Brenda Song and Esther Povitsky Search Lilly’s Backpack

-Speaking of your show,
you do a lot of stand-up comedy. It is hilarious. Hilarious. But at the end of
some of your shows, you do this bit where
you go through an audience member’s purse. -I do.
-Here’s the thing. I hate purses.
I can’t do purses. But I do do backpacks. And I have my backpack,
so I thought that maybe you two could go
through it together and see what I’m working with. Are you guys down to try this?
[ Cheers and applause ] Here you go. Here’s my backpack.
-Oh, my God. Wait. This is so cute,
by the way. -The tags are probably
still on it. I have to return it. Don’t…
-Careful. -Honestly, it smells like
McDonald’s in here. -What?
-I’m hungry. It literally smells like
French fries. -I didn’t come here to get
roasted, but… There’s a single French fry
in your bag. -One always falls out.
You know this. -Like, were you —
Is this your breakfast? -Yeah. What the hell?
I don’t have time. -Also, I love that you legit
have a Fruit Roll-up like you’re 12 years old. -Fruit Roll-Ups are ageless. Who would like
the Fruit Roll-Up? [ Cheers and applause ]
I mean…ageless. -Always.
-I’m calling your pediatrician. -Wait. This is actually
a problem. Like, what’s going on?
-Okay, okay. No, no. There’s an explanation
behind this. It’s a costume for my dog,
Scarbro. -Ooh! I love your dog,
by the way. -Thank you.
-He’s so cute. -Thank you. -Like, when I watched your show
and you were holding your dog, I was like —
I had to call my dog in, ’cause I was like, “I need to
hold a dog like Lilly.” -But, yeah, that’s a costume
for Scarbro. because his Instagram is lit —
@scarbrothedawg. -Okay. Oh, this goes with
the one French fry. -Okay.
-Wait, wait, wait. She has ketchup. Okay.
This is an In-N-Out ketchup. -Oh, so there’s
multiple ketchups. -Various ketchups.
-Some different brands. -Oh, my God!
-It’s like a magic trick. -You’re the real deal.
-Give the bag back to me. -Okay.
-I need the ketchup back. I have a whole thing in my
fridge full of ketchup packets. -Do you make your own fries or where is your
favorite fries from? -How much time
do you think I have? Congrats to both of you on your
new show, “Dollface,” which is out now. Tell everyone —
what is it about? Who do you play?
Esther, go for it. -Yeah. It’s about a girl,
Kat Dennings, who gets broken up with
and then has to rediscover the world of female friendship,
and that’s where we come in. And, you know, it’s us with
Kat Dennings and Shay Mitchell, and we’re all
very different people. -Yeah. This is a show
about these girls and their relationship
and their ups and downs and their trials and
tribulations with each other. And it’s so much fun, because
our characters are so different from
one another, but they’re also very much
like us in real life. -I know. It’s really scary.
-I know. But it’s great
and it’s been so much fun. And I get to work with
this one every day, so I can’t complain. -I love that.
I love that so much.

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