Broadcast Exclusive: Jill Stein Says Senate Request for Docs on Russia Probe is “New McCarthyism”

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!,, the War and Peace report I’m Amy Goodman. And I’m Juan González. Welcome to all of our listeners and viewers around the country and around the world. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: We begin today’s show with
the expansion of the Senate intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign’s suspected Russia
ties to include another 2016 presidential candidate: the Green Party’s Jill Stein. The Senate Intelligence Committee has asked
Stein for documents as part of its probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Committee Chairman Republican Richard Burr
of North Carolina said Monday they are looking for potential, quote, “collusion with the
Russians.” AMY GOODMAN: Among the actions that reportedly
drew the attention of the Senate intelligence investigators is Dr. Stein’s attendance
at a 2015 dinner in Moscow that was sponsored by Russian state-run television network RT,
celebrating its 10th anniversary. A photo, that was later widely shared, shows
Stein sitting at a table across from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Seated next to Putin is another American,
General Michael Flynn, who went on to become President Trump’s national security adviser
and has since entered into a plea agreement with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation
of Russian election interference, pleading guilty to a single felony count of lying to
the FBI about his conversations with Russia’s U.S. ambassador. Well, to respond to these new developments,
Dr. Jill Stein joins us now from Boston. Jill Stein, welcome back to Democracy Now! Can you tell us exactly what the Senate Intelligence
Committee is demanding of you and your 2016 presidential campaign? DR. JILL STEIN: Great to be with you this morning,
Amy and Juan. The Senate Intelligence Committee contacted
us and basically sent a letter requesting documents that we might have that would shed
light on potential Russian interference in the election. And they were very clear in their letter that
they were not targeting us. They were not blaming us. There was no suspicion of collusion. And this was also clarified in their dialogue
with our legal team. And then, suddenly, when it hit the press
two days ago, suddenly, the Senate Intelligence Committee changed its story, and now, suddenly,
we were being investigated for collusion. So, this has been kind of a surprise. We are cooperating with the study—with the
investigation. Our campaign takes very seriously the issue
of interference in our elections. That’s why we, ourselves, launched an inquiry
into potential interference in the actual vote, in the voting machines and the software,
a so-called recount campaign. But it’s more than recounting. It’s essentially an effort to examine the
actual technology of the vote and to answer the question, for once and for all, whether
or not our votes were tampered with. And unbeknownst to the public, the voting
machines and the software has never undergone a forensic examination. So when they use the term “there’s no
evidence of interference,” they actually mean, in fact, there’s no physical evidence. It has never been examined, at least to the
knowledge of our computer expert advisers, who have also been testifying before Congress. So, just to make the point that we take very
seriously the issue of interference and, in fact, would not restrict interference to simply
the question of interference by one particular foreign government. We think any interference—foreign, domestic,
by governments, by gangster networks, by corporations that control voting software—none of that
is acceptable. Likewise, interference with the right to vote,
with the passage of voter ID laws, with corporate media that only covers certain candidates
and not others, when the public is clamoring for more information—to my mind, all of
that is interference, which is not good. Nonetheless, we support this limited inquiry
into interference, targeting, in particular, Russian interference. And transparency is very important. So we have agreed, from the beginning, to
cooperate with the legitimate and important aims of the committee and its mission. On the other hand, I think we’re in a perilous
moment for democracy, and it’s very important that this inquiry not be a launching pad for
political intimidation and for the effort to silence political opposition. That’s a very dangerous proposition. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And so, Jill Stein, have you
already begun handing over documents, or are you seeking clarification of the difference
between the public statements versus what the letter to you from the Intelligence Committee
said? DR. JILL STEIN: So, from what I understand, our
legal team is discussing with the committee exactly what the focus of the search will
be. So, we’re in the process of determining
that and hope to be able to begin doing that search and turning over documents within the
next couple of weeks, certainly as fast as we possibly can. AMY GOODMAN: Prize-winning journalist Glenn
