Brock Lesnar assaults Kofi Kingston after The New Day’s victory: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 17, 2019

There it is.>>Big E
>>They’re thinking about the RKO Machine, and instead it’s Big E is
sending Orton into the post.>>Good news Big E just in time.>>Double DDT.>>Wow.>>Woods purge up top.>>Bad knee and all.>>There’s no way. Nobody is in-
>>Woods with the elbow.>>Almost the entire distance of the ring.>>Unreal.
>>Right now it’s Kofi Kingston back up to his feet.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Don’t turn around Dawson, don’t turn around. Trouble in Paradise, down goes Dawson. Cover.>>One, two, three.>>Kofi Kingston [SOUND] and
The New Day win.>>Here are your winners, The New Day.>>Let the good feelings and
the good vibes continue for The New Day. [MUSIC]>>[NOISE]
>>In Layman’s terms, Mr. Kingston,
what that means is the following. Kofi my client, Brock Lesnar hereby challenges you to a match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship of the World on Friday night October 4th, at the Friday Night SmackDown
premier on Fox. [NOISE]
>>When I won this WWE title at WrestleMania,
I made a promise to the entire WWE Universe that
I would be a fighting champion.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So as far as your challenge is concerned,
>>I accept.>>[APPLAUSE]>>God, my God.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Lesnar, F5 to Kofi.>>Not a wise decision, Kofi. The WWE champion just found
himself in the crosshairs of the biggest gun in the arsenal. [NOISE]>>An F5 is harsh reality. [MUSIC]

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  1. i never like brock as champions before.. but i do want brock to take wwe champion next week from kofi.. kofi reigns really boring.. i did want him to won wwe champion at wrestlemania. my thought and expect kofi would make wwe champions great again but its not..

  2. Alright ive been thinking this for a while but im making a decision now, if Brock beats Kofi then im never watching WWE again and will stick to AEW

  3. I'm so glad Brock is back to challenge Kofi and hopefully he wins. Kofi had a weak run as a heavyweight champion. He's always in the shadow of the new day and never set himself apart from this faction. He's the champ but yet still comes out throwing pancakes into the crowd smh. The New Day gimmick is tired already and so is Kofi as champ. His reign can't end soon enough.

  4. Classic Lesnar F5 ing everyone he encounters. Also Guerroro defeated lesnar in his prime so its should be no problem for Kofi to win this match.

  5. To me, Brock Lesnar is boring because he has like 3 moves only? All he does is the "Suplex City" signature move, the "F5" finisher and sometimes the "Kimura Lock" submission move. That's all he does. Not to mention the fact he seems to have a massive ego. Only shows up when he feels like it. Not when he's asked to. Especially when he holds a championship belt

  6. Lesnar did nothing to earn it just shows up and challenges, It's also a kick in the teeth to Kofi to lose the title on SmackDown!

  7. Man this is crazy what does kofi have to prove? He has been defending that title dang near every night and pay per view showing he should take a break he has defended that thing more than anyone else has….
    If brock wins then he will only defend it 3 times a years….

  8. Kofi the clown tossin around pancakes and still the WWE champion? Don't make me laugh, but if they had a good script goin on Brock would've made mincemeat outta him. Same story with Erick, Braun, Drew or Lars, just to name a few. The only champion Kofi is is the champion of clowns.

  9. It's funny that Brock Lesnar got beaten in UFC by a African American but in WWE Vince Triple H Shane and Stephanie don't want to have a African American beat Brock Lesnar

  10. Well goodbye wwe world heavyweight championship it's such a shame it has to go to the worst part timer in existence.

  11. Samoa joe randy orton and dolph ziggler they did their best but failed I wanted one of those, guys to win the wwe title and I want Lesnar to beat kofi kingston.

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