for
three years and finally it’s done pretty much. There’s tiny little tweaks to make,
but I sat next to Diane Keaton, who plays my mom. And we both had giant popcorn buckets. Hers was filled with wine.>>[LAUGH]
>>But anyway, if you think this is another Finding Nemo,
it is not. Finding Dory is it’s
better than the original. I’m gonna just go out on a limb and
say that. And in case you’re not sure
if you should go, well, first of all, if you have kids,
you should go. If you’re a parent, you should go. If you have parents, you should go.>>[LAUGH]
>>If you like fish, you should go.>>[LAUGH].>>If you have $10 by
June 17th you should go.>>[LAUGH].
>>If you’re still on the fence I want to tell you my favorite part of the move what
happens is, seriously breaking news okay. [MUSIC] This just in. Let’s cool it with all
the emails Crate & Barrel. I get more messages from you than
I do my own blood relatives. And how is it possible that you’re
having a once a year sale for the fifth time this year? Once again, please stop filling
up my inbox, Crate & Barrel. I went to your website once. To buy a wedding gift for
Linda in accounting. Now, I am still getting your emails and
her marriage ended three months ago. We now return you to
your regular programming.>>All right, I am sorry about that. Okay. Like I was saying, there is one part in
Finding Dory that is a total surprise. In the beginning what happens. [MUSIC]>>This just in,
I’m not going to share my entre. I don’t care if you serve it family style,
I ordered it, I’ll eat it. What’s next, is everyone at
the table get a sip of my wine? Once again,
this entree is all mine, back off. We now return you to
your regular programming. [MUSIC]>>All right, that’s the last time, right? For sure? Okay, anyway. [MUSIC]>>This just in, most breaking news
is not in fact, breaking news.>>[LAUGH]
>>It’s just regular news with a special theme song and a graphic that says,
breaking news. Once again, this is not important. If it were important, you would have
already seen it on the Internet. I’m just wasting everyone’s time while
Julia Roberts is sitting on her butt backstage We now return you to
your regular programming. [MUSIC]>>That’s it, okay. Now we’re out of time but I’d like to
tell you more about Finding Dory, but I can’t so you’re just gonna have
to see it yourself on June 17th. We’ll be right back.

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  1. If this was anyone but Ellen, this video would be disliked to hell for having a click bait-y and deceptive title.

  2. Hi, Im trying to get to 150 subs, I can follow back if you want me to. If this comment pisses you off then ignore this!

  3. I am going to push through so many kids just to see this movie! I've been waiting almost my entire life for a sequel to Finding Nemo!

  4. Comes out the day I am getting married 🙂 guess where we will be going after the ceremony! lol

  5. You have got to get Lin Manuel Miranda on the Ellen show! He has done amazing work and inspired me and many of my friends through his musical.

  6. Good way to not leaking whats in Finding Dory. "My favorite part of the movie is…… seriously? (breaking news)"

  7. I'll tell you what sucks, Ellen: in some European countries including my own, all animated films are synchronized in the language of the country and are not available for viewing in the cinema in the original language. 😡 I have to wait for freakin DVD release.

  8. Love it😂😂😂😂😂!!! "Most breaking news are actually not breaking news"!!! Watched the trailer and it's AWESOME 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👆🏻👍🏻

  9. keep up the work Ellen God bless your heart from your real life super hero from the Xtreme Justice League

  10. I watch so many of the giveaway videos that I thought she was going to give everyone tickets… 😜

  11. Finding dory was announced the end of my freshman year. It's the end of my senior year now. Best grad present ever.

  12. THIS JUST IN my Comments On This Video Are Not That Good And Aldi Is Not Taking Over The World We Return You To Ellen Oh And I Am Not Going To Share My Pizza We Now Return You To Your Not Regular Program🤑

  13. OMG I CANT WAIT!!! 😱😱😱😁😁😁😁😁 I'm going to buy a bunch of finding Dory clothes and a cap if I can even find one before I go. I hope that the cinema do the blue gummy sharks to fit in with the sea stuff 😝

  14. Just saw the/a Finding Dory trailer for the first time When I went to see Captain America: Civil War. Smiled like an idiot the whole way through.

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