Greenwald tweeted Tuesday, “Click on ‘Jill Stein’ that’s trending & you’ll see countless
leading Dems–with large platforms–strongly implying if not outright stating she’s a
Kremlin agent: all because of a Congressional inquiry. They couldn’t better replicate McCarthyism
if they tried.” Glenn Greenwald made a similar point last
August on Democracy Now! GLENN GREENWALD: To me, this is one of the
more remarkable things of this campaign, which is that any of us who grew up in politics
or came of age as an American in the ’60s or the ’70s or the ’80s, or even the ’90s,
knows that central to American political discourse has always been trying to tie your political
opponents to Russia, to demonizing the Kremlin as the ultimate evil and then trying to insinuate
that your political adversaries are somehow secretly sympathetic to or even controlled
by Russian leaders and Kremlin operatives and Russian intelligence agencies. And this was not just the McCarthyism, which
was sort of the peak of that, but even long after. This was typically a Republican tactic used
against Democrats. So, if Democrats advocated greater detente
with the Russians, arms deals or other negotiations with Russia to decrease tensions or decrease
conflict, Republicans would immediately accuse those liberals and Democrats of advocating
that, of being—either having allegiance to the Kremlin or being useful idiots or stooges
of Russian leaders. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: That was Glenn Greenwald speaking
to Democracy Now! in August. But on Tuesday, ThinkProgress ran a story
headlined, quote, “The pro-Kremlin talking points of Jill Stein: Trump wasn’t the only
one promoting pro-Kremlin talking points last year.” In it, Casey Michel writes, quote, “Stein’s
willingness to praise Russian propaganda outlets and push Kremlin talking points didn’t end
in Moscow. Indeed, she challenged—and arguably surpassed—Trump
in crafting the most Moscow-friendly campaign of 2016.” And it also claims, quote, you “seemed more
than willing to spout Kremlin talking points at every turn—and all, it appears, for free.” Your response to the ThinkProgress statements? DR. JILL STEIN: Well, you know, this is the Podesta
organization speaking through ThinkProgress. They’re basically the mouthpiece for the
Podesta organization, which is very closely tied to the Democratic Party—John Podesta,
Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, funded by Saudi Arabia and large, nefarious corporate
interests. So, you know, this is the kind of shameful
journalistic standard that we’ve come to expect from the—what shall we say? You know, those who have a political ax to
grind here and who have really been conducting a smear campaign against our campaign for
the long haul here. And this—you know, this Russia smear, essentially,
emerged after the DNC emails, the Democratic Party emails, were exposed, showing the collusion
on the part of the Democratic Party to sabotage Bernie Sanders, how that primary was rigged,
which then, you know, attorneys for the Democratic Party testified in court that they had a right
to essentially rig the election and determine the outcome as they pleased, and that the
appearance of a democratic process was, you know, essentially a sham and a cover-up. So, you know, of course they were very alarmed
by those emails. And that’s when the smear campaign began
in earnest, you know. And it’s not only ThinkProgress. The New York Times ran an article yesterday
that began with a Democratic Party spokesperson essentially establishing the framework for
the investigation, which is that Democrats are furious at my campaign for what they think
was our audacity to vote on behalf of our agendas—against war, against offshoring
of our jobs, against the attack on the climate, whether by fracking or by coal. They had—you know, they basically said that
this was outrageous. Democrats are furious at me, whence this—you
know, whence this investigation. And I think it speaks volumes about where
this is coming from. Not to say that this is only Democrats. The chair of the committee—the committee
is run largely by Republicans. And as Glenn Greenwald himself pointed out,
there is a bipartisan benefit here to smearing, intimidating and silencing third parties,
in addition, while, for the Democrats, this validates their framing of Russia as sort
of the prime mover and the major issue in our politics today. For the Republicans, it enables them to say
that their—that the committee focused on someone else besides Trump. So there are all kinds of ulterior political
motives here, which are—you know, are not a service to our democracy. Our democracy is threatened by interference
in our elections. Our democracy is also threatened by this climate
in which our First Amendment rights, our rights to political independence, to free political
speech, the right to protest—with the J20 trials that you have covered, which are so
outrageous, in an effort to intimidate and frighten people out of our right to protest,
with people who just happened to be standing on a street corner at the J20 inauguration
protest. It you were in the wrong place at the wrong
