Building the team   an ongoing process

Hi Steve Caseley here from Information Age Training with another project management tip and trick video. This video is Building the team it’s an ongoing process. Now I would expect most all of us are very focused on building the team on project startup. We’re gonna call a team together. We’re gonna through proper team orientation. We’re gonna go through the role and responsibilities and we’re going to make sure everybody understands their role in the project. And if we’re delivering the project in a phased basis, we need to follow exactly the same principles. If you follow the Tuckman model, we need to go through the forming the norming, the storming as quickly as possible to get them to the performing stage and then at the phase when we’re gonna off-ramp some of our team, we need to go through the adjourning stages as well and we need to restart it and redo that forming, the norming, and the storming to get the new team members on board. So don’t forget you have to do that on every phase uptake. but even more appropriately what happens if you have to do some emergency staff changes? You need to go through the same process. We need to make sure we’re probably off boarding the people who are leaving the project and we need to make sure were properly on boarding those new team members. And I’m gonna close out this video with a brief, but I believe very telling example of me experiencing this in real life. I was teaching project management at a local university and I was doing it for the executive MBA program and the way this particular program ran all of the intakes students were formed into team’s and they follow those same teams through all of the courses and they progressed in exactly the same order. So these teams had formed, normed, stormed and were at the performing stage long before they hit my class. But the interesting aspect that happened in my class was They opened up the enrollment for the class to not just the EMBA students, but the regular MBA’s students, so we have a bunch of students added into the class who are not already build into those teams, and therefore they were not at the performing stage Now, it wasn’t my problem. I was there to teach project management. But one would have assumed that MBA students would have been through of all those behavior aspects and they would understand these principles of team building, but boy did they not. I came to class for Saturday morning and I watched the friction in the corners of the classroom and you can see some of the team members were absolutely outraged! Where were you last night? Why did you show up for our team meeting? and the other non-teamed people. What meeting? We don’t know what you’re talking! And they said we always meet at 7:00 PM on the night before class. And short answer was: you never told us. They simply assumed they can bring in new team members and have them automatically hit the performing stage. and that’s why building the team is an ongoing process. I hope this has helped you out a little bit. If you would like more information, please visit us at to check out our complete video series on project management PMP preparation and Microsoft project fundamentals.

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