Captain America Pranks Comic Fans with Surprise Escape Room // Omaze

hey you two this is Captain America here and I need your help are you up to the challenge hi Chris Evans here to support Christopher's Haven I'm teaming up with a maze to offer you the chance to assemble a team of your best friends for the ultimate escape from experience escape rooms are these immersive games where you and your buddies have to solve puzzles to complete a mission before the time runs out and show you how much fun these rooms can be I decided to take over kamikaze we're here in Boston we built our own with the help of tribology now the only difference between my escape room and the one we'll be doing together is that my participants don't know they're actually in one yet let's see how this goes hey you two in the blue jacket and purple scarf maybe a little more gentle next time I need your help are you up for the challenge yeah dude sure well great so this may look like a standard comic book storage but it's actually a secret Hydra base and I need your help to take it down I need you to look around the room for a code a four-digit code and time is of the essence look for even the most subtle detail most subtle detail is the sign up bring me with you bring me with you you got you man the clock is definitely ticking fellas clock clock is literally taking off is there a closet there's a giant size that might be it oh and look for anything else on that time that might be helpful one of you is gonna have to stick your hand in that hole and I hope no one has a problem with snakes miss Josie what no you do it favorite pull out whatever you find Sudha Sudha you're gonna have to walk out to the street to find an undercover hide your operative so you're gonna have to very subtly casually start asking around are you an offer to make the safest thing to do would be scream male hide that's the best you got Captain America is asking for your help and that's the best you got oh hi Joe that's better head back to the start what did he give you a Hydra pin good work fellas find where in the store that Hydra emblem could fit good work okay you're gonna go through that door and I think the Hydra base is downstairs hello hail Hydra [Applause] now that you've seen what escape rooms are all about let's see if you have what it takes to get out of it and you to join me for the game of a lifetime metal maze comm slash escape we solve some puzzles get some pizza celebrate a success for more on our failure it happens but win or lose best part is that every entry supports Christopher's aid it's a nonprofit that provides homes for kids and their families while they're battling cancer it's a good one oh and you might want to go back and look at that video one more time I've hidden a link in there somewhere that just might help you win the big prize good luck yeah it is that's right [Applause]

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  1. "Alright folks there is an undercovered HYDRA agent in the streets, you need to find him"
    Screams "HAIL HYDRA"
    "Nice work there"

  2. I want to do this so bad it looks so much fun. If there was a marvel themed escape room I鈥檇 actually do it

  3. Of all the videos YouTube decides to recommend to me, it's the one where the event is already long over. Thanks YouTube.

  4. No captin america anymore at avengers馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 now its captin falcon!

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