time, you got kettled and charged with a felony riot and threatened with up to 50 years or
more in jail, for just being on a street corner, and essentially without evidence. So, there is a real assault going on right
now. Not only the danger of fascism that we see
out in the streets of Charlottesville and so on and, you know, other— AMY GOODMAN: Jill Stein— DR. JILL STEIN: —many other cities. But— AMY GOODMAN: We have to break. We have to break, but I want to—when we
come back, we want to ask you about the dinner that you attended—we have actually spoken
to you about this on Democracy Now!—back in 2015 in Moscow. And then, what does it mean? You haven’t been subpoenaed, but if you
are, what does this mean? What kind of resources do you have to put
into dealing with this? Dr. Jill Stein, 2016 presidential nominee
for the Green Party, is now being asked to hand over documents by the Senate Intelligence
Committee. Stay with us. [break] AMY GOODMAN: “Pink White House” by Priests,
here on Democracy Now! I’m Amy Goodman, with Juan González. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, the Senate Intelligence
Committee has asked 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein for documents as part
of its probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Committee Chairman Republican Richard Burr
of North Carolina said Monday they’re looking for potential, quote, “collusion with the
Russians.” AMY GOODMAN: Among the actions that reportedly
drew the attention of investigators was Stein’s attendance at a 2015 dinner in Moscow that
was sponsored by Russian state television network RT, celebrating its 10th anniversary. A photo, that was later widely shared, shows
Stein sitting at the table of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Seated next to Putin, across the table, is
another American, General Michael Flynn, who went on to become President Trump’s national
security adviser, has since entered into a plea agreement with special counsel Robert
Mueller’s investigation of Russian election interference and just recently pled guilty
to a single felony count of lying to the FBI about his conversations with Russia’s U.S.
ambassador. So, Jill Stein, talk about why you were in
Moscow and at the table of President Putin. And do you feel you should have to explain
why you were at this table? DR. JILL STEIN: So, let me just say, I’ve explained
a thousand times why I was at the table. And we have been completely transparent all
along here. We raised money in order to get there, because
we were not going to accept money from a foreign government, even in the form of, you know,
sponsoring our transportation or our hotel fees or food and so on. So, we entirely self-paid. We raised the money to get there. We were very public in our emails to our supporters,
in our website, in press releases, about the fact that we were going, about the fact that
I hoped to meet with Russian officials when I was there, in order to address our agenda,
essentially, for peace and climate security and nuclear weapons abolition, which are critical
issues that needed to be raised in our campaign here and need to be raised as matters of foreign
policy. So, this information has been up on our website
for all of two years. So, somehow, if the intelligence committees
have failed to see it, you know, maybe they haven’t done their homework yet. But we’ve been completely transparent about
everything that went on. And at the dinner itself, you know, which
we sent pictures of and reported on, at the dinner—you know, the dinner was really a
non-event, because there were no translators at the table. Putin was only there briefly. He walked in with his entourage, which I thought
were his bodyguards. I later learned that they were actually his
chief of staff and head of communications. But no one was introduced to anyone. Putin was there briefly, before he gave a
speech, in Russian. There were no translators at the table. I spent the entire dinner, actually, speaking
to the person on my right. Person on my left did not speak English. The person on my right was Willy Wimmer, a
German former diplomat. And we talked a little bit about international
relations and international law. And other than that, there was nothing substantive
at the dinner. The New Yorker actually reported that Putin
and Flynn exchanged one sentence, which went something to the effect, “How’s it going?” “OK.” And that was reported by the Czech diplomat,
who was the one person at the table who spoke both English and Russian, that was sitting
next to Flynn, as well. Flynn actually introduced himself to me just
before we sat down at the dinner. I thought it was curious that there was a
military person at this conference that largely seemed to be peace advocates. And I should mention, by the way, that Ray
McGovern was there, Rocky Anderson, Jesse Ventura, Thom Hartmann, Max Blumenthal. It was really a who’s who of the peace community,
that, regrettably, has to resort to a foreign TV network in order to be heard in this country,
because— JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, Jill—Jill, I wanted
to ask you— DR. JILL STEIN: —the issues of war and peace
