Brian Hook, House Foreign Affairs, 6/19/19

we are doing everything we can to expand burden-sharing and that requires improving the capabilities of our regional partners so that they can be a counterweight to Iran and that reduces the burden on us to provide the the levels that we've done historically and so whether it's Saudi Arabia or UAE or Jordan Israel a number of countries in the region we very much want to see them in a position of strength and in sovereignty Iraq we very much want to see Iraq strong stable and sovereign we want the Iraqi military to have a monopoly on military force we do not want to see the PMF especially those that Qasem Soleimani organizes trains and equips to be stronger we don't need two states within a state we don't need two militaries within a state that is what we have in Lebanon this is the foreign policy agenda of Iran it is to try to create two militaries and two states within a state and to stoke sectarian identities catalyze sectarian identities and dissolve national identities when we talk about like how Iran's destabilizing the Middle East this is what we're talking about Iran pours sort of this it adds this religious dimension to political conflicts which has increased bloodshed and suffering and so to the extent that our policy is denying Iran the revenue and a lot of the the capabilities it has to support these proxies that improves the situation in the Middle East

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