Castle Morton rave lead up - news report 2. 1992

good evening hundreds of travelers and hundreds of police officers are tonight continuing their cat-and-mouse game around the West Country so far the police the police have managed to stop the travellers congregating for a huge free festival over the coming weekend most activity is centered in the north of Avon and in South Gloucestershire in a moment we examine the extent of the police forces powers but first Graham Gardner describes the latest situation in the laid eyes between Gloucester and Stroud backed into a corner with nowhere to go the travelers call a meeting on the side of a road in Gloucestershire it's not only the heat they and their animals find oppressive as police sweated out nearby alternative locations are under discussion but no definite decisions are made this was the a38 earlier today with hundreds of travelers vehicles holed up around the county this motley collection of vans caravans buses and lorries is one of several parked in lay-bys at Morton valance near Gloucester Police monitor the situation closely but there was an easy atmosphere after the travelers had been turned away from their original destination rod broccoli near Stroud where they claim they were invited by the owner of road report the lady herself came up to the site on the I 46 where we were parked on the way by handed out leaflets and said we could go up there when we finally moved off the police had blocked all the entrances up to the common so nobody could get there jo-ann Willis Williams board rod before 6 years ago her Falcon roof as she says is a symbol of the ancient privileges she acquired as lord of the manor including the right to hold a fair on the common nearby that translates today as a pop concert with the police helicopter patrolling overhead she admitted although regular users would not have liked it she would have welcomed the travelers to the common everybody has a right to go onto common land if they break the law then it's up to the police to do something about it but it's not for anybody else to obstruct their anyone's progress on to common land to discriminate between mr. Richmond in his Europa camper costing 20,000 and the local hippie in his home traveling home that's fully taxed is it's just not fair at the moment it's a standoff police say the travelers will not be allowed to stay in Gloucestershire the travelers say they don't know where they'll go as both sides eyed each other from across the road the stalemate continued throughout the afternoon the travelers are expected to be moved on and were baffled by the police tactics to me the police just seemed very confused and don't know what to do there they've got to think about their own communities as well and they seem more concerned about the local residents in the local community which is obvious they've got to feel like that but late this afternoon the travellers began to move from the sighs the waiting game was over at least for the time being just where they're headed next is still not known for sure Graham Gardiner BBC news West with the travellers in Gloucestershire travelers have also been messing around Engle stone common in North Haven where a free festival was held last year so far they've been prevented from getting onto the land but can this annual invasion continue and is there a long-term alternative to the expensive police operations currently underway Malcolm Frith has this report this was the scene today around the normally peaceful in Justin common in North even farmers building barricades to protect their property against the hundreds of travelers who are determined to invade their land and hold an illegal festival everyone wants to avoid the scenes like these when watch a police moved in to prevent a festival near Stonehenge and caused the so-called Battle of the bean field nevertheless the travelers in North Haven her adamant that there will be a festival of some sort this weekend we're having it yes definitely we don't want any trouble we want to be really peaceful don't that's what the plan is emptyness weather today both sides know exactly how they stand in terms of the law but what is the law under Section 39 of the Public Order Act that was introduced in 1986 senior police officers can remove trespasses if two or more people have entered the land as trespassers and they are on the land with the sole purpose of staying there for any length of time but police also have to satisfy themselves that the trespassers have caused damage to land or property or that they view threatening or abusive words and behavior all they have between them brought twelve or more vehicles onto the land throughout today it's been a game of cat and mouse England Common has become a virtual no-go area for the travelers they've parked on lay-bys waiting for an opportunity to move onto land somewhere else they're moving from even they're moving into Gloucestershire where they go to a site where the landowner does not wish them to go they're being told that they can't stay simply then what is your message to travelers this coming weekend they must only go to land where they have an invitation to go to where the landowner is happy for them to go to it if they do not and they go to land where the landowner does not wish them to go then the full weight of the law will be brought to bear upon them neither side knows exactly what the other side is doing the travelers say they will hold their festival this coming weekend the police say that they will stop them trespassing on any land so tonight there's an uneasy calm here on England common but now one even county councillor believes the annual confrontation between them and the police is turning into a stupid situation and she's proposing to organise a legal festival next year we're clearly everything that's happening at the moment is confrontational we have the police say in no way where they have a festival we have the travelers saying yes we will we're going to that is the ingredients for violence while I would propose that is seriously considered for next year is that we get a legal festival that it is run correctly that it meets all the environmental needs that the noise levels are looked at that we look at road access we ensure that professional people are involved so these run professionally and we give the youth a festival but with the growing subculture of rave parties now starting to join up with the other subculture of New Age travelers many people are calling for a fresh look at the whole problem malcom forth BBC News West North Haven

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  1. I was there the good days what got me was how dumb the TV channels were to put this on the news. They just rang the dinner bell to all the ravers come here there's a bad ass party going on

  2. wow, thank you, I was 17 and run away with the travellers and I ended up here , spiral tribe, God bless Mark harrow, some of us were there back in the day of the free festivals!!!
    luv luv xx

  3. 2:18 I'm shocked that lady's view was aired, today she'd be edited out by Auntie Beeb and Mr Murdoch, can't have rational views on TV that oppose the narrative of the rich and wealthy! The horror!

  4. a fresh look at the whole problem??  only problem was they could not control us or make any money out of it, mayday inglestone common was banging the year before, fuck em and off to sodbury common we go instead, or we could always get blocked in at membury service station by the filth and ransack the place 🙂  free petrol anyone?  howz about a nice cake? i took over serving food after all the staff ran off home, fuck it have the rave here then!  never forget the first two lanes of the motorway for five miles blocked with parked cars as various convoys turned up and said fuck it this will do, think the welsh boys got carried away when they set fire to the place 🙂   aghhhhhhhh those were the days, complete fucking mayhem!!!   

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