are not accepted by corporate media. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Jill Stein, I wanted to ask
you—you mention a foreign TV network. Your response to the attempt to essentially
ostracize RT TV in the United States, having them declared as—registering as a foreign
agent. Your sense of what is happening in the campaign
against RT TV? DR. JILL STEIN: You know, it’s very interesting. I don’t watch RT myself, except there are
some programs that I find very interesting and informative. There are several newscasters who were thrown
out of U.S. corporate media because they opposed the war. Chris Hedges, who refused to accept the disinformation
by the intelligence community in the run-up to the Iraq War, he has a program. Max Blumenthal is featured. Thom Hartmann. You know, so there are good programs on RT.
Hillary Clinton herself is on record as praising RT, several years back, saying that when she’s
out of the country, she actually watches RT and the programming is quite good. She recommended it. So, you know, what’s going on here? If you actually read the intelligence community
report, it criticizes RT for saying things like that our democracy is flawed, that our
elections are problematic, that—for lifting up the voices of the anti-fracking community,
for saying that Wall Street greed is a problem. You know, if that’s the basis for requiring
RT to—you know, for ostracizing RT, then, you know, we’re lucky that Democracy Now!
has not been ostracized yet, because many of those same issues, I daresay, are also
prominent in Democracy Now!’s coverage. This is part of the effort to demonize, to
vilify the social movements, who are likewise characterized as Russian assets, that Black
Lives Matter, that the Standing Rock protests, that anti-fracking movements and so on are
essentially Russian-instigated. So, if this isn’t an effort to explain away
social movements and social unrest, I don’t know what is. AMY GOODMAN: So, Jill Stein, just explain
technically. You only have been requested documents now. What’s the difference between that request
and a subpoena? And are your lawyers—do they know if you
are going to be subpoenaed? And will you have to testify? DR. JILL STEIN: We don’t know. We intend to cooperate, because there is now
this presumption of guilt that’s been created by this ongoing smear campaign. There’s a presumption of guilt, and the
air really needs to be cleared. We’re all for transparency. And as I say, our documents have been—you
know, what we’ve been doing, who we’ve been talking to and what we’ve been talking
about has been public, in real time, and continues to be public. So, no harm for us to gather up those documents
and put them all in one place and make it possible for everyone finally to examine them. We’ve been trying to draw attention to the
actual facts of the case ever since the smears began. So, I don’t think, you know, anything is
really going to change here. There will be some administrative emails,
our communications with RT about what time I’m going to show up and what studio I will
be at. I don’t think they will have much content
in them. AMY GOODMAN: Finally, Jill Stein, I want to
ask you an entirely different question. You were the 2016 presidential nominee for
the Green Party. We only have a minute. But today, the Senate and House poised to
finalize the tax bill, which some call a tax heist, which some call the largest transfer
of wealth from the bottom to the top that we have seen in decades. As a presidential nominee, your comments on
what’s happening today? DR. JILL STEIN: This is a shameful commentary,
not only on the Republican Party, but really, I would say, on all of Congress, on the bipartisan
establishment, which has—you know, the public is profoundly opposed to this bill. It’s something like—you know, it’s got
a support level that’s, you know, just down at the 30 percent level. It’s really pathetic that Congress is as
unresponsive as it is and that the so-called opposition party, in the form of the Democrats,
have been focusing on Russia and not focusing on the harm being done right here in our own
country. This is why, you know, to my mind, the crisis
of our democracy now is a crisis of economic survival, of economic security, of our climate,
of the endless war, which is also costing us more than half of our discretionary budget. It’s not working. This is why the public is in political revolt
right now, which speaks volumes about why these committees are now turning to suppress
political opposition. So I encourage people to go to our social
media, DrJillStein—that’s D-R-no period-Jill Stein—and be a part of standing up at this
critical time for our democracy. AMY GOODMAN: Jill Stein, I want to thank you
for being with us, 2016 presidential nominee for the Green Party. The Senate Intelligence Committee is now questioning
the campaign and Dr. Jill Stein, asking for documents about her connection and involvement
with anything to do with Russia. Jill Stein, thanks for joining us from Boston. This is Democracy Now! When we come back, a remarkable new documentary
about a black woman sharecropper raped in the 1940s in Alabama. And what does Rosa Parks have to do with investigating
it? Stay with us.

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  38. A little too one sided Jill Stein, remember it was republican Secretary of States in Mi, Wi and Pa who stopped you recounts after last election

  39. Dems have Lost their Moral Compass, their Minds in favor of CASH. Dems are trying to Railroad Stein, any Progressive Voice….Time to Railroad the Dems Right Outta Town.

  40. Instead of pointing the fingers and trying to blame another country for election rigging corruption we need to look at ourselves like voter suppression, the desire for instant gratification knowing winner right away before all votes were counted, throwing out votes for people who have same names in different areas, corporate money in campaigns and politics etc. This just seems like a distraction and diversion attention away from the need for election reform!

  41. Oh Boo Hoo! Our democracy was attacked, if you're so innocent then you'd welcome the opportunity to provide your docs and clear your name. There's photographic evidence linking you to Flynn and Putin, you idiot. You are being played with kompromat. You are a russian asset whether you know it or not and they have compromised you. quit bitching you bitch and give the feds the docs they have legally requested. Quit whining you female Carter Page.

  42. Thom Hartman, Ed Schulze, Abby Martin, Larry King, Chris Hedges, Jessie Ventura, are some of my favorite commentators in all of the TV/Internet world. In addition to this, they all happen to work for RT, and as a network, RT covers very important topics and will do a 1-2 hour dissertation on a subject and cover it in a lot of depth with interviews, discussions and debates. American main stream media in the US, on the other hand, will address the important topics in a 1-2 minute clip with very shallow, narrow minded, US government biased perspectives that very rarely address the topic itself, nor will they take the risk in viewing the United States government objectively. We see the same problem on Youtube and Google, where anyone that views the United States objectively and/or accurately, is censored. The government and main stream media in the United States is an absolute joke, and it is filled with very well off, spoiled, entitled individuals whom have seen little strife in their lives and spent most of their time on their Barbie doll like appearance, than they do on the quality and integrity of the information they are reporting to the general public. The general public, especially myself, have been fooled and conditioned by this for years, and it is a multi generational influence. Independent media on youtube has been doing an excellent job and making the public aware of this and we all need to continue to support them in any way we can, as the censorship is getting worse. Democracy Now does an excellent job. Does anyone remember when the Bush administration started to invade and close Democracy Now outlets? Expect the same with the Trump administration, as these are agencies of government agencies that will not accept change, unless they can financially benefit from it.

  43. Overplaying the propaganda hand. Keep staying distracted with non issues advancing nothing to vote for.

  44. Great Show. Loved Jill Stein, She is so calm and unflustered. I think I like her more than Sanders, She answers questions clearly and comes across as honest af.

  45. Someone needs to pin her down to answer the question: HOW DID SHE GET INVITED TO SIT AT THE HEAD TABLE? I've seen every interview this dingbat has given about this and she cleverly switches the subject to "I never accept donations." But what has she done to be invited to sit at putins table??? Plus she lies. Anyone who know ANYTHING about Putin knows that the man immediately to her left is peskov, Putins right hand man, who speaks perfect English. She keeps claiming they don't speak English and that she thought they were body guards but anyone who knows even the slightest bit about Putin knows peskov. If she says she didn't know who peskov was, she's lying. Everyone at the table would have at least tried to talk and introduce themselves. Would you just sit there, not talk to anyone or try to introduce ur self if u got seated at putins head table? And whose bodyguards take up half the head table–couldnt she have thought of a better lie? The only time i've seen stein nervous in an interview was the first time she talked about this dinner on democracy now. What the hell is this woman hiding? She also said that she thought Russian sanctions were a bad idea on another small liberal news show recently. She also repeats trumps doubts about how our intelligence agencies might be wrong about Russian interference. This is all really fishy

  46. Jesus Amy and Juan, could you not let her finish her sentences? What she is saying is much more interesting than the questions you are asking or the 30second pre-break spiel full of umming and ahing. Democracy Now gets worse every time I tune into it. Assange was right, everyone is in a very strange headspace with the Trump hysteria. Such a pity to see DN go down the rabbit hole, it is starting to feel MSNBC just without the outright lying.

  47. Jill Stein deserves all she gets for her ridiculous recount behavior after Donald J Trump won the election fair and square. Also, McCarthy was right – just look at all of you dirty progressive commies – you almost took over but now you're going down… HARD

  48. Wait, aren't you all the mental midgets who buys into this "muh Russia collusion" story which has not only been disproven, but has been shown to be summarily made up and paid for by the dnc? It is you progressives who are the McCarthy-ites.

  49. Why should she not be subject to the same scrutiny over her dinner with Putin as Mike Flynn? She wants to get in the game she has to play by the rules. More double talk smoke, and mirrors than Trump or Hillary.

    The other twit just lobbed her softballs.

  50. Stein costs Clinton the presidency. This is the second time that the Green Party gave the presidency to an idiot (George W. Bush being the first time). Even if only a third of her votes in MI WI and PA had gone to Clinton, we would not have this orange mess today. In this way, she truly was a Russian agent. Putin bankrolled LePen in France. It would not surprise me if he bankrolled Stein as well.

  51. Dear DumobCRATS, of which I was,…was one, it doesn't matter if Russia was involved or not, you dickheads thought it was more important to pay vast sums to DNC CON-sultants than to distribute needed funds to local candidates. That shows me, elections that put Democrats in office is not your goal, your goal is to keep the money flowing, to be a paid opposition of the Duopoly. It may be different if Putin in his answering questions and his explanations didn't make more sense than any Democrat, Republican or media figure in this country. So, hear this:

  52. Being used a distraction from people question the failed neoliberal system and smear people who challenge the system in a McCarthy style smear. People like Jill, Bernie, Assange, Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Corbyn in UK , etc

  53. Presidential J-Stein is super capitalist investor into uncorrupted-production. The corrupted-production musters against a real sheriff/business manager changing their horizon!!!

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